Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Can you tell he was a little grumpy?

You might think today is just a regular old Tuesday...and it might be for some people but if you're a monkey it's definitely not just any old day...nope. Today the monkey learned a few things - some of them hard lessons, some important lessons, some life changing lessons, and some fun. What on earth has the monkey done? - might be a question going through your head right about now...well, let me start at the beginning.

Time: Around 8am
Place: Kitchen
What: "Oscar Incident"
Lesson: Life changing and important lessons = Chores
Let me start by saying the monkey loves the garbage can...I don't know why exactly - but he does...maybe it's because he secretly likes to hear the word "No" which is inevitably said every time he attempts to gain access to the garbage. (That just means he either tries to eat the trash bag, lick the garbage can, or pull himself up using the garbage can - which means the entire thing falls on top of him spilling all of the contents onto the monkey and the floor.) This morning however was a little different because it was garbage day and so the trash bag wasn't very full, which meant when my back was turned and he has access to the garbage he went for it...not only did he stand up (using the cabinet I'm thinking) and cruise over to the garbage, but once he got to the garbage can he was able to pull the entire plastic bag out of the can and start to chew on it! Luckily it wasn't full of garbage! But this was when I decided that since he has this attraction to the garbage I might as well start him out with taking the garbage out right? Or is 8 1/2 months too young to start chores?

Time: Around 10am
Place: Mom and Dad's Bedroom
What: "Mike Teavee" (The kid from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory)
Lesson: Life changing and fun lessons = TV
In our house the tv is rarely on...well unless it's sports - but for the most part when the monkey is awake the tv is rarely on...mainly because I don't want him sitting in front it mesmerized by it (which is what happens if it's on)...I want him to be playing, cruising, crawling, climbing, dancing...pretty much doing anything but watching tv (well maybe not anything - I'd rather he didn't play in the trash...). But even though we don't have the tv on very much, he loves it...I mean there's colors, things move...honestly, what's not to love?! I was getting a couple things together before we headed out this morning and he was over in front of our tv trying to grab and leave fingerprints on the tv - or at least that's what I thought he was trying to do...what he was actually doing was attempting to turn the tv on! Well I should rephrase that because he was successful. I stepped out of the room and all of a sudden I heard talking - and I know Owen isn't talking and I know that that is not his I step back into the room and he has turned the tv on with the little control buttons on the front of the tv! HOW he knew to do that, I have no idea - but he did...we'll see if it's something he remembers or not...

Time: Around 1pm
Place: Kitchen
What: No Lovin' from the Oven
Lesson: Hard, important, and life changing lessons = Don't Assume
The monkey has been opening and closing the kitchen cabinets for almost 2 weeks now...he also likes to suck on the little round knobs on the door...There are 2 cabinets that he loves to open, (I closed off 2 of the cabinets - the ones under the sink - so he can't open them anymore) one of the cabinets has the water bottles and cutting boards and the other cabinet has the cookie cooling racks. (Ok, so the cabinets have more than that, but those are the things he goes for in them.) He knows how these cabinets open and close...he hasn't shut his fingers/hands in them - he's just that of course when he cruised over to the oven (right next to the cookie cooling rack cabinet) he wasn't expecting it to open the way it came as a sudden surprise when he grabbed onto the handle and it came down toward him and being unprepared he went down...BOOM! (That was the sound of his head hitting the hardwood floor.) I, of course, was not standing over my child I was getting kleenex from the bathroom, so I heard the BOOM followed by crying - it was horrible, the sound...he was fine after being comforted for a few minutes. But the lesson here is definitely "Don't assume just because you know how 1 thing works you know how everything works." I don't think he's actually learned that lesson yet, and so I took my SIL advise and locked the oven door so it won't reoccur on a daily basis (which is probably what would happen...I mean he is only 8 1/2 months old).

This video was taken prior to the oven incident...but it shows you how well he does opening and closing cabinets.

And I'll leave you with the last lesson that he is working on perfecting, but to be honest, it started a couple of days ago - but today he's been practicing for longer amounts of's standing on his own without holding on to anything or leaning up against anything!! I think the longest amount of time he stood completely on his own today was 15 seconds...still too fast for me to get my camera, turn it on and take a picture (I'm sometimes a little slow - especially when I'm sick). I know that in the days to come I'll get a picture of it for you so you can be just as excited as I am about this new stage! For now I have this video where he did stand for a few seconds without support but it's hard to see from the angle...but still he did it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sick Monkey and a TOOTH!!

Monkey with a cold
Well we went 8 1/2 months without any illness - not bad for a kid who was taken out and about when he was 2 days old, was taken on multiple plane rides, had a mom who had a 24 hr bug, and who knows what else, but I'm sure there's his first cold at 8 1/2 months isn't too bad...although I'd rather he not have a cold at all - that he had a superhuman immune system so that his nose wouldn't run and make it difficult to breathe which then created a cough - but not just any little cough - oh no, a nice chest cough...yeah having a sick baby is not fun - especially when mom caught whatever he has and now dad might be catching times in our house! But I guess it's a good thing that he is learning to share, right?
Hey momma, my nose is a little stuffy
I will say though that even with this cold - the monkey is not really slowing down at all...he might be a little whinier - but that's understandable...I mean he can't be feeling all that great (I know I'm not) and he's not getting as much sleep as usual since he can't breathe when lying down...but overall this kid isn't slowing down and a random person might not even know he was sick (unless he was coughing)...
but I'm still cute...
Today I decided I needed to take him to the doctor to make sure that this cough wasn't anything serious...(see when you become a parent you suddenly become concerned about a little - I have a horrible sounding cough but I'm not going to the doctor to get it checked out...but when my little monkey gets a cough I'm suddenly thinking "I need to go to the doctor!") Luckily the doctor said he sounded ok - and of course the monkey wouldn't cough at the doctors office - so right now nothing to worry about...however, the big news is while waiting in the waiting area, the monkey started chomping on my finger (nothing new right)...except this time I felt something...something hard and sharp poking through the gums...yep - I discovered a tooth! The other day I thought he was teething and I guess I was right! I'm thinking that the "voodoo" necklace (amber teething necklace) might actually work - I mean he's been a little more fussy but nothing too terribly insane - I mean he might want to be held the majority of the time - but he's usually calm when I'm thinking Baltic amber is good stuff for babies! No matter what - we're keeping the necklace on - I mean besides the fact that it might be working - it's super cute on him!
What? It's not nap time yet!
As you can tell though, this monkey doesn't look sick...and he hasn't really slowed down - nope he's still running around and climbing stairs - which is a good thing! And for the most part he's been in a good mood too...especially when daddy comes home! (They were rocking back and forth - so I snapped a couple quick pictures!)
He's got me momma!!
HA! I got him!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In the Sun...In the Bath

Yesterday was such a beautiful a day and we were able to be outside almost all day (which I think is why my allergies are killing me today and why the monkey has been sneezing all day). We started the day bright and early (before the sun) and took a nice morning walk around the park and neighborhood (once the sun came up). Later in the afternoon it was perfect for bubbles (well there was a slight breeze, but overall it was great) we went out to the front yard and the monkey crawled around, we "played" with a ball, and we had fun with bubbles!!

I did mention that the monkey crawled around right? That's right he didn't stay on the grass - nope - he decided that since he saw the stairs up to our door, he was going to climb the stairs. So he crawled across the grass up onto the cement walkway...crawled up the walkway to the cement stairs...climbed up the cement stairs to the "Welcome" mat - which I guess had a strange texture to him (the cement didn't though) because he would not crawl on the mat...he did the crab walk with his hands and feet...a couple of times his knees would touch down but he would quickly pull them up...go figure!
Am I the only one that thinks this feels horrible?!
Momma, please - I'm ready to go down...I don't like this mat up here.
Then it was bubble time! Ok, so we played with bubbles before he started crawling around...but can you really have too much bubble time?
Momma, wanna play ball with me? Ok watch me play!
Where did those things come from?!
I think I can get them!!
Ok...look closely at that picture...eyes closed, mouth open...yep that's how he was every time I blew the bubbles toward him...occasionally he'd stick his tongue out...but mostly this was his stance. (And I'll just let ya know it's hard to take pictures while blowing bubbles even with a mechanical blower - which I now have and made these 2 pictures possible!)
Momma, seriously? WHY do I have to wear this hat?!
I mean, yes I can eat the straps...
and yes I look cute...but still!
Ok...well if I have to wear this hat then I'm going to eat grass!
After a fun day, and much of it outside all over the place, he needed to take a bath...and boy was that fun! Ok...I might've had a little too much fun creating different looks - but it was all harmless fun!
Is it spiky enough?
Punk Rocker
I have no clue - it's kinda creepy
Monkey - all the way!
After having fun with his hair - because honestly who wouldn't have fun creating different hairstyles - I decided to be silly and he decided to laugh...and so we did an impromptu photo shoot (honestly, I hadn't been planning on taking more pictures but I just had to once we started!)...and seriously - according to these pictures I must be pretty funny!

What a good way to end this entry don't you think.


The latest food we've tried are peaches and I would've never guessed that there would be an issue with them...but I think we have an issue with peaches! He ate them for 2 days and we'd noticed some red spots on his face, but I think he might be teething too and had heard some kids cheeks get red spots when they teethe - so I just thought that could be it. Then this morning he woke up and he had some big red marks up by his eye and it they were puffy...when I saw that I knew that wasn't from teething...I thought he might've scratched his face (since I had just filed his nails yesterday - somehow he scratches himself the day after I file his nails - weird!), but it didn't look like normal instead I took peaches out of his diet and by the end of the day (over 24 hrs from his last taste of peaches) the red spots had sure if it was the peaches or not but I figure I can always try peaches again to see if he has a reaction or not, but for now we'll just say no peaches...But don't be too sad - I did get pictures of him when he was eating peaches! OH, and some of the pictures were taken on his Elvis hair day!!
This is good! What is it?!
Let me do it momma!
See - I know how to feed myself!
Oh, did you want some? Sorry
All done!
...This little piggy ate peaches...
Can I get out now?
A little bit later I gave him some frozen peaches to chomp on...he seems to like frozen fruit better than mushed up fruit. The reason I say he likes fruit frozen is because he eats a lot more when it's frozen...for example I think he ate maybe 1 tsp of peaches in the above pictures...yet he ate a big chunk of frozen peach.
Oh...this is good cold!
Oh man - did you taste that?!
Then the next day (yesterday) we had some more peaches, although he didn't want to eat much fresh - he preferred the first I let him eat at the table - where he usually eats...but then I decided I'd let him sit and look outside while he ate...
Oh thank you momma! I love frozen peaches!!
Um,'re in my way.
I have the best seat in the house!
Everyone needs to eat their peaches with a nice breeze!
And yes, I could've put him out on the deck to eat his peach, but he loves to throw his food down and I was worried that I'd have to go pick up his peach from below the deck (in the dirt) - so instead I let him enjoy his peach inside - while enjoying the outdoors...don't worry though, we spent a lot of the day outside!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feeding Myself? YES PLEASE!! By Owen

Most of the time my momma feeds me, but sometimes she lets me feed myself. Usually when she lets me feed myself she'll scoop out some food for me on my spoon and then give me the spoon or she'll give me a piece of food to chomp on...but sometimes she lets me eat however I want to! Those are the times I like eating the best! The other day she let me do this and she took some pictures so I could share them with you - she knows how much you like to hear from me (sometimes she just goes on and on and on...but please don't blame her - I am a pretty cute kid and it's hard not to go on and on about me - especially because everyone wants to know what I'm up to)!
Sweet potatoes and cooked apples?!
And the spoon?! OH Boy!!
I love sweet potatoes and I love apples!
But when you mix them together - oh boy!!
Sometimes I have to check out the spoon...
you know, make sure there is still food on the spoon.
My fingers got slippery and sticky...
so I tried to clean them off...
but as you can see there was really no point to that, because I was still eating!
But then I got really thirsty and I needed something to drink.
But it's not really easy to drink from my cup.
I did get some water from it.
It was nice and cool so it was hard to not to suck on all the parts of my cup.
I did spill some water as I was drinking...
But you can't really blame me - the bottom of the cup is pretty cool too!
I could use a refill momma!!
Momma took a couple of short videos of me "eating" as well - and I thought you might like to see them...see when I eat I don't just sit and eat - as you might've guessed, based on the pictures...I like to have fun and part of having fun is seeing how many times momma will pick up whatever I throw down...but don't tell her - I don't think she's figured this out yet (because she keeps picking up and giving me whatever I throw down..I don't think she'd do this if she knew I did it on purpose).
Can you tell I had fun?! Because I fact the next day when momma gave me some apples to eat - and she gave me just the spoon - I did what every kid would do...that's right I refused to eat anything! But you know what? Momma didn't suddenly let me feed myself however I wanted to - she just said Are you done eating? You are? Ok...we're done. It was definitely not what I thought she was going to do...I couldn't believe it! Well actually, it was kinda believable...I mean I have gotten to know my momma a little bit and when she means business she doesn't budge. But I do know that I will get to feed myself however I want sometime soon again, because even with all the mess I make she keeps letting me do it - so I think she likes it when I make a mess with my food!