Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1st Road Trip

Mom: "Hey Monkey - how do you feel about a road trip?" Monkey's response: (picture)

Mom: "But you'll get to see 2 sets of grandparents, an aunt, some great aunts and uncles and some friends of'll be fun I promise you..." Monkey's response: (picture)

And so we went on a road trip to Indiana. It was the monkey's first road trip and was a great "test" to see how he'll do on the longer road trip to Florida in a month...and let me just say he did great! He slept the majority of the car ride, but when he was awake he wasn't grumpy - well unless he was hungry in which case he was fed. And I found out why they make car adapters for breast pumps (which before this trip I thought was one of the craziest things in the world - I mean who would pump in the car?! - yep that's right I would!) I just need to go get one for my next car trip so I don't have to use more batteries in the battery adapter.

The monkey had a great time seeing his grandparents (R's side of the family) - he hadn't seen these two sets since being 1 week old - so he was able to see how much they've aged and grown...oops, I mean they were able to see how much he has aged and grown! :) We were also able to introduce him to other family members and friends who hadn't met him yet and he loved being seen by them, talking to them and resting (and or pooping) in their arms.

However, I do think he is glad to be out of the car...sitting buckled in a car seat, even if you are sleeping, just doesn't look that comfortable...especially to a kid who loves to kick his legs, and this monkey definitely loves to kick his legs!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Diaper Graduation

Today was the first day of graduating to size 1 diapers! Ok so I know that's not a big deal to most of you out there - but the monkey has been in newborn diapers up until today. Yesterday I realized the supply was running short - yes I know, if you have a kid you're thinking, "didn't you realize you were running low on diapers?!" And to that I would say "yes I was." However, I wasn't sure if we were going to need to run out and buy more newborn size diapers or if we could finally use the size 1 that we had previously bought (when R first went diaper shopping...I mean who knew there were so many different types and sizes and that you don't actually start with size 1!).

So yesterday I tested it out...I put a size 1 on the monkey to see how they fit...and I started laughing because they're HUGE on him...seriously - they look enormous (the straps around his waist overlap) - but they did fit, and more importantly he didn't leak or explode out of them. (When I first saw the newborn size I never thought he'd wear them this long because they looked so little.) Then this afternoon we ran out of the newborn diapers (they lasted longer than I expected because I had forgotten about the few in the diaper bag), but my, was it a grand finale to the newborn diapers - he exploded out of them...which resulted in a bath! That experience let me know that yes, it is time to graduate to the next level. (Don't worry no pictures of the experience!)

(And for those who of you who thought I was doing cloth diapers...well that had been my intention but goodness that was a 7 hr experience that I never want to relive again...yes I gave cloth diapers all of 7 hrs to not impress me - I would've given them longer but the monkey and I almost had a melt-down over diapers!! - so not worth it. I have been told by a very trusted person that I might want to revisit them when the monkey gets older - that until the baby is 3 months it's more of a pain to use them than I might revisit...we'll see...but until then I am a proud Pampers supporter!)

Baby Monitor Works!

Seeing as how we've barely used our baby monitor it's always nice to find out that it does in fact work! You see, the monkey really hasn't liked sleeping if it wasn't with someone - so for a few weeks there was actually no reason to even own a baby monitor. I did use it a couple of times during the first week he was home, when he did sleep in his bed and it did work - however since it has been like 5 weeks since it's been used I wasn't sure if it still worked or not. But today it was used!! After our morning (see projectile spit-up) we did finally wake up again...only to have the monkey go back to sleep for a nice morning nap (which received no objections from me). He slept so peacefully for 2 hours and 10 don't believe me...well I have proof!

He looks peaceful - does he not! Yep, he slept peacefully for 2 hours 10 do I know you might ask - well simple - I used our baby monitor! I could hear him snoring, making animal noises and all his other noises but not another peep out of him...until I heard him cry as he woke up (because he was starving). It was so nice - not only to know if worked but to be able to use it...I was able to do 3 loads of laundry, take a shower and get dressed, put some things away, change the sheets on 2 beds AND eat a peaceful lunch without a baby attachment wanting to eat as well. aaaahhhh (said like a sigh), a mommy could get use to this!

Projectile spit-up

I experienced projectile spit-up for the first time this morning and I'm hoping that the monkey doesn't continue to practice this and get so good at it that he then is able to projectile vomit (and yes I do realize that spit-up is pretty much vomit but still "spit-up" sounds better than "vomit"). Why and how he decided to do it this morning I have no idea...I'm not sure if he didn't like the taste of "Chinese food milk" or if it was the fact that after nursing (during the night) he fell instantly asleep and would let me burp him so I just put him down or if he just felt like doing something different and showing off his new ability. But whatever the reason as I was burping him this morning after he ate, with the burp cloth under his chin (he was sitting on my lap facing me) he spit-up. This time, unlike all other times, it completely missed the burp cloth and instead projected across his body onto my chest (luckily it didn't hit me in the face). Then, as I was cleaning that up, he went ahead and spit-up "normally" so it ran down his clothes (because the burp cloth was now wiping up my chest)...oh yes - what a GREAT start to the day (and yes I'm aware there are worse ways to start the day). Of course we then smelled like spit-up...ok, we then reeked of spit-up (or maybe it was just the close proximity to my face that made it stronger). However, I didn't want to do a full "clean-up" because I was sure more spit-up was coming...but instead this is what came ...

That's right - smiles! We talked back and forth for a bit (with noises) and the monkey smiled and laughed for a few minutes and then we decided we needed more sleep so we went back to sleep. We didn't worry about our new perfume or the fact that we were still wet from where the spit-up had hit us or that the sheets were wet from where other spit-up had landed...nope we just slept and saved the clean-up for later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Fun weekend with Grandpa" by Owen

This past weekend my Grandpa "Eddie" came to visit. I hadn't met him before, even though I'd met all my other grandparents. My mommy had told me before that he is a pretty funny guy and he is - I like him. I liked being held by him and walked around while in his arms. He has a very nice chest (and I know chests!) - it's a very nice head rest - I could've just rested against him the entire time he was here...but I had to eat as well.

Sometimes my grandpa would talk to me in a funny voice - then I realized he was definitely related to my mommy because they said it was his "Donald Duck" voice...and my mommy likes to put me in a bright yellow duck towel after baths!

While my grandpa was here I turned 6 weeks old! They celebrated by eating blueberry pancakes - but did I get any - how is that really "MY" 6 week celebration I ask you?! I think these people just like making up reasons to eat blueberry pancakes and to celebrate.

I decided though that I would do better at sleeping in my own bed rather than on my mommy's chest...she moves A LOT and kept waking me up. How is a baby suppose to sleep when their bed continually moves! Now I'm sleeping better - although I still wake mommy up - I don't want her to get use to sleeping all night I make sure to wake her up every few hours so I can "eat" - well that's the excuse I give her although I think she might've figured it out since I only eat for a few minutes...but it still does the job.

Grandpa left yesterday and I was sad...I like it when people come visit but I'm not too crazy about when they leave. Mommy and grandpa kept saying that I was going to see him again soon so that's makes it a little better. And mommy said I get to see my other grandparents this weekend - so I'm looking forward to that too...she said it would be my first road trip - not sure what that is but it sounds like it could be kinda fun...I'll let ya know what I think.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

6 weeks OLD!

"The hat is fitting better now than it did when mom first put it on me 6 weeks ago. I have a feeling she'll make me wear this hat till it no longer fits...even if it's not that cold out!"

The monkey is 6 weeks old and to celebrate he slept in his "big boy bed" (which others might call a crib) last night! He hasn't done that since the 1st week we brought him home...he stopped wanting to sleep by himself when he got held during the day sleeping. So for one of those people who always said "My child will NEVER sleep in my bed" - well, you can see where this is going right?!...yep this monkey was in bed with mom and dad sleeping on mom's chest - or close because he had to have his head resting against skin - for the past 5 weeks. This meant I slept okay but not great and he woke up when I moved to try and get comfy (which I move a lot). But the past week I've been working on getting him to sleep by himself during his daytime naps (again), hoping that it would transfer to the nights - so we didn't have to do the "cry it out method" (although I was prepared for that). And low and behold the other night he slept in our bed but not touching me for part of the night and then last night he slept all by himself!! Granted he woke up to eat so had time with mommy during the night - but didn't have to sleep on me!

The 1st time he woke up last night, after I changed his diaper and started feeding him, R woke up and looked over and said "Why'd you wake the monkey up?!" I looked at him and said "I didn't wake him up - he woke up screaming hungry - so I'm feeding him." R said "Oh, ok, I was just wondering." He had been sleeping so soundly he didn't hear the monkey wake up...I was laughing - WHY would I ever wake/disturb the sleeping giant...I'm not dumb!

I did discover last night that when you get good sleep (even if it is broken up in 3 hr increments) you wake up more tired realizing how sleepy you've been. I didn't know how tired I actually was until this morning - I know that one of these days I'll get caught up on sleep (especially if the monkey continues to sleep on his own). The monkey also slept great last night and ended up sleeping in this morning (because his bed wasn't moving all night).

I've discovered though that the monkey is like me because he LOVES to sleep on his stomach or on his side - which I think is another reason he doesn't like sleeping in his bed (in his bed means on his bed with mommy means on his stomach or on his side).

So, for now, I have a peaceful baby who is learning to sleep on his own, and I know he's looking forward to rolling over so he can sleep on his stomach all he wants! All I have to say is if this is what the beginning of week 6 holds - I can't wait to see what happens the rest of the week!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have been asked more times than not this week, when people see me and find out how old the monkey is, "Is this one of his first outings?" I keep having to say "nope, he's been out a lot in the past 5 weeks." I don't believe in staying inside just because I had a baby, especially when the weather outside has been so nice.

In the past 5 1/2 weeks my monkey has been to numerous places: Lafayette Park (the park up the street from us), the zoo, the botanical garden, the art museum, the history museum, Costco, different grocery stores, as well as Target and Walmart. I've discovered that the monkey LOVES going out...he loves being outside - even though he sleeps the entire time. I know he loves the outdoors because he pushes his face up and out of the carrier so he can feel the breeze on his face. But he also loves the stores because of the lights overhead - he loves sitting in his car seat and staring up at the lights.

He is like most babies - he loves riding in the's those darn red lights, stop signs and other vehicles that slow down and stop that he doesn't like...well more than not liking - he HATES stopping. I'm starting to understand why people have those darn "Baby on Board" signs in their's so when they run the red light and stop signs you know why! Those darn babies that don't like to stop.
This is an "old" picture of the monkey - he was only 3 days old...guess I should take another picture of him in his car seat the next time we go out. But this was such a cute picture I had to include it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Babies are to people as lights are to bugs...attraction not killing them

I've discovered that babies - especially little babies - attract people. This is a fact. I've conducted my own research and discovered this to be a truth. I guess some people have 9 months to get accustomed to having strangers walk up to you - but seeing as how this is as big as I got (picture below - which was taken 3 days before the monkey was due and born) not many people could tell I was as far along as I was, AND if I had a coat on no one knew I was needless to say I didn't get all the people coming up wanting to touch my belly...

NOW, however, everyone sees the baby and is attracted to the baby and so comes up to the monkey wanting to touch him and see him (I mean I'd want to come up and see my baby too because he's so cute - in case you forgot what he looks like here you go...)

...but it's one thing if you're walking past someone and they say "oh a little baby" and start talking to you - no problem at all with that. It is however a TOTALLY different thing when someone sees you across the park and comes over simply to see the baby and then goes back across the park and doesn't stop to chat. It's pretty much your baby is the destination that must be seen - but just's actually pretty weird - and it happened to me today...granted the person was a teenager and was with her mom, however the mom didn't chat either - just came over with her daughter and then they both left after seeing that their "destination" was asleep with his eyes closed. 

How, you might ask did they find out the baby was asleep? I mean he was in his carrier - which makes it hard for someone to see if the monkey is awake or asleep - unless you are close...VERY close. Yep, these 2 individuals got THAT close...pretty much in my face - literally inches away from my face and mere centimeters away from my baby (the personal bubble was demolished if there ever was one). And after looking inside the carrier and saying "oh a little baby" and seeing that the baby was asleep they left. I know you're thinking "no way did that happen", but oh yes - it really did. It was a beautiful day at the park and my monkey did have some competition that wasn't sleeping (seeing picture below), however not asking how old the baby was, or his name - which are the typical questions I get - seems a little bizarre to me...I always knew I attracted weird people but does this mean my son now attracts weird people?!

Our walk was not sullied by these weirdos though, nope, we ended up meeting a couple of very pleasant ladies today - one who I went up to because she owns an Old English Sheepdog that is absolutely adorable (and I want to steal away from her, but I won't as I don't think I want to try the title "new dog owner" along with mommy she's lucky) and the other was attracted to my little baby...and with both of these ladies dialogue occurred.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today in Pictures

I can totally summarize my day with 4 pictures (only 1 of them was actually taken today)...well 3 pictures to be accurate - the 4th picture is what I call "hope" - because it's what I HOPE will happen. Today was a rough day and it started last night when the sweet little monkey became a gremlin from hell...and I don't say that lightly All last night he didn't want to sleep, eat, be entertained, be massaged, be talked to or sung to...nope he just wanted to scream...and so he did. (Did I mention the doctor thought he might be a little colicky...if not he did and there are some days when I agree 100% - last night and today was definitely one of those days.)

So the 1st picture which shows how our night went is:

This morning however, I thought today might be different because this (picture below) was how the morning went for about 4 hrs (the morning started at 7am and he slept for 2 1/2 hrs):

But it deteriorated back to angry/upset gremlin (see picture 1).

As the day continued on, my gremlin got more and more upset and because he was so upset he couldn't sleep and became very sleepy:

However, this lack of sleep didn't stop him from screaming and crying at every opportunity (see picture 1 again)...It also didn't help that it was rainy out so we couldn't take our normal walk in the great outdoors and let the cool air blow over us and knock us out (or knock the monkey out - since so far he gets calm and sleeps in the great outdoors).

R and I hope this last picture happens soon - or at least sometime tonight:
(That is a very tired and passed out monkey!) Please, dear Lord, let the monkey sleep tonight.

(If you guessed picture 2 was from today, you would be correct, although really I could've taken all the other pictures today as well.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day


It's the monkey's first Valentine's Day!! I didn't dress him up as a heart...I didn't even make him wear red and/or pink...granted if I had a heart outfit I TOTALLY would've dressed him up in it. Instead, because it snowed last night I put him in his snowsuit thinking I could put him out in the snow in it before the snow melted...but that didn't happen. I did get him in his snowsuit...he looked like the Michelin man (so it is a costume of sorts)...his hands went just past where the elbows should be and his feet went just below where the knees should be located. So when he tried to bring his hands to his face and kick his legs - the snowsuit barely moved (which was pretty funny). I was laughing as I took his picture - and I think he knew I was laughing at him because he started screaming...and I didn't feel like putting him in the little bit of snow that was outside while he was screaming (even though it would've made for a funny picture - I restrained myself). I will say I have no idea HOW this snowsuit is for babies 0-3 months...I mean 3 months I could see - but no way it's suppose to fit a newborn...that would be one enormous child at birth!
This poor kid - I think I'm going to continue to put him in this until he finally fits it, then I'll know it's true size! Hopefully the weather will still be cold because it is one toasty warm snowsuit...although it would have to be really cold for my hot little monkey to need it (he's like his dad, a natural furnace). They say put your baby in 1 layer more than what you need...but this little monkey doesn't need a layer more than me...he doesn't even need the same amount of layers I wear - I just think "What would R wear out today?" and that's what I put on this little guy and so far he's stayed toasty warm on our walks with that philosophy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rock-a-bye Baby

Pandora just played "Rock-a-bye Baby" and the monkey was starting to fall asleep so I was singing along and then I thought about it and the song is pretty freaky. Seriously, who sings it to a kid thinking it's going to "soothe" them...
"Rock-a-bye baby on a treetop, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bow breaks the cradle will fall, and down will fall baby cradle and all..."
"Yeah like now I really am going to be able to sleep peacefully in my cradle/crib nightmares about falling out of a tree at all...thanks, thanks a lot." - That's what I imagine the monkey said to me after I sang this song. Maybe I have an overactive imagination but it could be another reason he likes to sleep on my chest rather than in his crib OR it could be the reason that he hates sleeping on his back. I mean if I were going to fall I would not want to sleep on my back and fall so I couldn't see where I was going...I'd want to see where I was going to fall - which means I'm not sleeping on my back most likely. There is the chance that I'm over thinking this...but what if I'm right...poor kid! So I think for the time being I'm going to boycott the song...after all he just woke up from his nap screaming (my point is made - my monkey doesn't want to fall out of a tree)!

Milk Cow

As I think about what I've done this morning since we woke up (really woke up - not just the early morning feeding wake-ups) I feel like I've actually accomplished something (besides taking care of another human being) - I did 2 loads of laundry!! Now 5 weeks ago (because yesterday the monkey was 5 weeks old), I would've thought that was lame and how could someone think that was a feat and something to be proud of accomplishing...but that was 5 weeks ago before I became a milk cow - I mean a mom. Amazing how much your days change! Now I will say that I can think of TONS of things I could be doing right now...I could clean the bathroom, I could vacuum the stairs, I could sweep the floor, I could go to the grocery store, I could make get the point - there are LOTS of things that I think I should be able to do but it's hard when you've got another body "attached" to you and feeding. And this "attach" is so different from being pregnant where the attachment you had was internal and you could still do tons of things - sure you might've been out of breath by the end of whatever you did OR you might not have been able to bend over, but things still got accomplished... No this "attach" is where you have to hold the attachment to you otherwise he falls (in this case it's a he), and dropping this attachment - I mean baby - is not something that is advised.

Now, they do make all these great wraps and carriers, but let me tell you they don't really work when said baby is SUPER fussy because he's STARVING. You might think "oh sure they do" and you'd be right if said baby wasn't this monkey that is constantly moving, constantly looking around, constantly losing his feeding tube (aka breast) and constantly "bobbing for an apple" (also having to do with feeding - I won't go into detail)...The wraps and carriers work great if the monkey is sleeping or if he's awake and in a good mood - and I absolutely love them, however since the majority of the time the monkey is hungry this mommy isn't able to multitask with 2 hands and so she's a milk cow - sitting, standing or walking around and feeding.  (Milk cows don't multitask either as far as I know, which is why that animal was picked - I guess I could've used goat - because they're milked and I don't believe they multitask...hmm.) I can do small multitasking things that only require 1 hand (like putting laundry in the washer, dryer or removing laundry from the dryer) so I guess I'm kinda better than a milk cow! But on days where the majority of your day is spent feeding another human being...yep you feel like a milk cow...or maybe the whole dairy!

Here's the monkey and me using one of the carriers that I can't feed my baby in (when we went to the botanical garden)...I'm sure there's some woman out there who is able to feed her baby while their baby is in the carrier...but me - not so much. (And I know it looks uncomfortable for the baby to be bunched up but he likes it.)

Monday, February 13, 2012


Today has been the day of smiles! I'm thinking it's because the monkey knows his daddy is coming home today (since I have been telling him since yesterday that daddy was coming home). We woke up this morning and after eating the monkey wouldn't stop smiling - it was SOOO cute...just wait - when you see it you'll think so too. Maybe it's all babies, that when you see them smile there's just no keeping you from smiling as well, but I know it's true when the monkey smiles. He was even in such a good mood that he lay looking around this morning while I took a shower and didn't fuss at all until I was dressed - which was really nice!

Later in the morning he was laying in his pack-n-play, looking around and talking. (Ok so "cooing" or just making noises because it sounds nothing like a "coo" - but I call it talking because at one point today the sound he made sounded an awful lot like the word "hungry"...but I do know he didn't say the word hungry - he's not up to that yet!) While he was in the pack-n-play, listening to music and talking, he was smiling as well.

Then this afternoon we went on a walk in the park - we try to do this everyday...not only does it get us out and about but even when the temp outside is in the 20's (with the sun shining and not a lot of wind) the monkey LOVES afternoon walks! Others might think it's too cold, but not us, no sir, we bundle up and go out into the fresh air. So today when we got back from our walk, and the monkey woke up from his nap (because he sleeps on our walks) and after we changed his diaper (cuz I know you all wanted to know that), he lay on the floor looking around smiling and talking to me.

I didn't get a picture today of his smiles - but here is one from earlier in the week that my mom caught...because I know you all want to see this adorable smile! Yep this is the sight that I was able to see throughout the day today. And I'm hoping that R will get a few of these smiles tonight when he gets home.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today my mom, Grandma Ellen, left and the monkey was least I say he was sad (once he woke up from his nap and realized grandma was gone). Tonight he is once again very clingy (like last night the vampire milk baby is here)...he got really upset and started screaming in my face, so like a good mommy I started talking to him and he FELL ASLEEP! That's right I either soothed my child to sleep or I bored him so much he thought to himself "Goodness - mom, I'm trying to talk to you! You keep telling me that I can talk to you and then you pretend to understand what I say...come on - listen lady! Oh man - what's she even saying?...I'm trying to communicate with you but do you listen - just keep carrying on about nothing...well 2 can play this game - I'm out." (snore, snore, whimper, whimper, whimper - that's the monkey sleeping)

The thing is, he didn't just fall asleep in my arms...oh no - since he had been screaming in my face where did he fall asleep? - ON my face...that's right...right on the left side of my face with his ear resting on my nose...he's never done that before...but I guess when you're tired you simply sleep wherever you find yourself and he found himself on my face. I couldn't get a picture taken while he was on my face because I couldn't really see anything - so I moved him to his "favorite" sleeping spot - right under my chin...and then I thought I'll just show you some pics of the monkey sleeping...

So this is tonight's sleeping spot...yep he's passed out.

He likes to rest his hands under his chin when he sleeps - I think he knows I take pictures of him sleeping and so he poses.

He loves sleeping when we go on walks and sometimes he sleeps even after the walk (he loves the insert for the carrier probably because it squishes him up)...

And on occasion he'll actually sleep when not being held, in his carrier or on mommy's chest...I got a picture to prove it! (And I know he's not suppose to sleep on the pillow with a loose blanket - but I was in the room - so I'm not the worst mommy.)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ok so the pic has nothing to do with the post itself as it was taken a couple of days ago...the monkey's wearing a hat that my best friends mom (my other mom) made for him - his head is almost too big to wear it now - but I made it fit because it's just so darn cute! I need a hat stretcher to stretch it out so he can continue to wear it.

Today started out as a great day...can you tell where I'm going with this? This morning the monkey woke up and wasn't screaming hungry, so he and I talked for awhile (ok the conversation was more one-sided with me talking and him making noises of agreement - or what I take to be agreement). Then I started playing with his feet and low and behold after playing with them for awhile he decided he'd show me he knew what I was talking about when I said "Do you know where your feet are?" and he reached down and grabbed his toes! Alright so he was sitting in my lap, kinda falling forward, but before I said that his hands were nowhere near his toes...And then after talking some more he did it again (which is why I count it as him finding his toes because it happened twice!) Both times he had a huge smile on his face as if to say "see mommy, I know what you're talking about...I'm pretty smart."

After that though, the day went downhill! He decided that he was starving the rest of the day and so proceeded to eat and eat and eat...which yes, I do know that's what babies do...but they also sleep, are alert and looking around happily or at least contentedly for a bit - all of which the monkey forgot about...unless you consider  5-20 min cat naps good length naps for a baby...of course if you heard him cry you would say "he sounds exhausted" and I would agree with you wholeheartedly, because he is exhausted!

However, since I know he understands what I say, because of the toe incident earlier, this afternoon when he cried and screamed at the top of his lungs in my face (yes, he gets in my face to let me know he's mad)...I told him he could cry all he wanted but he'd be lying down in his bed instead of being held. (I know some of you would say "you can't reason with a baby" - oh ye of little faith - I give you my monkey and the answer "yes you can") He continued to cry, so I put him in his bed and told him when he was through I would pick him up again...he cried (well really it was screaming with that moment where you tell the baby to breathe because he's so upset he forgets a breath in the middle of screaming) for about 5 more minutes and then settled right down and started talking to me...told ya - he totally understands me and thinks he can get away with stuff just because he's a cute 1 month old! Of course that didn't stop his crying the rest of the afternoon when he wasn't eating or taking those 5-20 min cat naps...and ok so the crib incident didn't work the rest of the afternoon - but it did work at least 1 time - so that makes me feel somewhat better.

And now he's sleeping...and smiling in his sleep - looking so peaceful and innocent, unlike the baby milk vampire that he has been all day today...and yet I wouldn't trade him - however I do hope that tomorrow is a better day (just like Scarlet O'Hara). OH crud - baby milk vampire is awake!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

1 Month Dr's Visit

Well our monkey is definitely getting enough to eat - no matter what he thinks (remember he thinks he's starving many times - especially if he's gone potty or been burped)...but he is now in the double digits of weight - at an even 10 lbs! He's also grown a bit because he's now up to 22 1/4" - that's if he extends his legs all the way (which he REALLY hates to do especially when changing a diaper and needing his legs to straighten out so said diaper can be fastened). His head is growing too - it's now 14 1/2" (or 37 cm) - what it was before I'm not sure because unlike a good mommy I didn't find out...oh well...but I guarantee it was less than 14 1/2"...He is average for height and weight - which for those who don't know - average in this instance is really good - we don't really want to be ahead or behind the curve - so we're good.

The dr said it sounded like our monkey was strong-willed and stubborn...hmm wonder who he could possibly get that from (an offspring of a Smyth being strong-willed AND stubborn?!)...That was in response to the monkey not liking to sleep on his own, not liking to sleep on his back and turning into a gremlin at night.

In celebration of a good dr's visit (or maybe it's because he heard he'll get 4 shots next month) he decided to have a blow-out diaper when mom and grandma were having lunch at the history museum. Such a pleasant thing (NOT) - luckily I was prepared (like a good mommy) for any situation that might arise!

1 Month Photo

This is "Baby Elvis'" 1 month photo and he said "...kinda embarrassing that my mom dressed me in the SAME outfit...I have grown - I'm not that little newborn anymore - I'm a month old!" To that mom says "But monkey - you still fit in newborn clothes...the 0-3 month outfits are STILL to big!" (Sometimes I have conversations for the 2 of us because he doesn't always respond.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Monkey is 1 Month today!

So Jan 8th at 2:13a the monkey was born (above pic is the day he was born just later in the morning)...however this morning he was nice enough to sleep past that time and wake me up at 4:05a - so we didn't celebrate the moment he was born (which was fine with me). He had a few shots of milk to celebrate and then, like the good baby he is, he went back to sleep for 2 hrs.

Yes, life this past month has been totally different and yet it has gone by so quickly...where the time has gone I'm not quite sure - although I do know there have been quite a few sleepless nights and diaper changes. I have learned many things over this past month: when changing a diaper make SURE that the monkey is finished going to the bathroom...yes, he likes to trick me. Of course that leads to another thing I've learned - poop on the hand is gross but it's not the grossest thing in the world (I'll let ya know when I figure out what is). I've learned that although people say "watch out when diapers come off little boys, they will spray you" - the fact is he doesn't spray me he sprays himself...of course when this happened 3 times in 2 days R told me he was going to get something to help with that problem...enter the "Pee Pee Tee Pee for a Wee Wee" (yes, that is the name of the product!). Of course we pretty much have the smartest kid in the world because he figured out how to still get wet even when the Pee Pee Tee Pee is being used (and somehow the Tee Pee remains dry for the most part)...or maybe he's not smart - of course he would be the 1st dumb child born since 1980 - so I'm sticking with the "he's an incredibly smart child...and gifted."

However, not everything I've learned has had to do with diapers (which is a relief to my mom) - I have also learned that one of the sweetest sounds you can ever hear is a baby laughing in his sleep. And when said child only likes to sleep on mommy's chest - sometimes someone might wake up to a baby laughing. The monkey doesn't only laugh in his sleep we've learned - we've also learned that he knows a plethora of animal sounds (who knew babies knew what horses, geese, mice and elephants sound like - granted I did take him to the zoo but still...). How do we know he knows these animal sounds - easy - when he sleeps he makes all the above sounds along with snoring (which he gets from R). Of course there are times when he doesn't make any noises when he sleeps and then R and I wake up thinking somethings wrong because this child is rarely quiet (which he gets from both of us).

We've also learned that we have a very impatient baby - when he is hungry he is hungry NOW! And sometimes there's no warning...for example he's sound asleep - peacefully sleeping and dreaming about above said animals...when I guess the animals in dream are getting fed. What happens to the peaceful, sleepy baby - he turns into an angry, hungry and the most impatient crazy child in the fact if you don't feed him fast enough (which would be the moment he wakes up) he brings out the real tears to show how starving he is and cries so hard he forgets to breathe (well not really).

My baby, my monkey...Happy 1 Month Birthday...your dad and I have definitely learned quite a lot from you...