Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Sometimes I'm slow. For instance this morning I was wondering, once again, when the parents of these kids were coming to pick them up because I just couldn't handle any more attitude, yelling, or tantrums first thing in the morning right now...I didn't get enough sleep for this, especially after my 5yr old PROMISED last night that he would wake up in a good mood and we'd have a better day!
Trust me, he lifted his leg to show me he agreed with having a good day (it's apparently the newest tend of showing agreement with your parents... Maybe it's a British thing, but most likely he's just full of baloney)... But slow I am, because I woke up excited to have a good day! Ready to work as a team with my kids and get out the door without tears, screaming, trantrums, etc... but I didn't even think about what day this was, I didn't even consider that we were DOOMED even though legs had been lifted in agreement. (I can't stop laughing at that because now I'm just picturing us as dogs marking our territory - which is pretty much what happened!) All I thought was "YAY!! IT'S FRIDAY!! DADDY COMES HOME AT BEDTIME!!" Which will be a nightmare getting them to go to bed after that, BUT Daddy will be home to help so I don't care!!
But instead of the nice calm morning where we look forward to the day, it was a battlefield. (Yes the song was very apt if you think about it in a parenting way, which you've probably never thought of it that way before - so you're welcome! Lol)
War was waged over absolutely nothing. Like seriously "Please get dressed." "Please stop playing trains and get dressed." "I'll give you 5 min to finish getting dressed." "Please come downstairs once you're dressed." "Thank you for getting dressed, what would you like for breakfast?" "Please don't hang on that chair?" "Where would you like to sit?" "YAY! You get hot dinner... Is that okay?" (Hot dinner=lunch) And at almost every single moment we had arguments, tears, tantrums, doors slammed, etc. And that was just before breakfast! And that was just 1 child... The other one wasn't any better. She kept chasing her big brother with her baby doll stroller - trying to run into him! (It was funny, until she did it to me. Lol) But she was just as difficult to get to settled down and eat her breakfast... That's another post in and of itself though. To be honest, we had a few moments of fun - but that would be about 15 min out of the 2 hrs 40 min we were together before we left for school (but I did get a couple short videos - because when good moments happen you have to capture them!)
I won't even get going on trying to get out the door for school, except to say, it took him 40 MINUTES to put on socks, shoes, a jacket, and pick up his school bag to come out the door. I was done fighting and so I had locked the door and had pretended I left 10 min before he was actually ready - but that's when he actually started GETTING ready. (Don't worry I went back and let him out of the house - you know so we could go school, because if we stayed close to each other we would've been in the entryway all day - it wasn't pretty at all.) He was fully dressed before that, it was simply socks, shoes, and a jacket! Lord help me when he's a teenager! Thankfully we made it to school before we were late - although this morning I would've been fine with him being late and maybe learning a lesson... And we agreed to start over after school and work as a team... Fingers crossed THAT works. I seriously have thought - multiple times this week - WHY CAN'T WE JUST GET ALONG?! I think for future full moons and Fridays that fall on a 13, I'll just plan on being FAR AWAY from my kids... If only it was that easy!
Bought some ghosts when we went to the store
Happy FRIDAY THE 13TH everyone!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Recycling Day

Not our recycling bins
As I walked to school I noticed something... And then it hit me like a ton of bricks! RECYCLING IS WEDNESDAY MORNING!! Yeah, guess who FORGOT to put recycling out because for some reason she can't get it through her head that it comes Wednesday morning and it's not that you put it out Wednesday night?! If you guessed me, you'd be right, because apparently ALL my neighbors know this and don't have the same difficulty I do in remembering important/mundane things like recycling!
Love this smile
This is what happens when your spouse goes on a trip, things get forgotten! The kids are alive and fed at least 3 times everyday, the rubbish and recycling bins - in the house - are emptied, but the outside recycling bins were NOT taken to the curb to be emptied. This means we will have a buildup of recycling in 2 weeks when it's recycling day again.
Love this smile too
This is ALSO my confession to my husband - who is probably not surprised in the least and probably expected this to happen, but is still a little annoyed that I can't remember when things go out.
This might be the 5yo doing his "daddy" impression
Our 5yr old told me I needed to come clean because Daddy wouldn't be too upset if I just told him what I did. But if I didn't tell him, and I waited till he got home and he discovered it on his own, he would be VERY cross with me. (My little Brit using the word "cross".)
We miss you daddy!
Thankfully I don't think I have to remember to put the rubbish bin out this week...or maybe I do! We're in trouble if I do.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I think I lost My Mind...

Mommy's little helper
Anyone who knows me knows I abhor gardening/yard work...absolutely abhor. For instance growing up I'd use every excuse in the book to get out of working in the yard: homework, laundry needing to be folded, doing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, cleaning my room (which desperately needed it all the time), cleaning the bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, etc - you see where I'm going with this right?! You need something done inside so I don't have to work outside - I'm your girl! It wasn't that it was horrible working conditions outside, it was that the pay was horrible for the jobs I was given. My brothers all mowed the lawn, edged the grass, raked leaves, trimmed hedges, planted trees, cleaned the gutters - you know "the manly jobs". I was given weeding the flower beds, getting rocks out of the garden, picking up pinecones, planting flowers - you know "the feminine jobs"... And just like in the real world "the manly jobs" paid more than "the feminine jobs", and I'm not about to do something I hate when I get paid crap, so I refused and got out of it as much as I could. GRANTED that's not to say if I was given the opportunity to do "the manly jobs" that I would've formed a love of gardening/yard work, but I guess we'll never know!
I'm all side tracked now though, back to what I was saying... I've never enjoyed working in a garden/yard - my parents LOVE it and I think it's fair to say my brothers all like it. So if you know my abhorance, you will suddenly wonder what is wrong with me because today I CHOSE to work outside! I know, I know, I'm thinking I need to get my brain scanned just to make sure everything is okay up there too, but really I think it has to do with kids! I'm totally blaming my kids right now!
Having kids changes you. People say you become less selfish, more loving, more forgiving, less explosive, and whatever else "people" say and want to believe. I'm here to say: "NOPE!" Becoming a parent just opens your eyes to how selfish you are, how you use love in relationships, how unforgiving/forgiving you can be (depending on the circumstance), how explosive you become over what might be absolutely nothing but because it's the last straw you're done, etc. And with these eye opening experiences it also shows you where you can grab some hidden moments of peace. (Seriously were coming back to gardening/yard work!)
For instance today, we had an alright morning - we've had much worse and we've had much better, but we did have some fun!
On the way home from school drop-off the grumpy, clingy, teething/cold fighting toddler decided she was going to throw tantrums, so instead of getting together with friends and submitting them to her bouts of frustration we went on a walk and looked for leaves.
All this talk and discovery of leaves, while listening to above-mentioned toddler, made me realize how much I did not want to be cooped up in the house with her when we got home (selfish mommy here), and so I began to think of things we could do outside the house - because I was not taking her to a park only to have to deal with a bigger tantrum when it was time to head home (I know my limits). So we talked about playing, riding bikes, throwing frisbees/balls, chasing birds, etc - and ALL those ideas were rejected by said toddler. (Trust me the screams, kicking, and flailing limbs all conveyed her displeasure. Don't worry she was in the stroller - attempting to become The Hulk and break free of her bindings - but thankfully she didn't... If she had I probably would've just let her run away - you know like The Hulk does when he gets mad and destroys everything.)
So as my toddler continued to show her displeasure I tried to come up with other things we could do outside - or that I could do outside while she entertained herself inside. And I just threw out the notion of "HEY! We could rake leaves!" And THAT is what my toddler decided was A GREAT idea - because the tantrumming stopped cold turkey! One minute rabid chimp and the next an angelic little cherub.
So when we got home we went to work! That's right, we got our rakes out, and then we got brooms - because we definitely needed both, and then we got out a couple of bikes, some spray bottles, and some sidewalk chalk - because she's a toddler and she needs all of those things when we do anything outside. I then attempted to rake the leaves when low and behold my little helper came along!! So what does any good mother do who hates working outside do?! That's right she puts her little helper to work! She loved moving the leaves all around - back and forth, back and forth...she didn't actually help rake the leaves, but at some point down the line she might. Until then we just made a big mess - but there were a lot of leaves TO move around! Then when she got bored and went to ride her bike, I raked the mess up before I started sweeping the remaining walkway. But don't worry she came to join me in the sweeping...and then the wind started blowing leaves and she started kicking them all over the place...thankfully I wasn't doing this out of the desire to have a clear walkway - I was just doing it to be outside and try to save my sanity!
As you can see - the before and after looks a lot better now...of course it's October - which means leaves will continue to fall, so the walkway will be covered once again in about a week...I also cleaned this section of the covered car park area...
because you know, if you're out and about you might as well do it all, right? Sorry no "after pic" of this one...but don't worry, because there was MORE to do! I know, see why I'm concerned about this gardening/yard work thing?! I mean it wasn't just one section...
Look at this section - all those weeds and leaves got pulled and cleaned out! I know - see what I mean?! We won't even talk about the back yard/garden...I started to rake those leaves back there, but I didn't finish because the toddler decided that she was not only hungry for lunch but also tired! So yeah, I went back to parenting my child and fed her lunch and then put her down for a nap. While I was cleaning and raking the flower section above - she had been inside playing...because yeah, I don't always supervise my know the whole reason I was outside raking leaves and pulling weeds in the first place - I needed a break! And who knows, maybe at some point in the future, on a relatively decent day outside, I'll get the inspiration to head outside into the garden/yard and I'll get more of the October leaves rakes...and maybe the porch swept off...or maybe I'll just take the kids to the playground/park!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Ikea: family fun or a layer of hell - you decide!

You know those days where you decide to tempt fate and so you venture to Ikea AS A FAMILY?! You see where I'm going right?!

First off the queue for the play area was LONG, so the 5 yr old unhappily decided he would submit himself (and us) to a layer of hell by going shopping with us. Usually he's in the play area so it's just mom, dad, and the toddler shopping, but since big brother was with us the toddler decided that since big brother wasn't trapped in the trolly (cart) that SHE didn't need to be trapped either and so out and off she went (because oh the tantrums of trying to keep her contained)!

That's right, she decided that she wanted to RUN through the store! It was a bit crowded, so pushing the trolly through the crowd to chase a 2yr old WHILE convincing the 5 yr old that he NEEDED to keep up with us so we wouldn't lose him (but if we lost him it wouldn't be the WORST thing right? No! Bad Mommy, the meltdowns from him would've been horrible, and I don't think he would've learned the lesson either)... This whole situation was A LOT of fun - if you get my drift (that means it was NOT FUN AT ALL).

Thankfully we were able to pick up special things for the toddlers big girl bed, some things for big brothers room as well, and some new pillow cases for the living room that the 5yr old helped pick out (you know all those "needed" fluflenflinger Ikea finds)
until we got to the towels - which was one of the reasons we went in the first place! I mean let's talk about those white towels you got when you got married 13yrs ago! Yeah, um, "do not bleach" and "white" do NOT go together (WHO buys white towels?! Oh yeah, that would be ME! lol)... Plus they're 13 yrs old (current and future brides, DO NOT buy white towels!)... So we got new towels for us - look at that green!!
And then the kids decided (demanded) they get new towels too (because theirs are between 5-13yrs old) so new towels for EVERYONE!! (Except guests, because the guest towels are still pretty good.)...
But in case you think the towel debacle was easy - NO IT WAS NOT! Because the color was of utmost importance. The 5yr old wanted the same color as we got, but DID NOT want toddler to have the same color! So finally figured the colors for the kids - he got green and then they both got multi-colored and then the toddler decided that she COULD NOT go through the rest of the store as is - nope! Since SHE had a new towel SHE decided she HAD to use it RIGHT NOW! (Have I mentioned my toddler obsession with towels and baths?!)
So I had to wrap her in her new towel AND feed her raisins (she was hungry) while we walked through the rest of the store - thankfully we were almost at the end!
In fact every time the towel came loose and her arm started to come out she threw a HUGE tantrum until I wrapped her back up (I mean she IS a toddler, so none of these things need to make sense!) But thankfully we did get through the rest of the store and out to the car without TOO many more tantrums... Then on the ride home they both decided to read the paper
This is the good behavior... Be glad there is no sound
I'm sure you can imagine the noise level in the car that goes along with all the newspaper antics.
Amazingly enough, neither one of them fell asleep on the ride home, but they did take good naps once home. That's the one good thing about tantrums - it's because they're tired AND throwing tantrums makes them even MORE tired!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Not how I wake up

This is NOT a picture of a mom waking up - just in case you were wondering... Or at least this is definitely NOT how I wake up in the morning, and I'm not talking about a bed with stuffed animals or a cat stretching - although I don't have those in my bed currently - I'm talking about the fact that this person woke up AFTER the sun rose and so is in a great mood - ready for an adventurous day!

Pre-parenthood I was able to sleep that long - I could sleep for hours! My husband, the early morning riser that he is usually considered me to "sleep the day away" on the weekends that I slept in till 10am. I never really understood what he was talking about because I was night owl, but now - having early morning risers for kids - I completely understand what he was talking about - 10 am is LATE!! Especially when you realize they wake up so early that 11am is their lunch time, and 12pm is nap time (sometimes things get pushed back 30-60 min, but sometimes you pay for pushing things back).

And the whole "ready for adventure" part, well I usually wake up ready for a fun-filled day, however kids are like the weather - you can have a forecast of what to expect and how you think the day is going to go - but like a meteorologist you're usually only correct 1/2 the time at best, because 1 little thing can cause your "sunny fun-filled day" to suddenly become a hurricane! And you think "where did this come from?!" And usually it's the moon, or is the issue of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or just waking up - don't they know they SHOULD sleep later?!

No, a real mom (at least me) is either pushed awake (so they can get up and get a shower before daddy leaves for work - because the kids are already up) or a child screams "Momma! Momma!! Momma!!!" repeatedly as they sit on your head... And this is while daddy attempts to let Mommy sleep in, but since daddy is outnumbered the kids divide and conquer!

This makes me think I should come up with a "Truth: Parents Edition" tear-of calendar so that all parents know they aren't the only ones who wake up because a child has crawled on top of their head. It could be a calendar you get friends who are thinking of starting their own family - so they too can look forward to these "special" moments. Or you could give it to friends who aren't sure if they're ready for kids - after 10 days of this tear-off calendar they'd know! This would be perfect for friends who don't want kids - not only could you show them all the fun they'll miss out on, but it could reinforce their stance. It would be perfect for the grandparents - so they can remember WHY your children really do behave better when kept to their schedule, or not fed so much junk food, etc. You could also give it to teenagers as a form of birth control - if you don't protect yourself this could be you! And I could be a millionaire - if I ever get a chance to make it!

But until then I will be counting some of the days, attempting to make the all days count, while time flies by - because that is Parenthood...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Break, Day 6: Before 8:30am

Yesterday we were in the 7th level of hell, but amazingly they both got all their evil out and this morning it's been amazing, like seriously AMAZING! Who knew that kids who couldn't stop whining, screaming, yelling, arguing, showing absolute contempt for everyone around them one day could go to sleep and wake up as angels the next?!
She drove him around
Yesterday I was ready to put both these kids out in front of the house with a sign around their necks that said "free"
He drove her around
But look at them today!! They're playing with each other! And not just that, they're riding around on the same plasma car!! I can't get rid of these kids now!
They worked together to make this picture
Ok, I wasn't really going to get rid of them, because these types of days happen occasionally - but we always have at least 1 transition day between the bad days and good days...they must've secretly known that Mommy needed a good day instead of a transitionally decent day...or at least that was the case before I decided to take my life in my hands and agree to give them a bath together... That's when the day started on a downward spiral. What was I thinking?!
The Monkey was very proud of his beach picture
Now I'm going to chance it again - once the screaming/arguing bath time ends - we're going to the grocery store!! Wish me luck, wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Break, Day 5: The leg

This leg. Now it might look like a normal fully functioning leg to you, but it is the cause of SO many problems today. We think he is either sore from riding his bike yesterday or he pulled a muscle in his thigh, but we're not sure, all that is known for sure is: he CANNOT walk. Like he's pretty sure he broke it - which is his "go-to problem" when something hurts. He's now crawling around the house because he is unable to walk...unfortunately his aliment is starting to affect his sister - who has started to crawl around the house too. YAY SUMMER BREAK! 

What I haven't told you, which is vital information, is that this incapacity to walk is affecting all other aspects of his personality - he's basically got the "toddler man cold" - which means he's unable to do anything by himself, which includes treating people with respect and kindness... Because of this, by 9am he was in his room enjoying some quality time with himself, because honestly no one else volunteered to spend time with him (and by "no one else" I mean the Munchkin and/or I).

Also he did tell me we couldn't do anything fun today since he can't walk... I thought maybe we could watch a movie, but with the attitude and behavior he's pulling, I just can't seem to "reward" his behavior - even though I know he's not feeling great. But hitting people and screaming in their faces because you don't feel good is not acceptable behavior. So for now, he's in his room playing and the Munchkin and I are downstairs playing... But hey, on the "bright side", at least it's supposed to rain today so it's not like we're wasting a day inside when we should be out... Thanks to the Monkey we can now be miserable together inside, because did I tell you the Munchkin is teething so is super whiney as well. So again I say "YAY!! SUMMEE BREAK!"