Thursday, March 29, 2012

Momma thought she could trick me...HA! By Owen

I will say at least momma lets me tell you about my first trip to Florida instead of doing it herself...because I'm sure she'd keep some information from you so you all would think everything was yesterday. Yesterday we were having a great day - I was listening to music and kicking when I heard Aunt Carolyn and momma talking about going outside and meeting up with Uncle Sam and Monica. Well I'm all for meeting a new relative and a pretty lady so I thought - sounds good, let's go, but then momma got out that darn swimsuit! She might've thought she could trick me - but I knew that that swimsuit means we're going to that terrible place...THE POOL - and I did not want to go there! So like anyone who is being forced to walk towards a torturer I threw a fit! I did my best to make it hard for her to put it on me...and I did my best to make her think about what she was doing and to feel bad about it. All that work was to no avail - she got it on me and then took me over to the evil pool! I made sure she knew I was mad - I screamed as loud as I could and brought on the real tears, but did it do anything? Well, she did carry me around saying I didn't have to get in the pool that we were just going to hangout at the pool...but I didn't believe her at all...I knew the truth that as soon as I calmed down she would throw me in the freezing cold water just like she did yesterday, so I continued to let her know what I thought about that - hoping she would let me stay out in the warm sunny air. Well, let me just say something I did finally worked because she and Aunt Carolyn packed up their things and we went down to the beach instead! When we got to the beach I was tired from displaying my feelings - but I was at the beach so there was NO WAY I was gonna let momma put me down under an umbrella to I woke right up and tried to tell her I wanted to go play in the ocean! I mean why go somewhere fun like the beach if you're just gonna sleep. I finally was able to convey what I wanted to do and momma took me down to the water! We stood in the water for a little bit, then we jumped the waves as they came up and FINALLY she let me sit in the water (which is what I really wanted to do because it's so much easier to kick when you're sitting). We played out in the water for awhile but then I made the mistake of shivering...shivering takes all the fun out of everything! Why? Well, because momma took me out of the water and back up to the chairs and wrapped me in a couple of towels! Where's the fun in that - exactly there isn't any fun in that...shivering did that to me! It wasn't really cold, it was just that it was pretty windy and the water was a little chilly, but it definitely was not cold like the pool! So when momma took me out of the water I told her I wanted to play more, that I was having fun, that I wasn't really cold - although out of the water and in the wind I was getting cold - so when she put the warm towels around me they felt good - but I still wanted to play in the water! She promised we would come back to the beach to play, so after complaining a little more I decided I'd stop complaining and take a nap...and I slept good because after all the conversations I had with momma I was tired!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Pool by Owen

Yesterday, momma and Aunt Carolyn took me to 2 new places...the beach and the pool. The beach I already expressed my thoughts on that - I loved it! (see The Beach) The pool however is another story. I didn't know at first we were going to this new place because I was taking a nap when we went there. Now, the pool is like a big bathtub - it actually looks more like a bathtub than the ocean because you can see all the sides, but if there is any confusion it is NOTHING like a bathtub! The ocean, wasn't like a bathtub either, but it was pretty cool, however the pool was like a nightmare version of a bathtub! I never want to go in it fact I don't even like the word pool it's a lot like another word and I don't really like that either. But anyway, back to this thing called a pool...they took me over there and I was sleeping, because I was relaxing, so when I woke up I was in a new place - which actually happens quite a bit because that's just what my momma does - but then, shortly after I woke up, she put me in what she calls a "swimsuit", I thought it was just shorts she put over my onesie, and then she put this stuff all over me. She said the stuff was sunscreen and it would protect me from the sun...the sun was still super bright though so I still had to wear my hat. (I can tell you that sunscreen does NOT protect you from the FREEZING cold pool!) After, she put that stuff all over me we sat in the shade for awhile and then she said we were going to get in the pool. Now, I had no clue what the water was gonna feel like or I would've thrown a fit when I heard those words strung together...but she put my feet in, and she told me it was cold - so I was prepared...and it was cold, but I was ok with that since she had warned me. We stayed with just our feet in the pool water for a little bit. After awhile my loving momma turned mean and she put my legs in the water...and then she put my whole bottom half in the water! I was in the FREEZING COLD water up to my waist while momma was holding me and Aunt Carolyn was taking we were in some nice warm bath water...but it wasn't - it was FREEZING COLD! I let them both know how upset I was with Well by screaming of course! I did that for about 15 minutes straight. I screamed while momma changed my wet clothes and diaper to clean clothes and dry diaper. I screamed while momma wrapped me in a blanket and a sun-warmed towel (which felt good and made me tired but I wasn't done complaining yet so I fought through my tiredness). I screamed while momma held me and rocked me. But then momma sounded really serious when she said "Owen, that's enough" so I stopped for a bit. However, when I closed my eyes and she tried to put me down I started screaming again, in case she forgot I was not happy with her choice of putting me in the pool, and I continued to scream for another 10 minutes - by this time she had taken me back to the house. After punishing her, I was tired and throat was definitely parched - so I ate and then took a nap. I'm really hoping we don't ever have to go to the pool again, if we do I might have to teach my momma the same lesson again...and I don't know if I'm prepared to throw another fit like that again - however, I will if I have to!

The Beach by Owen

So momma and Aunt Carolyn took me down to "the beach" which is a place where the ground moves under your feet...and it feels funny too - not bad just funny...and there is this HUGE bathtub! In all my weeks of life I've never seen one so big! Momma put me in the "sand" - which is the moveable earth - and it wasn't so bad...but the sun was bright so I was squinting - I didn't really like that. The part I hated though was when my hat went over my face and I couldn't see anything! I mean come on mom, can't you get me a hat that fits!?! Don't worry I made sure she knew I wasn't happy about it! Then they took me down to the huge bathtub...but it wasn't like any bathtub I have ever been in. This bathtub had cold water that came up out of nowhere and splashed my feet, which scared me because there was no warning! So I cried a little AND THEN they realized they needed to give me a warning...once they told me the water was coming (they called it a wave) I enjoyed being in the bathtub - "ocean". It was also different because that sand stuff was in it too so when the water came up and splashed me the sand around my feet started to disappear and I started to sink...luckily momma held me up or I might've sunk down into it. After they showed me the sand and the ocean they then said they were going on a beach walk...why they had to include beach in the name I have no idea...momma could've just said a walk - because since we were at the beach I would've known it was a beach walk...silly momma, sometimes I think she thinks I'm just a baby! The walk I LOVED...the wind, the sun, the air (which smelled different too) and the birds - they all were very calming and as I was held I was swayed to peaceful...until they STOPPED! They would walk and the stop and some strange person would come over and start saying how cute I was and asking how old I was (don't they know they aren't suppose to do that?!) and then we would continue on. Then on the 2nd part of the walk they covered me up with momma's black jacket and I couldn't see anything! On the 1st part of the trip I saw a lot of things they called "shells" that they said my grandma would like...on the way back, because I was covered I saw NOTHING! I hope we can go back to the beach so I can play in the sand and ocean and go on more was a lot of fun! Of course after all of that I was tired so I took a nap. But momma said people relax at the beach - so that's what I was doing.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The cradle

I'm sitting here at 4:40 in the morning laughing...why you ask? Well it's because of the cradle! While staying at Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Dave's house we decided to use their cradle instead of getting the pack n' play out and I think the monkey is getting seasick! You see, the monkey moves when he sleeps...A LOT...but just how much I had no idea until tonight because the cradle moves as the monkey it's like a boat rocking back and forth, which you think would be peaceful and relaxing but then think of a storm and getting thrown from said boat...yep, not so relaxing! The following is an account of my night.

The monkey sleeps. He moves this way and the cradle, doing what it was made to do, follows the monkey. The monkey however does not like sleeping in the Leaning Tower of Pisa and so he wakes up crying, which wakes mommy. Upon seeing my monkey leaning so far over (which has him smushed into its side) I move him back to the center of the cradle and we go to sleep. But then the monkey moves that way, and once again the cradle follows...the monkey is confused because he has never had his sleeping quarters follow him AND try to launch him out into the great unknown, and so he wakes up crying. Now you might think he's a baby for waking up crying all the time, and you'd be right (we'll eventually toughen him up), but so far this cradle has been a very hostile environment to the monkey! So when he cries, once again mommy wakes up to move him, because she knows that the cradle is not cooperating with her sleeping monkey...but it doesn't end there! You see not only does the monkey rock the cradle but he is also "attacked" by the cradle.

Now I'll understand if you think it's impossible for a cradle to "attack" a monkey, but I think the cradle was enjoying its retirement and is super upset that s/he has been brought back into the workforce...this cradle now thinks if it "attacks a baby" it will be taken out of the workforce to once again enjoy retirement. Therefore, when my monkey innocently decides he would like to turn 180 degrees while sleeping, the cradle takes advantage of the opportunity to attack! You don't believe me? Well how else do you explain the monkey's arms and legs caught up in the sides of the cradle and his head banging against one side as he woke mommy up crying? What, you think it was just the monkey trying to turn, discovering there wasn't enough space, and then being the hard-headed, stubborn monkey that he is he decided that he could still make it around - that no cradle side was going to stop him?...ok, that is also plausible. But, I think he was attacked by the cradle!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The monkey speaks, in his own words

Today I decided I'd let the monkey talk to you, without mommy interpretation, I mean he is 10 weeks old now. I've been trying to get him to talk when the camera is on and he starts out talkative and then he quiets down as you'll see. (Yes, I do realize it looks like the camera is in his face, but in reality it's not...he's just camera shy sometimes, in fact he was like that with the ultrasounds as well - not wanting to show his face...don't worry though, with me as a mom, he'll learn to LOVE the camera! Plus last night I showed him pictures of himself and he really liked he'll need to love the camera to get more pictures to look at.)

But then I decided I'd try it again, I put the camera down and he continued to talk! I didn't just put the camera down so he would talk, but I put it down so he could do his new favorite thing - stand up on his legs and bob up, down, back and around...I promise all the movement you see in this video is him - I was just trying to hold him up and keep him from falling on his head.

What? You don't understand what he's saying? Too bad for you...told ya - today no mommy's all monkey and only monkey. And I will let ya know - he approved these videos. (He sat and watched them and didn't put up any argument - so to me, he approved.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

A meltdown in pictures...

The monkey occasionally (at least once a day) has a meltdown for various reasons - the biggest being he's tired, but it could also be the simple fact that he wants something and he's not getting it fast enough so he works himself into a hissy fit and has a meltdown. Well tonight when he had his first nightly meltdown (because there could always be another one occurring before he falls asleep) I documented it, not only for you - but for I can show him what his meltdowns were like someday...and maybe even "threaten" him with a parental line like, "someday you'll have a child just like you".

Most meltdowns occur like this:

Move on to this:

Continue to this:
Wait, what? You think the meltdown is over?

Really, you trust this adorable face to remain calm?

And that's how the meltdown continues...see, if it stopped then it would just be a "crying spell", and that's something that's pretty normal to experience multiple times during the day for a multitude of reasons...but a meltdown doesn't end easily...oh lasts for awhile and nothing you do stops's really not something that is fun to experience...(just be glad I didn't video it or you'd have the sound effects to go with the pictures...hmm...maybe I should video a meltdown - for his future punishment/knowledge. You know, say something like, "your punishment is to listen to you scream for the next 30 minutes...")

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I woke up this morning and I was ready to celebrate St. Patty's Day by having a drink - I figure why wait - I might as well start drinking right when I wake up! Momma then let me kick for a while - she sounded tired but she was awake - maybe she was wanting a drink first thing in the morning too. She left me kicking and when she came back she had clothes to put on me...but they were those awful things that go over your head - I really hate them and I usually let her know. But this morning she just put it on top of me and she said something like "too big" and "long sleeves...too hot..." I don't know what that meant but she can say that anytime she wants to if it means I don't have to go into the dark when she puts clothes over my head! Once she had it laying on top of me - which to me seemed an odd way to wear clothes (but I am only 9 weeks old so I might not know all the ways to wear clothes) she then got out her phone and started talking to me. I talked back to her because she looked really happy and was smiling and saying things about St. Patrick's as I was talking to her I found out that she took pictures of me! (I didn't know phones could take pictures I thought that was what cameras were for - but I think she has done this to me before...I know the camera takes pictures, I learned this early on when that thing got in my face with a bright light!)
Monkey, 9 weeks, 1st St Patty's Day

Then, what felt like days later, we got to see weird green machines going past the windows - momma said they were tractors and that they were going to be in a parade - not sure what a parade is and why they need those green machines but I want to go sometime! Then a couple big groups of people were on another vehicle and they were yelling really loudly as they went by the window...I'm not sure if they were hungry, in pain, needed their diapers changed or were tired - but they were really loud - momma doesn't like it when I get that loud but she didn't get upset or try to quiet them down. Today, when I yelled really loud she said I was tired and then she rocked me to sleep...but hey, I haven't been sleeping too good at night so I need my beauty sleep during the day. I'm hungry now...I need food...but I want to kick...and I need my diaper changed...I just don't know what I want to do first..."WWWWWAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" (do you think my momma will know?)

1 week down 20 to go!

1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds

At some point during the past week it's felt like each of the numbers above! Sometimes it's felt super short - like he just left, and at other times - usually in the middle of the night - it's felt like I've experienced each second (which isn't always a great thing). I've wondered how fast or slow the week has been for the monkey...I mean I know when I was a kid 30 minutes till we got together with a friend seemed FOREVER and now it's hard to believe it's already the middle of March! So I wonder if this first week without daddy has been super long for the monkey or not...and I guess we'll never know. I do know that when he hears his daddy's voice - either on video or on the phone he smiles, so I make sure to play the video everyday and he gets to talk to his daddy everyday too (if he's awake and not screaming when he calls). I got a couple cute pictures the other day when we went to get my car checked out...and of course the monkey dressed for the occasion.
Monkey, 9 weeks, ready to go to the mechanic
Happy monkey
Overall we've had a great week with only a few meltdowns - some of which were because of the shots he got and some because he hasn't been doing a good job sleeping at night...but usually after the meltdown he smiles up at me and it's so sweet the meltdown is forgiven. I mean how can you be upset with a happy monkey!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SHOTS! 2 month Dr's Appt

The monkey at 6 weeks but this is what today has been like.
I now know why parents might cry when their babies get shots...before today I thought "why would anyone cry when someone else gets shots?!" But today, when the monkey got his 4 shots, he screamed like a limb was being torn from his body and tears came instantly out of his eyes - I realized "oh this is why!" I mean there is nothing that you can do except hold their hand, try to distract them and talk to them - and that really does absolutely nothing for them (at least that I could tell). After the shots, when I got to hold him, he calmed down immediately - which was nice... He was in pain all afternoon and it has been horrible because when he cries it's not the cry of "I'm mad", "I'm hungry", "Change my diaper" or "I'm exhausted and tired but I don't want to sleep" this cry is "I'm in pain" and it's more like a whimper than an actual cry - I think I could handle the loud crying - it's this soft whimpering crying that is one of the worst sounds in the world. I know we'll get through the rest of the night and I think the acetaminophen is finally starting to work (because he is kicking his legs and not whimpering as much)...and I'm glad he doesn't have a fever...but it's still horrible...and I have a feeling someone is sleeping with mommy tonight - since all afternoon he would only sleep when he was being held (when I put him down he'd wake up and whimper)...but we'll see.

I have to say - it's been kinda cute...he'll whimper cry and when I talk to him he'll smile and then talk to he's trying to reassure me that he's doing ok. And at one point today, when he was sleeping, he laughed for about a minute - it was hilarious! I'm glad he can have good dreams and reassure his mom when he's in pain and not feeling at 100%. I really love my baby boy!

The monkey at 2 months
Other than that the monkey's 2 month doctors visit went well! The monkey is now 12 lbs 4 oz, 24 1/4 inches long and his head is a whopping 37.4 cm (14.7 inches). He is in the 90th percentile for height (looks like I might have a tall baby) and 75th percentile in weight...the doctor said he's measuring like someone who is 6'1" and 180lbs...sounds good to me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toy Review with some thoughts from Owen

I'll start off with letting you know - it's not a "toy toy" - it's a Fisher-Price Cruisin' Motion Soother Bouncer (that's a mouthful)...or as I call it "the seat that simulates a car." (Thought I'd tell ya the real name though - nice of me right?!) A few weeks ago Rusty and I were talking and we couldn't believe there wasn't something out there that simulated a car ride - since almost all kids LOVE riding in the car (and ours is no exception). Then the other day I saw this and thought "Our problems are solved!" Now, we do have a swing and a vibrating rocking chair - but the problem with those is if the monkey is in a really bad mood neither one calms him down (if he's in a good mood he doesn't mind them). Granted, there have been a couple of times when the swing has put him to sleep after he screams for 5 minutes...but it doesn't usually work. And of course there are the times when daddy has been able to soothe the monkey when "the mommy" just won't do...but with Rusty gone I can't trick the monkey into thinking I'm "daddy"...SO when I saw this I ran out and bought it and prayed it worked as well as the reviews that said it worked (that's another thing, like all baby product reviews 1/2 the reviews said it sucked and the other 1/2 said their kids loved it - I chose to go with the ones that said the kids loved it)!

After putting it together I waited to see if the monkey was gonna get worked up enough to try it out (and he can work himself into a hissy fit in a matter of seconds - it's a talent he has). I didn't want to put a happy baby in it to see if it worked - that wasn't gonna tell me I patiently waited...and waited...and waited...and then he started screaming and nothing I did would calm him. He was tired and hungry but had worked himself into a frenzy and wouldn't eat or calm down and I thought "PERFECT!" (not that he had worked himself into this frenzy but that I could try this new seat out...I'm not a mean mommy). And do you know what happened...he almost immediately calmed down! It was almost like a miracle occurring and you just had to see it to believe it (maybe I'll get it on video next time). After a few minutes he started gnawing on his hands and he was calm enough to eat, (can you hear the angels singing? I'm pretty sure I did!)

Then, this morning I used it again when he got fussy while I was getting dressed - it calmed him down immediately. I think this is my new favorite thing we have...I wish it folded down so I could take it on all my trips with me...of course when I'm traveling there will be other people to hold the monkey and help calm him so I probably won't need it...but still this thing is AMAZING...I'm hoping it works like this every time he works himself into a frenzy (I mean I'm hoping he doesn't work himself into a hissy fit - but if he does I'm hoping this calms him every time.)

My "car" seat by Owen
My momma said we were going to get a new toy for me, so we got all ready and we went in the car to the store. I LOVE the car! I think it's the best thing in the world, well except for being held...but the car is great. The only thing I don't like about it is when it stops...I mean WHY do people stop - it doesn't make sense to me - how are you going to get somewhere if you when this happens I make sure I tell my momma to go! But anyway, we went and got this new toy, I had no idea what we got though because she didn't let me play with anything until I threw a fit! (Hmmm...I wonder if that's the only way I get to sit in my new toy...) When she finally let me get in it - it was pretty cool...but if she thinks that I think I'm in a car she's wrong. This is definitely not a car and there are 5 reasons I know it's not a car:
5. I don't have to get tied down to sit in it (there are things to tie me down but she doesn't use them)
4. We don't go outside into the fresh air to get to the car and I don't go anywhere
3. The sun doesn't shine in my eyes when I sit in it
2. Mom's music isn't playing when I'm in it...instead there are some loud honking noises and birds chirping - things I don't hear when I'm IN the car
And the #1 reason of all: It doesn't STOP - which is actually great...there's no stopping so I don't have to yell "go" at my momma.

Overall, I do like this new toy and I'm hoping I get to sit in it a lot more - it's pretty fun.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Daddy" Time by Owen

I love spending time with my daddy...I love my mommy too, but sometimes a boy just needs time with his daddy...and my daddy is going on a trip tomorrow so I will miss him a lot because I'll miss out on "boy time" (as my mommy calls it).

For as long as I can remember I have watched basketball games with my daddy...he is a big UK fan and I am too! (Sometimes we watch the games on this thing called a computer because the big rectangle in the living room doesn't play the game.)
My daddy and me, mommy says I was 3 days old
 My daddy has very comfortable arms and I love to sleep in them...or hang out in them. Sure mommy might've figured out I like to be held like this - but I think my daddy might've perfected it. (And for those of you that don't know - they call me "monkey" because I hang off their arm like a monkey in a tree...I've yet to see monkey's hanging from a tree though...when we went to the zoo I didn't see any animals!)
My daddy and me at the hospital

My daddy likes to cook and he is teaching me how to cook too...although I don't know what all the excitement about food is - I think it's crazy that people don't want milk whenever they're hungry!
My daddy and me, 2 weeks old
 Sometimes we hangout and practice giving each other "high 5's."
My daddy and me, 6 weeks old
And sometimes we just talk.
My daddy and me, 8 weeks old
I will miss doing all these things with my daddy and can't wait for him to get back home so we can continue to do "boy things"! Mommy said she'll keep me busy seeing people and going places, and that I'll get to talk to daddy every day, but I know it won't be the same. Love you daddy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My baby is making me an insomniac!

I could leave it at that because I don't think it really needs an explanation - but I will elaborate for you. The night before last the monkey was wide awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night...just cooing, kicking, smiling and laughing. Now yes, I am very happy that he's occasionally a happy baby when he wakes up in the middle of the night because yes, it is nice to hear laughter and cooing rather than screams...however being awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night is a bit ridiculous. So I did what most good parents don't do...I threatened my child...yes that's right, I admit it...I told him that I thought he had gotten too much sleep during the day (which was why he was awake during the night) and so if he took a nap during the day I was going to wake him up. I ask you - what mother threatens to wake the sleeping giant, aka, a baby?! That's right, I did! But I did it simply because I was really tired and I wanted him to be tired the next night when we went to bed so he wouldn't wake up and be wide awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night!

Well, it turns out the monkey understood everything I said because yesterday he didn't take a nap at all! Ok, so he took 4 really short naps, which totaled 1 1/2 hours of sleep total during the day. (Remember, an infant sleeps 15-18 hours a day...except our baby...unless we're in the car then he's a sleeping machine.) So, let's see if you can guess what happened Well the monkey was so tired he couldn't sleep...that's right just couldn't fact he was so wound up he couldn't eat was like he forgot how to use his tongue to nurse - so instead he screamed and ate his hand (which is a sign he's SUPER hungry). We did finally get him calmed down enough to sleep - I thought he'd wake up in 10-15 minutes and want to eat and then go to sleep for a few hours (which is what has happened in the past when he gets that worked up), but that's not what happened. The monkey slept for 2 hours and woke up screaming because he was starving (no happy baby last night or early this morning). After getting enough food he ended up sleeping for 1 hour with me, because I fell asleep while he was eating - I stayed awake for 10 minutes and then I couldn't keep my eyes open a minute longer. Of course after an hour he was hungry again so I fed him and he promptly fell asleep. 45 minutes later the process was repeated and kept being repeated the rest of the night...see what I mean - insomniac...Ok, so maybe I created this gremlin since I threatened to wake him up if he took a nap...note to self - never threaten the monkey like that again or else live with the consequences!

But since we were tired this morning - I decided to have fun with the monkey's for your enjoyment - here are a couple of pictures of the fun things you can do with an infants hair...but first we'll look at a picture of a happy baby with "normal" hair.
Normal hair
Spiked up all over

Coconut Oil

I found out from a friend that extra virgin coconut oil (which is a solid and not oil until 70 degrees, but it's still an oil), helps fight off different yeasts that some babies have (cradle carp, thrush, diaper rashes, etc...). Who knew?! Well not me - but this friend has 4 children and has done her research so I trust her findings and I decided that I would try this out because the monkey has cradle cap. I know doctors say that kids will "outgrow" cradle cap without you doing anything - but I'm really tired of my baby looking like he has dandruff and large flakes coming off his head. Maybe I'm vain, but I just don't like my baby's head looking scaly - it drives me crazy, so I decided to try coconut oil.

To use it you can feed the baby some well as rub it on the area where the problem occurs - in this instance it would be the monkey's head. So the other day we went out and bought some extra virgin coconut oil, came home and I went to work rubbing it onto my baby's head. As this is oil, it does make his hair look greasy (so if you see pictures of him now it looks like he's got dirty hair - nope it's just the coconut oil), but it smells really good - you know, like coconut! :) I also decided I would give him a little bit "to eat"...and he LOVES it. I think he's going to be like his Grandpa Smyth and like Almond Joy's and Mounds...and like all us Smyth kids and like German Chocolate cake!

A funny thing happened today. This morning I got the container out of the fridge (because that's where you're suppose to store it) and took it to the living room where the monkey was kicking up a storm. I opened the container and the monkey immediately started sticking his tongue out (which is one of his signs that he's hungry and wants to eat something) this instance not only had he seen the container but he smelled the coconut and he wanted some! Then, it happened again this afternoon when I got the container out to put some more on his eyebrows, because he had rubbed it off (and yes - the cradle cap is not only on his head but also his eyebrows)...but this time he fussed until I gave him some to eat and then he gave me a HUGE smile! Yep my baby likes coconut.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I don't know how a baby's fingernails can grow so fast...but seriously, it's like every 2-3 days claws have formed on the end of the monkey's fingers! It was only 2 days ago that I filed his nails down and they were nice and smooth and there was no possible way for him to scratch himself...but what did I find on his face this morning when we woke up - a HUGE scratch.
The monkey at 8 wks
Ok, so maybe it's not a HUGE scratch - but it is pretty big for his little face (it's the red mark between his eyes for those that were asking "where is this huge scratch?" and let me just say the picture makes it look smaller than it is in real life). But, back to the topic, his fingernails were scratchy and long (well not long long - but they weren't as short as they were 2 days ago). So this morning while he ate his 3rd breakfast of the morning (or was it 5th - I guess it depends on when you start counting it as "morning breakfast" and not "middle of the night snack"), I filed his claws (nails) down again. Maybe I have to take care of his nails more than other mom's do because I file his nails rather than clip them. I'm scared I'm going to clip his finger as well as the nail - because his nails aren't that long...which is why I'm surprised at how much like claws they are for being so short...crazy baby nails! And if I clip his finger - I'm going to see the saddest face in the world (which is similar to the picture below - but it's even sadder).
The sad monkey at 6 wks


I think we're actually out of newborn clothes! We're now entering the 8th week of wearing the same few outfits - because people said "oh you don't need newborn clothes, babies aren't in them very long..." granted the past weeks have flown by so it doesn't feel like we're at 8 weeks already. However, as I look at the pictures I have of the monkey I realize he's in the same outfits...and he has a closet FULL of cute clothes that are 0-3 months, 3 months and 6 months, but they're all too big...that is until now! I'm super excited to now try other clothes on him that will fit!! Poor kid though, because this means he's become a real life baby doll for this mommy who has to hold clothes up to him or try them on him to see if they fit (for those that don't know - not all baby clothes are equal...they're like women's jeans or shoes...just because it says 3 months doesn't mean it's going to be the same size as other 3 month clothes) - they could be more like 6 months or they could be more like 0-3 months in sizing.

So why is my monkey a real life baby doll? Because today I realized that half of his newborn clothes don't fit him anymore and the ones that do fit (and that I'll be sad to not see anymore - see picture below of the "bear-butt") are tight on him and he looks like a wanna-be body builder with the skin tight clothes (just not as much muscle).
The monkey at almost 6 weeks - it's now tighter

I will say however, that I have put him in some 0-3 months and 3 month outfits previously and most of them were HUGE on him...there were a couple that I had rotated into the clothes options even though they were big - they at least weren't huge. But I've noticed that over the weeks those clothes have gotten to be a little less big as the newborn clothes have started to get tight. So, today I tried on a few "new" outfits to see if they fit - low and behold my baby has new clothes to wear! Of course the "torture" of going through all the clothes is not over, in fact, it's just beginning because he has a closet full of clothes we get to go through. (I have presorted them according to the size I think they are, that way the monkey won't be completely tortured...I guess we'll see if I'm right on the sizing or not.)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

His Daddy's Facial Expressions or Clone...

At birth the monkey looked like his daddy (we had a picture of R as a newborn). Slowly since then he has stopped looking so much like R and he looked more like my younger brothers - at least that's what we thought. Then, last weekend when we were in Indiana, R's mom showed me a picture of R at 1 month and I thought "HOLY COW - it's the monkey!!" It made it look like the monkey was a clone of his daddy. (I don't have that picture but she sent me a couple other pictures for your viewing pleasure.) However, since then, I am rethinking my "clone" belief...because, as we look at pictures of R when he was 6 weeks old and pictures of the monkey, R and I think it's the monkey's facial expressions that are tricking us into thinking he's a clone... I'll let you be the judge though...unfortunately I don't have a picture of my younger brothers at this age for comparisons...but you can believe me that the monkey does resemble them...And I tried to find pictures that were similar but that's not always possible - so here you go...
R at 6 weeks
Monkey at 1 week
Monkey at 6 weeks
See, the monkey resembles his daddy and has the same facial expressions...but I'm not so sure he's his clone, but you can let me know what you think.