Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing With My Toys by Owen

Sometimes momma leaves me alone so I can play with my toys however I want to, and it's nice because there are times when I just don't want to share my toys or my books. Momma wants to read me books her way - but I much prefer to read them my way as you can see here. Playing with toys is similar, momma likes to play with me and my toys but she has her own way of playing with them and it's very different than how I play with them.

There are other toys that I like to play with as well...

Momma has one toy that she only lets me play with when we're in the kitchen...I don't think she knows that I know this - but it's true...I think she thinks that if she keeps a toy in there that I don't get in other rooms that it'll entertain me longer...HA!

See, I like this toy a lot...but I don't like to play with it how momma wants to play with it - she thinks I should play with the parts up top that move but that's just not as much fun as the blue section of the toy...that's the part I like the best!

How to Read a Book by Owen

Step 1: Pick out a book to read.

OR get momma's attention so she can get me a book; to get momma's attention look cute and studious.

Step 2: Thank momma for the book (if she picked it out).

Step 3: Decide if this is really a book I'd like to read.

Step 4: Read (eat) book.

Step 5: When finished get ready for the next thing.

OR re-read book.

Here is a video of me picking out a book - sometimes I get really frustrated, and that's usually when momma steps in to help me.

Enjoying the Camera

Monkey at 20 weeks

Well, it's official, in case you didn't know - the monkey really is my kid! I wasn't quite sure if he was going to like cameras or not - because for 9 months whenever the ultrasound tried to get a pic of his face he would cover up.
The monkey at 21 weeks, pre-birth

Then after he was born he would look at the camera like he was wondering what it was.

The monkey at 2 weeks old

 Gradually he got to the point where he would smile when he got his picture taken.
The monkey 9 weeks old
Now, however, he LOVES the camera...yep - he see's the camera and he tries to get it - I don't know if it's because he wants to take pictures or if he likes his picture taken - but he does love the camera...which means he is my kid! (You see he has all Rusty's facial expressions, looks like Rusty as well as like my "little" brothers and my dad, and honestly besides him being stubborn and strong-willed - which he gets from both of us - I was wondering if he got anything else from me...but the love of the camera is definitely me!) So here for your enjoyment, are some videos of the monkey and the camera...

This 1st video I was trying to get his laugh and smile on camera (because he had been laughing hysterically for a few minutes)...notice however that when the camera came out his attention went to the camera - even though he still was having fun and laughing a little...he was focused more on the camera.

The 2nd video I was encouraging him to crawl which he was hesitant to do...but when the camera came out - watch out world!

 The 3rd and final video shows how much he likes to stand up - usually he doesn't fall down as much as this - but it's hard to video it on my own - so you get the one where he keeps falling down! But he does love standing up and attempting to walk - he holds onto my hand for stability but other than that it's all him...thank goodness he's still top heavy so we've still got some time before he's walking (well at least a few months) and once again - watch for the moment he see's the camera.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Teething or Not

At his doctors appointment I asked the doctor if the monkey was teething and he said he didn't think so...that it's just the age and stage that he's at - that he'll bite things and drooling will increase since he'll be putting everything in his mouth and that teething is coming but it's not necessarily right now. I can understand that because he's not complaining about his teeth and you can't see anything...but here for your enjoyment is the monkey biting and drooling...which is pretty entertaining!

This is how we read books around here. Step 1: push book with nose

Step 2: Creep up on book

Step 3: Kiss book

Step 4: Try to open book

Sometimes he likes to lay on his back to eat, I mean read books.

Seriously people, this book tastes SUPER good!

 Of course when he gets tired with reading he hangs out with Ms. Table Leg.

I mean tries to eat Ms. Table Leg.

I have a feeling this kid is gonna be a leg man!

And when he gets bored with books and table legs, it's always ok to chomp on a toy!

Yep, toys are sometimes great things to chomp on!

Trying to Crawl

The monkey loves turning over from his back to his stomach, however he's still not wanting to turn from his stomach to his back because he'd rather crawl or complain and get turned over. Luckily he's not crawling yet, I don't know if I'm ready for him to follow me everywhere, but he is "snaking" across the floor (that's where he pushes or tries to push himself around with his feet and legs...however with it being hardwood - his legs stick to the floor so he can't push himself as much as he would like).

When he can't move as much as he'd like this is what it sounds like:

But then he does move (I'm talking on the phone to Rusty while videoing the monkey)

I know crawling is going to be coming soon with how much he's wanting to get around...of course if he could walk he'd do that as well...but luckily he's still a little top heavy so his legs can't fully support him - still have time till that happens!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 Month Dr's Appt and SHOTS!

Perfect outfit for getting shots.
Well today was the big day...we hadn't been to the doctor in 2 months, because there wasn't a need, which means the last time the monkey was at the doctor's office was for his 2 month appointment and shots - I'm hoping he doesn't associate the doctor's office to having to get shots since the next appointment is for shots as well...oh well. I was more prepared for the experience this time...I knew that the screaming, that occurs when you tear limbs off of a body, was going to be coming after each shot and that he would recover after a few minutes and I knew that we needed to work the legs so that they wouldn't be so sore...a lot I knew!

The nurse this time wiped a spot on his leg before EACH shot - rather than wiping a large section and doing two shots back to back in each leg - so it wasn't as fast, which made it almost worse AND he knew what was coming - you could see it in his eyes...she'd wipe a spot and he'd give the "saddest face in the world" in preparation of crying and screaming. On top of that...the monkey has had a raspy voice from screaming the other night - so his screaming wasn't just heartbreakingly loud and the cry of pain but it was sad and raspy at the same was horrible! Luckily though, he recovered rather quickly...almost as soon as I picked him up he calmed down. We then hung out in the waiting room while I fed him before we headed on our way. And guess what happened?! That's right my plan of him going home and kicking his legs went down the tube because he fell asleep on the way home and slept for 2 hours (not sure if it was the shots or the fact that he woke me up every 20-40 minutes last night to eat and then we got up at 4:43 this morning). Then he woke up and realized when he moved his legs they hurt (because I hadn't been able to give him any medicine either)...
Monkey, 4 months, not feeling so hot after getting shots.
Georgette, the giraffe, couldn't soothe him...
maybe he just needed his thumb...
nope this thumb didn't do it either...what could make this monkey feel better?
OOOHHH...mama could!

I got him some medicine and slowly he started to feel better - enough to get on the floor and kick and talk...
eventually he was able to roll over and even attempted to crawl - pretty impressive for a kid who hours before had cried when he yawned and moved his legs! He is currently laying on the floor kicking his legs - he is feeling much better thankfully!

The monkey, 4 months (18 weeks)
Overall the monkey is doing well...growing, growing, growing...he is now up to 15 lbs 11 oz (75th percentile), 26 inches long (90th percentile) and his head is 41 1/2 cm (just over 16 inches)! Our little boy isn't so little anymore...although he doesn't look like he's 8 months old (which is the age that someone at the airport thought - crazy person).

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meeting Uncle Beej

The monkey finally got to meet his youngest uncle, Beej, who normally looks very different (he had to dye his hair for a play)...

As you can tell he's not really sure about his uncle...

But Uncle Beej won him over!

And kept him entertained...

and laughing.

1st Mother's Day and the morning after...

Well I have to say my 1st Mother's Day was pretty fun! I was a little dubious because the previous two days had been crazy - meltdown city - all because he was refusing to sleep. I was really wanting my monkey to get some sleep and get back to his normal happy, impatient, stubborn self...the grumpy, impatient, stubborn kid I had been with for two days was starting to wear me down. And then this happened...
Monkey, 18 weeks, morning nap on Mother's Day
and I had hope that today would be good! (He took a 1 hr nap!)

We had some errands to do, once he woke up from his nap - no rush, one of which was to get food at the grocery store. We got out of the car in the parking lot and I was told "Happy Mother's Day" by a carload of people parked next to me! Then we entered the store and a little girl in the cart next to mine (in the dairy section) said "Happy Mother's Day!" When I said, "Thank you" she replied with "You have a really cute baby." (And might I mention that the baby she was referring to was sound asleep on his second nap of the day!)

When we got home we played, the monkey took another short nap (about 20 min) and then he showed me how well he could roll over and I finally got videos of the monkey rolling over posted! I was laughing because every time I watched a video to see if I was going to post it or not, the monkey thought I was really talking and so he would proceed to roll over and look up at me and smile - so proud of himself! Unfortunately I didn't get that on video - I'll work on it.

The BIG news is that we didn't use the infant insert in our Ergo carrier today - first time ever!! It might not seem that exciting to you but it really is a big event! It marks the fact that the monkey is a big boy! He's been able to hold his head up, unsupported, for awhile but he liked keeping his legs scrunched up...well with this whole new world of rolling over and attempting to crawl he now stretches and separates his legs more - so he was ready! It makes walking with a baby who is somewhere around the 16 lb mark a lot cooler in the summer weather, to be able to leave the infant insert out. I'm guessing the monkey liked it since he took another nap (about 30 min)!

We ended the day celebrating Mother's Day with friends who invited us over for dinner. We had so much fun! The monkey behaved he whole time and he showed them how easy it is to roll over, how frustrated he gets that he can't crawl yet and then he laughed when they tried to get him to meltdown occurring!

This morning I woke up like this...
with the monkey sleeping next to me...when I specifically put him in his big boy bed (crib) last night...(I closed my eyes to make it look like I was still sleeping - but I was can you sleep with a squirming baby next to you?!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rolling Over!!

The monkey, 17 weeks old, enjoying just a little bit of tummy time, but only because he got himself there.
The monkey has been attempting to roll over again for awhile...he rolled over on April 18th, 2012, for the first time - right before we left for the airport...and then nothing...and nothing...and nothing. So I waited patiently knowing that eventually he'd be able to do it again...and when he did last week (and I can't remember what day it was, isn't that terrible!) it started the trend of rolling over every time he is put on the floor on his back - he just can't help it. He does really well from rolling from his back to his stomach but still needs to work a little on rolling from his stomach to his back. He also has a tendency to roll to his right more than rolling to his left - which means if mommy doesn't think about it and she lays him the "wrong way" he'll roll over into the table leg and then complain because: a) he's stuck or b) he's hit his head on the leg trying to get away from it. And yes, I do realize this is the beginning of the end...because now that he's rolled he's really wanting to crawl! So with all of this in mind...enjoy these videos of the monkey rolling (and maybe hitting his nose on the hardwood floor - but hey, rolling over is a tough business!).

Yes, I did help him go the last little bit but it was mostly all him, in this video.

Here he goes...

well, almost! Here is the 1st roll-over on his own caught on video (so his 2nd roll-over).

And here we have his first attempt at crawling after rolling over.

Finally, only days later but 50 million roll-overs later, he now rolls with ease and is trying to crawl even more!