Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Pig...Mr. Bacon

OH my goodness...my poor monkey...having a mommy that thinks this is hilarious and laughs while her child is scared to death of a pig! And it's not a real pig...although I doubt we'll be getting a pet pig anytime in the near future...not that that was a strong possibility but still...some kids are scared of dogs, some of clowns (haven't tried a clown with the monkey yet but I know he's not scared of dogs) but my child is scared of my toy pig - Mr. Bacon (no, that's not my name for him - that's what he's actually called - but I would name him something like that! And now that I know that's his name I'm gonna call him that - I'd just been calling him Mr. Pig). Mine is light pink in color - so he looks like a pig...Rusty got him for me on one of his trips. You might be wondering why a grown man would buy a grown woman Mr. Bacon? Well, because he knows me so well and knew I'd love it - and he was right! (I'm a kid at heart.)

Anyway - I have this pig and I always bring him out when kids are here - because since he moves, wags his tail and snorts (like a pig) most kids like it...and I say most because as you'll see, my kid doesn't! But I totally forgot about Mr. Bacon until today! I was up in the monkey's room putting him down for a nap and I saw Mr. Bacon sitting in my stuffed animal container (yes I have a stuffed animal container...and they aren't the monkey's stuffed animals - although he's more than welcome to play with them) and I thought "I have to bring him out! The Monkey will love him!" Unfortunately I have never been more wrong in my life!

Introducing Mr. Bacon to the monkey...and I will say - I showed him the pig before turning it on and he had no problem at all with him...although he wasn't crazy about him...but he wasn't scared...so I proceeded to turn on Mr. Bacon and let them get acquainted and this is what happened!

And then it continued...

I took pity on my child and I held him on my lap and let him hold Mr. Bacon...he didn't scream...so I put him on the floor in front of me and let him hold Mr. Bacon, just so I could get a picture of him holding the pig so you'd know he wasn't terrified...
Still not sure of Mr. Bacon
...but he kept pushing him away...oh well...I'll give it some time and then try again. The Monkey just can't be scared of pigs!! I'm holding out hope that one day he'll love Mr. Bacon and claim him as his own!

Eating Toes...

I bet you thought this was going to be a cute blog about how the monkey loves biting his toes...and you'd be wrong...yep...this isn't about him enjoying his toes this is about him enjoying my toes! Why? Well you see my toes - or really anyone's toes - because he has attempted to eat everyone's toes that he meets who go barefoot...or even if they have shoes on - he attacks the shoes.
Not sure if it was the color or the fact that they were shoes - but he liked them!
(I have said he's like a puppy dog right? Big paws hands and feet, putting everything in his mouth to chew on, bumbling around...yep the monkey is sometimes a puppy!) So yesterday when I was just sitting minding my own business and my puppy monkey child attacked my feet I started laughing and grabbed the camera so you could experience it as well...

I started with a couple of pictures...because really - a picture is worth a thousands words.

But really I couldn't resist the video!

And yes, I do know that I could've very easily have moved my feet out of the way so he wouldn't have been able to get them...it's what I usually do - but for the sake of a video and really, so in years to come I can show him what he did as a 6 1/2 month old - I kept them within his reach...I mean honestly - this is going to mortify him when he grows up...it's SO worth having it on video!!

HOME...Are These New Toys?

I remember this thing!
Since we've been home, the monkey has been having fun getting reacquainted with all of his things - whenever we come back from a trip he goes to all the different "stations" to taste, touch, climb and play with his different toys. It's almost like he wants to see what he can do now that he wasn't able to do before...so here I give you videos of the monkey at home exploring his surroundings.

Later we had a good moment and we laughed...of course I didn't get it at the beginning (because I still wasn't feeling great and so wasn't thinking clearly) - but luckily he kept laughing when the camera was turned on!

The mornings are the best time for the monkey - he is definitely his daddy's son because mommy is not a morning person...of course having a happy monkey in the morning makes them not as bad...so here are some videos from this morning (some of these are more for Rusty than they are for you, but you get to enjoy them as well, if you choose).

Going between the couch and the coffee table...with some help...

He continued to try and get the magazines - so I gave him one...or at least put one within his reach...and notice no help needed to move between the couch and coffee table!

It's really not good to stand on a magazine when you're not completely sturdy on your feet...

He's now practiced a few times going between couch and table and is a pro at it!

(And now he is also going between the chaise and table...chaise and couch...pretty much if he can move between 2 things - he is!) Of course there are the times when I think he's gonna do it with no problem and he grins at me and I go to take a picture and this is what I get...

...because he falls...and I usually wish I had had the video on because some of his falls could win medals...seriously...it's almost like he's watched a cat fall because he turns his body as he falls so he doesn't get hurt - it's impressive. (Guess I've never paid close attention to how a child falls before - I'm sure they are all pretty similar.)

Hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma

He tried to crawl in the dog bed behind him, many times!
On our way back home we made one more stop at Grandpa Terry's and Grandma Mary's house because we hadn't gotten to spend time with them on this trip...and what do ya know - but they had a party too! So the monkey who loves being around people, had another party in his honor...and he loved it! He got to hang out outside, swing in the hammock, climb over people and chase the dog (and pull her hair). Yes, he had a lot of fun at Grandpa and Grandma's! (Unfortunately I didn't get pics of all those fun things because I wasn't feeling great and so wasn't taking pictures.)

I did get pictures of the stool - that was the perfect height for him to use to stand though (when he wanted to stand, that is)!
Hmm this is about the right height
See Chloe - this stool is the right height!
Ok, I'll hug ya...I really want to get that pink bow out of your hair though!
The monkey had fun playing with Grandpa too! He really wanted to get Grandpa's watch, although he settled for a plastic red cup!
Oooo - what's the shiny thing?!
It looks tasty - I want it!
Oh, it's yours? Ok...Oooo a red cup!
I like these things too!
Our trip to Kentucky and Indiana was definitely fun - we both enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to hang out and relax between the car rides! Now we're home and waiting patiently for daddy to come home!! Not too much longer!

Staying with AC

We stayed with AC while we were in Kentucky...he doesn't get along with cats...well he probably would love cats but his skin breaks out with a rash when he's around them - so I figured we could hang out during the day where the cats were but we'd sleep somewhere else...and my crazy plan worked! He didn't have a problem at all - so nice! While at AC's monkey did what all kids do at a great aunt's place - he looked at cruise material - so he'd know which one he wanted to take!
But it wasn't all fun and games - because you can't just read about where you want to go on vacation...you also have to know what's going on in the world...
I was reading a really interesting article...
it's here somewhere...
Oh I give up...I'll let you look for yourself
The monkey didn't just read while at AC's though...nope he also explored, stood, cruised around and discovered that AC has furniture his size! (Although I'm not sure he always knew what to do with the furniture!)

In the mornings though, he knew what to do with this foot stool - he used it to stand up in the kitchen (the dark spots are where his mouth had been...yep - he got all the way across as he tried to climb up on it - he couldn't this time)...but sometimes he would just get tired - so he'd sit and take a break.
I think I might be stuck
What do you mean I can move?!
I think I need your help to move...see how cute I am...definitely need your help.
He definitely had fun at AC's - next time he'll be getting around even more!

Fun with the Cousins

Well you saw the fun the monkey had with Aunt Stephanie, but I think he might've had even more fun with the cousins! Not only were they fun "playmates" but really - they were a lot more fun to attack...yes, attack! Really, it all started with the monkey just wanting his cousins to play with him...

Luckily the monkey has 2 cousins - so when Ridley didn't want to be attacked anymore Gates came to the rescue...
Come on horsey - go faster!
...and instead of being attacked - he became a horse...that was being attacked by a monkey!

What a good cousin!! So good, in fact, that he came back for more!
Monkey attacking Gates again!
Of course, sometimes the cousins needed a break from being attacked...so that's when the monkey played with the little boy in the window...oh wait - that's his reflection!
This kid is always around!
Yep, that's right the monkey pulled himself up and while we were in Kentucky he became a pro not only at pulling himself up to stand but also cruising around the furniture...that's right at 6 1/2 months he's cruising around the furniture!
Sucking on the table...have to taste everything!
You want me to smile?
Like this?
Or this?
Maybe this?
 Yep, when the cousins need a break - the monkey can entertain himself and others!

Fun with Aunt Stephanie

The monkey didn't want to let go or stop playing
While in Kentucky getting the clothes, we were able to hang out with Aunt Stephanie and the the boys during the day...the monkey had a blast because not only did he have Aunt Stephanie to play with, he had cousins to play with (and attack), but he also had all new toys to play with there too...Aunt Stephanie, having two boys, has toys that little boys love playing with - so the monkey was in heaven getting to explore new toys!
This ball is great!
Wanna play with me?
If you push it here...
TA-DA! I'm a star!
Sharing the toys with Ridley
Come down here Gates - play with me!
Umm...something pops out of this truck...I'm serious!

We also went to the children's garden at the arboretum so the bigger boys could play, "fish" and garden and the monkey was able to play in the grass.
Is it hot out here or is it just me?
...think I need something to drink.
Aahh...nice and cool!
...just what I needed...
OH NO! It's empty!!
Fun morning = tired monkey
Aunt Stephanie had fun with the monkey too!

Not only did they dance but they practiced standing up as well.

Stay tuned for fun with the cousins!

Hanging with GG and Faux Pa

His shirt says "Current Family Favorite" and that's pretty true!
I know you noticed we were gone again - this time we had to go to KY to get clothes for the monkey...yes, I know some people go to a local store or consignment shop for children's clothes, but not us...nope we go get all of the hand-me-downs from my SIL (who has 2 boys)...so when we run out of clothes - not in the amount of clothing but the size - we go to them or they come to us. This time when we went to them we stopped by to see 2 sets of grandparents as well...the first stop was at GG and Faux Pa's where we not only saw them, but we got to see Aunt Gretchen!
The Monkey with GG and Faux Pa
Playing with Aunt Gretchen
They threw a party while we were there as well so some of the monkey's "great" aunts and uncles could see him as well. AND Grandma and Grandpa stopped by too!!
He's always surrounded by the ladies - this time it was Aunt Debbie, Grandma and Aunt Paula
Grandpa and Aunt Gretchen
Faux Pa thought it would be funny to put the Monkey in jail
Uncle Danny rescued the monkey
Aunt Paula comforted
The monkey had a great time with everyone...he went on walks in the backyard, he swang on his new (pink) swing - we're not sure if he liked it or not but he did enjoy being in the great outdoors - one of his favorite places! He practiced "walking" around with people - where he held onto hands and walked around the room; he became a pro at crawling on his hands and knees and he continued to practice and perfect sitting up on his own (from either laying on his back or from a crawling position). He definitely enjoyed being with everyone and showing off all his talents!