Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How a Lion Kills and Eats a Giraffe by Owen

(Today while we were outside the monkey decided to show me what he knew about how lions attack giraffes...if you doubt me - just listen to him...he'll tell you that's what he's going to show you.) "The lion see's the giraffe and she pounces and takes the legs out from under the giraffe..."

See, the lions attack the giraffe because they're hungry!
They attack the giraffe...
And then they take the legs out from under the giraffe...

Then the lions hear something...
 And they attack!

And take out their competition...

Before they finish devouring their giraffe (or their competition) they take a moment to thank the Lord for their food...
And then they finish their meal (made up of the giraffe or their competition)...

Once they have full bellies they take a nap...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Indestructible Books

Monkey, testing out a destructible book, Jungle Rumble
At the monkey's baby shower (months ago) we got some indestructible books from my sister-in-laws parents and I totally had forgotten about them until a couple of weeks ago when someone mentioned indestructible books. Yes, I know - how could I forget something as cool as books that are indestructible! Well, I can explain (you get things at a baby shower and you put them in a spot so you'll know where it is when the time is right for them...and then the baby comes and you think "I don't need books yet" because honestly they - the baby - doesn't do much and books/pictures really don't hold his interest yet...and then comes the time for books - so you get the cardboard books out for the baby to chew on but since the cardboard books are different sizes than the indestructible books they were in a different spot on the bookshelf so they were forgotten...) but I won't, except to say I should change how the bookshelf is definitely shouldn't be by size. But anyway - I'm SO glad someone mentioned them because then I thought "I have those! I need to get them for the monkey!" And honestly since they are indestructible they're the perfect thing for him now (even more so than the cardboard books), and especially with a trip coming up - they're super thin and don't take up much space at all!

Well the monkey wasn't too keen on them at first - because he had already made a couple of the books his "favorites" and when adding a new book into the mix he wasn't too thrilled with "why do I need another book - can't you see I'm perfectly happy with my 2 favorite books?!" But his two favorite books happen to be the first two books I put in front of him...slowly I was adding in an additional book - so as not to overload him with books - because he does have quite a few...but it's still the same 2 books that are the ones he wants to look at and chew read. So when I finally found the indestructible books on the shelf and brought them out, I sat down and read them hoping he'd like them (ok, so I wanted to put the "indestructibleness" to the test too) but they weren't his 2 first books so he just crawled over them.

THEN, today, when I sat him on the floor (surrounded by pillows for when/if he falls over - which he seems to do when the pillows aren't there but when the pillows are there he sits forever) and put books in front of him, I put one of his favorite books and the indestructible books (like I had done the previous 2 days) and low and behold he went for the indestructible books and he did what any 5 month old would do and made his mommy (me) proud because he tried to destroy them!

So for your enjoyment - here is a video of the monkey trying to destroy Hey Diddle Diddle.

And of course - I can't do a video without taking pictures as well! So here is the monkey "reading" Hey Diddle Diddle. book...maybe I should try it out...

It's got that "new book" taste...

This book isn't so bad...

Once you really get into the book...I think I like it!

Hey, momma, this is one tasty book!

I just can't get enough!

Even upside down I like it...and yep - far!
I think he now likes these books because he can crinkle them up and they make noise...the pictures are pretty fun too and he'll realize that when he takes the time to look at them - right now it's more about the taste and texture. But they are a definite hit...and I think he now has 4 favorite books instead of 2!! Thank you Jill and Frank!!

Who needs professional pictures done?

I'll start by saying we are getting the monkey's pictures done professionally next month - when he'll be 6 months...oh boy mom - just think I can have a "professional picture" of the monkey with his Elvis sunglasses on! I know you're thrilled at that thought! But we're going to be getting them done because Rusty wants pics of the monkey at 6 months in a certain outfit that he can frame with a picture of himself at 6 months with a certain outfit...UK championship shirt. Ok, so the outfits won't match because we don't have the one Rusty wore - instead we have a jersey for the monkey to wear - but we can still do the same pose. (If you don't follow college basketball it won't make sense to you...but UK was the NCAA Champions the year Rusty was born  (and me too, but I don't have pics since we weren't fans at the time) and this really we HAVE to do the same pictures! Because of this I thought we were also going to have a Triple Crown Winner - after all the last Triple Crown winner was in  '78 - which is the same year we were born and UK was the National Champions - so it would make since it would happen again this year...yep, that's how my brain works! LOL)

But anyway, back to the topic at hand - professional pictures and who needs them really...I've taken some pretty good pictures of the monkey with my little unprofessional camera...and I've taken some pretty good pictures with my high-def unprofessional camera (also a video camera)...and every time I look at the pictures I took of the monkey I think "Can a professional photographer really get a better picture?"

You see, in the afternoons, the past few days, we've gone outside and played, watched traffic and we've had our own little photo shoots, and I have to say I think I've gotten some good pictures...and then today we did it again and I got some good pictures and I once again wonder - "Are professional pictures that much better?" Of course, today I did have natural lighting from the sun working with us and live music - courtesy of the rooftop restaurant and bar across the street...but still. I guess I'll find out next month if the professional pictures are really worth the money or if I should just continue with the impromptu photo shoots because inevitably there will be one shot that is really good.

Here were the shots from today.

No, he wasn't in deep thought really - he was trying to figure out where the music was coming from.
Tired, and watching the flowers blow in the wind.

Tired and ready to go inside and get ready for bed.
See what I mean - there are some good pictures taken with a little "unprofessional" camera. Granted the photographer would've had his whole head in all the pictures and probably his whole body in the last picture...but still - not bad for someone with no "experience".

If you're interested in watching some video from today, then you're in luck because I didn't just take pictures outside I also took some video...and I will say - professional videos would be A LOT better than what I've got - but hey I can't do really good pictures and videos so I'll just stick with the pictures.

This was when we first got outside..."Where is that music coming from?" That's pretty much what the monkey is trying to figure out.

He was getting tired (again)...but when it was time for bed - amazingly he didn't want to go to sleep...I have a feeling he'd sleep great camping in the great outdoors - that seems to be where he loves sleeping - outside!

Ok and really I had to include one last picture because I think it's hilarious! I think I'll call it the monkey's Clint Eastwood impersonation...if you think it's someone else let me know - but it reminds me of someone and I think it's Clint Eastwood.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Playing with the Ball

The monkey having fun outside.
This ball was mine when I was a baby - it was also played with by my's a great ball and really, every kid should have a ball like this because: it's super easy for little hands to grab, it's soft and it rolls (which is important with it being a ball and all). So today when we went outside, instead of taking Georgette out, today we took the ball...after all, it's about time he started throwing a ball outside.

As you can see - he's got a ways to go before he'll be able to play catch for real but it didn't stop us from having some fun outside.
The monkey watching the flowers blow in the wind

Of course when the wind blows the flowers they take precedence over any little ball! I mean seriously flowers moving without anyone touching them - that's gotta be pretty mind-blowing to a 5 month old!

After playing for awhile the monkey got a little do I know? Just watch and you'll figure it out too!

Earlier in the day I gave him his very own water bottle so hopefully he'll stop grabbing at mine...his bottle is empty but still, he's got something of his own to drool on whenever he feels like nice of me I know.
The pillows are surrounding him so that if/when he forgets he's sitting by himself, and thereby falls over, he won't bang his head on the hardwood - he'll fall on a least that's what I hope. (Yesterday he moved a pillow enough so that when he went over he ended up hitting the one area where it was hardwood...yeah - that's how things go with this monkey!)
Yep, the handle tastes as good as the handle on momma's water bottle.
It looks different, but it is pretty cool looking.
We'll see if he actually likes his water bottle as much as he likes mine.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Georgette the Giraffe (more commonly called Sophie)

Monkey, 5 months, with Georgette
Today, when we went outside, we decided to take a toy out with us - but not just any toy we took Georgette! For those of you with kids you know all about Georgette - except you just don't call your giraffe by that have probably gone along with the masses and called your little squeaky giraffe "Sophie" - as that is the name that she comes with...but come on - have you ever heard of a real giraffe named Sophie? Yeah, that's what I thought! I really wanted to call the giraffe George for various reasons (one being I love the name George and another "George the Giraffe" just sounds like a cool name), however after seeing how the monkey french kisses the giraffe, I thought maybe for now we should stick with the giraffe being female, so I went with the feminine form and named her Georgette. 

"Giraffe is tough to eat."
Now Georgette is like a drug - seriously - he can't get enough of her...he kisses her, bits her, bends her in half, squeezes her...pretty much anything you can do to this giraffe the monkey does! She is one of his favorite toys...He plays and chews her rather than chewing on the table leg, tv stand and cords plugged into outlets. He still prefers gnawing on my finger, toes, legs and water bottle and his hands and toes - but honestly, you really can't expect a little giraffe to be the thing he wants over everything can you?

Monkey kissing Georgette
Georgette is doing great at her job of entertaining and taking the "love and affection" from a 5 month old monkey...sometimes she probably thinks "love and affection" could be changed to other terms but really - what do you expect from a 5 month old. Luckily Georgette doesn't complain...she accepts the daily baths of saliva she receives with a squeak and whenever she gets knocked down (thrown down) she gets right back in the ring without a complaint - instead with a squeak, which sounds a lot like "come on monkey - let's go again" to the monkey - because that's usually exactly what happens! Gotta love this giraffe - the monkey does and so I do too!

Some of the "love and affection" the monkey gives Georgette:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What do you do all day?

This is a question that I am asked a lot - and not necessarily by my husband! Since I stay at home with a 5 month old my schedule goes something like this: wake up multiple times during the night to feed him and possibly change his diaper (although I will say we're waking up less frequently - well now that I've said that it might change...if I "brag" about his sleeping he then sleeps like crap...and I say "brag" because it's not like he sleeps all night, nope 5 hrs 6 tops is the most he'll sleep at one time and he'll only do that 1 time per night if he does's usually 2-3 hrs sometimes 4, but of course when I say something great about his sleeping he regresses to sleeping 20-45 min at a see, really not much to "brag" about - it's just life right now with this stubborn, hard-headed 5 month old but back to the topic)...When we finally get up and begin the day it's anywhere from 4:45a-6a (so for this not-a-morning-person it's way too early - but with kids - what are ya gonna do) and we get dressed, get breakfast, play for a bit (either inside or outside on the grass) or take a walk (depending on how hot the day will be) and then (hopefully) take a nap (well the monkey not me - and his naps range from from 5 min-1 1/2 hours). And let me just say - naps are new as of this month! That's right the 1st 4 1/2 months he would never take a nap unless we were driving somewhere or on walks - crazy tired kid! (I tell you all this because I'm not always the quickest person during the day - the things I always thought were simple and I was able to do with my eyes closed - well, depending on the night we have...that's right those simple tasks can become not so simple...I'm excited when I can shave my legs or eat a bowl of cereal sitting down!)

When he wakes up, he eats and then we go back to playing or running errands or taking a walk...he eats again and again and again and again, we play and sometimes he'll take another nap (5-30 min). We dance to the music playing, play some more - oh and during this time as well his diaper is getting changed...constantly - this kid hates dirty diapers and fusses every time it's dirty (good for potty training right?!). This is also the time when, while he's playing I can attempt to do the laundry, clean a bathroom or 2, dust, vacuum, sweep, cook something for dinner (I can't really make dinner at dinner time - so I do it in the afternoon), do a blog post - not all in the same day - usually 1 maybe 2 things get done - depending on his mood. For example, my sis-in-law gave me some space saver hangers for Christmas that I finally switched over to using this month (and can I say I love them!) - but yeah - something as simple as changing clothes from 1 hanger to another I have found is not so's finally getting easier as the monkey is now learning to entertain himself - SO nice!

Sometime between 4-6p he takes, what I call, a "pre-bed nap"...and that's exactly what it is...for anywhere from 5-30 min he crashes and when he wakes up he's usually ready to start the bedtime routine and go to bed. Occasionally his "pre-bed nap" gives him a spurt of energy and he's more awake for a bit - just depends on the day, what his mood is, how well he's slept in the past 24 hrs and which direction the wind is blowing as to what really happens though. During this time we go outside and either sit and watch the cars, trucks and people walk past, along with the birds, planes and occasional helicopters flying overhead, and of course always watching the wind blowing the grass, plants and trees...or we take a walk outside (again depends on the temp as to which occurs - but we try to take a walk everyday - we both like the adventure of a walk around the neighborhood, up to the park, at the botanical gardens, around the zoo...pretty much anywhere).

Then he goes to bed anywhere from 6-7:30p - and let me say this is new as of this month too! He's put himself on this schedule of going to bed early - I attempted to put him on a schedule and the earliest I could get him to go was 8p (which was good considering originally he had been going to bed at 11p) but then all of a sudden this month he decided he was tired! It's means I have a little bit of time in the evening when I can do whatever I want - so nice! And then, usually about the time I'm ready to go to bed he wakes up to eat and then we both go to sleep for a few hours before the next feeding.

However, all of this might change - because there are days where he's just super grumpy and all he wants to do is be held (and not in the carrier) and eat...and those are the days when I sit and either watched the shows I have on my DVR while I feed him, write blog posts, watch a movie or if I'm lucky take a what kind of day do you think today is?!

I do have some pictures and videos of what we do during the day (surprise I know)...We usually start out on his play mat - where he kicks the mirror and the little rattle behind the mirror makes noises...
Enjoying his new play mat
Then he gets bored with his play mat (5-10 min) and he's ready to move! Of course he usually gets "caught"...
The monkey takes the play mat with him...and attacks Georgette (more commonly known as "Sophie the Giraffe")
When he gets tired of that it's on to the next activity: crawling, reading books, playing with toys, listening to a video of daddy reading, swinging, trying to steal my water bottle...
Still loves his car simulator...especially when next to the mirror
And momma really likes this station too - because occasionally when he won't sleep for her - the car sometimes magically helps him drift off to la-la-land...
Wish this had a plug...but I'm okay with buying D batteries in bulk when this is the result!

 Then he goes on to playing with a balloon or disco ball - or whatever other toy he finds fascinating that day.

The monkey enjoying his very 1st balloon ever.

I should mention that on the information for the disco ball it does state that it is not a toy and should not be played with by you can see - it is definitely a horrible idea to let it be a toy! Ok, so it wouldn't be good if you left a child alone with the ball - so please don't rush out and buy it to babysit your kids while you take a shower, cook dinner or whatever else you choose to do...if you choose to use it - be warned - it's not a toy...but honestly - if I'm sitting right there with him I think he's ok.

Here's the end of the day...he usually sits straight on the grass - today on the blanket...and the first thing he did was bunch the blanket up around him to get to the grass...I straightened it out to try and get it on camera...

Then I got him his sunglasses!
"Cool Monkey" having fun outside

He likes being outside and having fun...but when he gets tired it happens pretty you can tell...he was starting to get tired and then BOOM - tired baby!

But when the wind came it gave him a little more energy!
All his would've blown off if not!

And ya know, when the sun's not in your face you don't need to wear the sunglasses - at that point you can chew on them!

He's got something to entertain him...but his eyes are ti-red.
Closely watching the flowers to make sure they don't move closer!
After this we went in and he ate and slept for 20 min and then was up! Today though, is one of those days where he's grumpy, tired and just wants to be held all day because he didn't sleep well at all...the fun days of parenting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Disco Ball and Balloon by Owen

Today momma and I went to the store and she got me one of the coolest things ever! Seriously, it's not one of those little noise things or soft or furry things - nope this is something that's not really for kids - which is why it's just one of the best things in the world! She called it a disco ball and she said that I would like it...and I trust her - usually when she tells me I'll like something I do. When we finally got home she was getting ready to show me what this "disco ball" thing was when someone interrupted her at the door and she came back into the kitchen with some flowers and another cool toy that I had never seen before! This new toy she said was called a balloon - and she said I'd like it too...and I knew she was telling the truth on this one because it looked like so much fun!!

Before she let me play with either new toy though, she had to get a picture...momma and her pictures! I don't think we can do anything without her taking a picture!

Thankfully though the picture didn't take long and then it was all about this "disco ball" thing...

and momma was definitely right, I love this new toy!! She said it's even better at night when it's dark and I think she's right, although I don't really know why - but if she says it'll be better then she is right - I bet it will be so much better (although at night time now - it's not really dark...hmm). But no matter, I will have fun with it during the day too!

Once again - momma took pictures - not just a video...
When momma first let me get close to the disco ball...
It moved and lit's pretty cool.

I was able to get it move a different direction!

But seriously people, HOW does this thing work?!

I'm stumped as to how it sure is fun though!

Then momma put the disco ball "up" and she got the balloon out for me to play with. I was excited because it looked pretty fun...she said daddy sent her the flowers and the balloon - yeah right, daddy didn't send the balloon to her - he sent it for me - I know it! There's no way momma could have as much fun with the balloon as I did - so I know he sent it for me! And besides that it's not momma's birthday yet - she said he sent it early since we're gonna be out of town, but I think daddy sent it for me since my 5 month birthday just happened...but I'll let momma have the flowers - it'll make her feel better.

Momma got down on the floor with me and my balloon and thankfully she let me play with it (that's how I really know it was for me...if it was for her I don't think she would've let me play with it)...but she did hold it for me while I figured out how this thing worked...I've never seen anything like it in all my days - but boy do I like it!!

I soon learned how the balloon worked and then I really had fun! And I took it from momma - or at least tried to...but boy is it a fun toy!

And of course momma being momma - she took some pics of my balloon! balloon!
UH-OH...Now I know you can't let it go! I guess that's why momma tried to hold on to it.

Yep, I lost 1 of my new toys...momma says give it a few days and it'll be back.
But don't feel bad for me...while the balloon is away I've got my disco ball to play with and momma's water bottle!