Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Monkey = Baby Cow (Calf)

The monkey with a blade of dry/dead grass
I know that I once referred to myself as a milk cow, but today sitting outside with the monkey I discovered that I now have a baby cow (I like saying baby cow rather than calf when referring to the monkey). You might be wondering why I would now call him a cow, don't worry I'll let ya in on the's very simple, you'll see.

Fact: Cows eat grass.

Today, sitting outside on a blanket, the monkey crawled to the edge of the blanket so he could grab a fistful of grass and eat it, or at least try to eat it. Therefore going back to the above fact - cows eat grass and then the info that the monkey eats grass (ok, tries to eat grass) it therefore stands in my reasoning that the monkey is therefore a cow. And yes, I am aware that it is flawed reasoning and the instructor in my Critical Thinking class would be horrified if I used this reasoning in real life...but I think he might be ok that I use it in this instance (especially since I know my reasoning is flawed)...then again he probably wouldn't be ok with it - he was a pretty serious guy.

But don't worry - I do have pictures of the monkey being a cow!

See momma - I got some grass!
Mm...I can stuff it in my mouth...
I mean really - who wants to play with toys when they can eat grass!
What was actually funny was, he would try to put the grass in his mouth but most of it stuck to his chin or fell out of his hands and so he'd have to start the collection process all over...he never really got any grass - at least that I noticed...but who knows maybe tomorrow I'll find grass in his diaper (that's the only way I knew he had eaten a rose petal when we were in Seattle in July).

Stair Climbing

My monkey is growing up...7 1/2 months old and he's crawling around the main floor, standing up whenever he feels like it (and there's something to hold onto - so at least a wall), cruising around the furniture, grabbing a hold of every cord he can possibly find, and getting into everything (which is fun - and I'm not saying it sarcastically either)...and now he's climbing up stairs! Monday he climbed up 2 stairs, onto the little landing, but that was he was more adventurous and he climbed up 5 stairs altogether (multiple times). He climbed the 2 stairs up to the landing and then started up the 17 stairs to go upstairs - but only climbing up 3 of those stairs. Of course when he was done climbing instead of trying to get down - he did what he normally does - he sat down! Of course being on a stair and not on a flat surface makes it a little harder to just sit...the tendency is to fall backwards because there is really nothing there to hold you...luckily for the monkey, I was there to stop the fall. Since he was going up I also attempted to teach him to crawl back down the stairs, however he really was not interested in doing that - sitting back was more up his ally. (And he does know how to crawl off/down something backwards - we'd been practicing that on the chaise lounge - I knew it was going to come in handy soon!)
Oh boy! This is gonna be fun!
WOW! That's a lot of stairs!! I go...1 step at a time!

I know some parents dread when their child becomes more active - but to me I love it! I sat and encouraged him as he started climbing...and I can't wait till he starts walking...although a part of me also thinks "Holy Crap! My monkey is growing up so fast!!"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beets = Rocky Theme Song

The Monkey likes beets!
If the title makes you go "HUH?!", don't worry you're probably not the only one. Sunday started our 4 days of beets (since that's the food I chose to do next) and the monkey really likes the beets...I think it might be a tie between green beans and beets as to what his favorite food is! But back to the title of this see, on Sunday the monkey wanted food but was a little distracted - so I decided to entertain him with a song while he ate. I know that most people (i.e. mom's) would think of cute little food songs, nursery rhymes, or maybe a pop song to sing to their child while they ate and dad's might think of movie theme songs...however what was the first song that popped into this mom's head while feeding the monkey beets? That's right the Rocky theme song!! Where it came from I have no idea, I haven't watched Rocky in awhile, but there it was coming out of  my mouth...Rusty in the other room almost started laughing - because seriously who sings the Rocky theme while feeding a child?!

Are those all the beets?
OH YAY! More beets!
Maybe it was the fact that the red all over his face reminded me, subconsciously, of a boxing match and not just a clown...but I really have no idea why I chose that song. This doesn't happen all the time - these random songs...when he takes a bath I sing Rubber Ducky - normal song to sing...although I also sing my own made up song "Gonna Wash that Soap Right Outta Your Hair" to the music of Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair. Yeah, we sing a lot simply because the monkey loves music - so we sing or listen to music all the time (even when eating)...and I like to expose him to all different types of music (hence - movie theme songs, Sesame Street, and musicals) not just kids and Disney songs - although we do listen to those a lot too...maybe that's why the Rocky theme song played in my head.

Here are some pics from Sunday and his first beets - thought you might like to see (or at least the grandparents would).
Hm...What's she feeding me now?
Mm...this is good!
Yeah, I could get use to this!
I'd like some more please
This stuff is great momma!
Oh Boy! I get the spoon!
It's just so good...really it is
I think there's a little bit left on here...
I got it! That was good!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The monkey likes to play...he likes to play with everything he can...he really likes the tray with toys that goes with his fact I think he enjoys playing with the tray more when he's just on the floor, rather than while in the swing.
Look how strong I am
I can even hold it up while I turn
But after playing for a little bit it's time to get up and go - because he can't sit still for very long. He still tries to get water my water bottle - so instead of an empty water bottle I've now given him a sippy cup...
See, I have my very own cup
Momma says the water comes out of here
When I turn it upside down though, nothing comes out
This part tastes good too
But this is the only way to get the water out, I've found...

After awhile playing and trying to drink from his cup is boring - so that's when we play peek-a-boo around a chair leg - or whatever else is handy.
I see you momma
Can you see me?
I'll lean out a little bit so maybe you can see me

See I'm right here!

Then it's time to get up and go again...and since the table and chair are right there - why not!
See I can stand with just 1 hand on the chair!
It's easier with 2 hands though
And this is my cool "hiding place" - usually they can't see me

But at some point during the day guy time happens - it's been happening in the morning when Rusty gets up with the monkey, but it also happens later in the day too...
Hi Daddy!
I love you so much.
You're face doesn't feel anything like momma's
Shh...whisper so momma can't hear...
here...I'll get closer...she's trying to spy on guy time!
After guy time it's back to playing with, of course sometimes I like to try to get him to play with toys...remember Mr. Bacon? Yep - although he doesn't scream and cry when he see's him coming toward him anymore - now he just looks at it...and then he got a singing horse from Faux Pa - which he wasn't too crazy about at first but now he likes it.
Um...that thing won't come near me right?
Oh boy, it's that pig again...coming my way...
Hi Mr. Bacon...please don't come any closer...
And, as you can probably figure out, I could probably go on and on and on with the different things he plays with...of course he doesn't play with them all the same day - nope, what he likes one day he wants nothing to do with the next day...(which is why his outfits in the pictures are different...they weren't all taken the same day...although some of them were - I mean he does sometimes go through more than 1 outfit in a day)...but hey - it's the life of a 7 1/2 month old!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going to the Zoo with GG and Faux Pa

GG and Faux Pa came to visit last weekend and we had some nice weather so we took them to the zoo with us! It was also the first time daddy got to go to the zoo with the monkey! AND since the monkey is now older and awake more - he actually got to see some of the animals rather than falling sleep the entire time. We got to see almost all of the animals - here are a few of the animal highlights.

We saw the penguins

We were able to see the seals at the new seal exhibit!

The lions were out - well the cubs and papa lion...the mom was playing hide-and-seek...

The tiger was out...

and so was the jaguar

And then in the monkey house we saw a baby monkey! (I don't remember the type of monkey though.)

After the zoo, we went home and played...

And before we knew it it was time to go to bed so GG read a book to the mokey...(at least in this pic it looks like he was paying attention!)