Friday, November 30, 2012


An upset monkey, if you couldn't tell.
Let's start by saying I knew our monkey was hard-headed and stubborn...I knew that within a few hours of him being born...after 24 hrs there was no doubt, and on day 3 when we went to the doctor - the doctor knew he was a hard-headed and stubborn baby! Stubbornness and being hard-headed I can handle - I can even respect it, I know how to deal with it because I am...I mean I had a baby without any pain med's, even while being hooked up to pitocin all because I wasn't going to be stuck in a bed and I wasn't going to give birth laying on my back with my feet in stirrups...see, being hard-headed and stubborn can be good! But back to what I was discussing...I knew the monkey was hard-headed and stubborn...and I knew that he had a temper...but yesterday he took temper to a whole new level!

Whenever he gets really worked up - he goes into a silent cry...where he's crying but he kinda forgets to breathe for a few you don't hear anything...and then he takes a breathe and you really hear it! Every time he cries that hard - I'm always sitting there talking to him saying "Breathe Owen, Breathe" and he's always breathed. Now these silent cries can happen when you take something away from him, when you lay him down to change his diaper, when you put him down (for whatever reason), when you put him in his car seat...really for whatever reason...if he gets worked up enough or is tired enough - silent cry!

Yesterday he was getting into the shoes, which are in a little corner nook behind his car pretty much "off limits"...but when the monkey wants something nothing stops him - especially his car seat! So he either crawls over his car seat and leans over it to grab the shoes on the floor OR he moves the car seat so that he can crawl behind it to get the shoes. And that's exactly what he did yesterday! So each time he got a shoe and brought it out I said "Thank you" as I removed the shoe from his hand. He had 2 pairs of shoes and I had 1 pair of I had said that 5 times when he comes out with the last shoe. I said "Thanks Monkey!" and his response - because he knew it was the last shoe - was to immediately start screaming - and then decided he'd turn it into a silent cry...which would be fine except this is what I began to look at...

which is definitely not something anyone wants to see...their child turning into a smurf! Okay, he wasn't turning into a smurf but he was turning completely blue and just like the picture there was no sound! That's right - my baby was turning blue...his lips turned blue first and then the rest of his face was following suit...I didn't wait to see if it would spread further...nope in addition to saying "Breathe Owen, BREATHE!" I also picked him up and blew in his face 3 times before he actually took a breath and returned to his normal coloring. I should also say, the whole time this was occurring we were skyping with Rusty - so he was able to somewhat experience what was going on - but I don't think the lighting was right so I don't think he was able to fully experience our son turning blue!

From this incident we decided that the monkey has Rusty's temper! And I've also decided that this will be a great story to tell in years to come..."Remember that one time when you got so mad that I wouldn't let you chew on the shoes that you turned blue?" Of course I'm sure you can guess what he went for again today...that's right - the shoes!

He Likes Food! (and his teething pills)

Yum, food...or teething pills...but YUM all the same!
The monkey is now into was all that one at a time stuff that he didn't like...he wanted variety...and not variety of fruits and veggies that he's had before...nope variety as in: falafels, carrot/sweet potato/pepper mixture, apple-pear sauce or peach sauce, dehydrated pea pods, dates, turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes (although not a big fan of them), seaweed...and occasionally almost all of that at one sitting! (Granted it's still little bits - I think 1 oz is the most he's eaten of any one food - most are less than that - but still he's getting into food!! Although he also really like his teething pills...
Yep, that was the monkey's response to taking the teething pills! But he now does this whenever he eats as well, which is why it's included in this posting!

Of course he love getting into the cupboards as well...

Notice how has gotten into a cupboard and he gets the one thing he can't have yet (okay, so there is more than 1 thing he can't have right now)...that's right he gets the honey out! Now I don't know if it's because he like the shape of the bottle (a bear) or if it's because the top is fun to chew on (it's a pointed top) or if it's because he knows he's not suppose to have it - because he also got the regular shaped and flat top container of honey off the shelf after I took this picture! Of course the other day he opened up the cabinet and took the container of salt out and was chomping/licking it (it could've been drool from his incoming teeth - but it was a wet container when I took it away from him moment after he got it).

I'm just glad he's showing some interest in real food...and that he's enjoying it...I mean if he wasn't enjoying it he definitely wouldn't be saying "Mm mm mm" with every bite!

A Christmas Elf or a Monkey

Yesterday and today we've had some fun "dressing up" but not in real costumes (like we did at Halloween) - nope this is more like "Christmas/winter dress-up." It all started yesterday when we went to the store and I found a super cute hat and mittens set (for $5) - which I of course had to get for the monkey...because it was a monkey! Okay, really I just had to get it because I was wanting to get some mittens for the monkey to keep his hands warm and then when I saw monkey mittens (and a matching hat) I had to buy it! But I didn't dress him up in his new hat and mittens yesterday because I had to wash them first...instead I put him in an elf's hat!

At first he wasn't sure he liked the hat (okay, not just at first...the whole time he wasn't crazy about the hat)...

But then he seemed to accept the hat...and he found his jingle bells - so all was well in the world!

 He really didn't want to wear the hat - so I put it on

Of course once I had it on he wanted it back!

 So I finally got it back on him for a cute pic!
But the monkey got the last word...or should I say "dance"...I mean it does look like he's doing his disco dance doesn't it?!

Today though, I had fun with his monkey hat and mittens and I think he had some fun too!

We put the mittens on...

at first he wasn't sure what to do with them - but he didn't attempt to take them off - he just tried to eat them!

He had some fun banging his mittened hands on things...the heater...the glass top table...

And of course he had fun clapping his hands as he walked around
(And I got a video of it - so you could see his whole "clapping/falling" incident...)

Later we went outside, and even though it wasn't that cold (it was chilly) I still had to dress him up!

He had fun walking around...and he really wanted to go visit one of our neighbors with dogs - he kept crawling up their walkway heading to their stairs...

As you can tell - the hat and mittens are a little big on him right now - but who knows at the rate he's growing they might fit him perfectly in a month or two...or they may still be big by spring...only time will tell. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bubbles, Food, Going Backwards...

Blowing Bubbles
Today the monkey started blowing bubbles through his straw - he's done it before, but I don't think he realized what he was he did! He realized that he could blow bubbles through the straw. Granted we don't attempt to blow bubbles through the straw every day (he usually just chews on it or blows air through it), so it's possible he would've noticed what was happening before, but today we did and he did...and that's a lot of "did's."

This past week I've also given up on feeding him 1 food at a time...I realized if I kept giving him 1 food for 4 days he'd be about 5 yrs old before he'd be eating real I decided I'd just stay away from all the high allergy foods (wheat, dairy, citrus, strawberries, peanuts...) - especially after our experience with eggs and I'd just give him everything else. The other reason I decided to do this was because every time I eat he mimics me eating and he is super interested in food...but then when I feed him the food he can eat he takes 2 or 3 bites and is done - unless I'm eating the same thing and then he'll eat more (like sweet potatoes or apple-pear sauce). So I started giving him things I'm eating - falafels, seaweed, kalamata olives, craisins, chicken, turkey, mashed potatoes, dehydrated pea pods (wow my diet is random!)....But this eating food is now fun because he eats a lot more - and it's fun to see his excitement over things like seaweed! Although there are downsides to feeding real food...his diapers really stink now.

A few days ago he started walking, crawling, and scooting backwards - he'd never really done it before but he's started now - of course the scooting backwards happens when he gets tired so it doesn't really look like much until you realize he's moved across the room!
He's also been pulling his rocking chair with him as he walks backwards - I think he needs to hold onto something, because he hasn't yet attempted to walk backwards without holding onto something.

AND then today, as we were Skyping with Rusty he decided that he would climb up onto our little step ladder! He just climbed up one of the steps, not both of them...I was kinda surprised he hadn't done it before...but maybe he was just waiting till daddy could see him do it!

He also discovered that the stove top is hot today. I was making soup and he decided to climb up on the stove...
(like this, but this pic is from the other day)
and reach for the hot pot of soup! Yep, he touched the hot pot and the stove top - which since it's gas - it's hot all around - and he cried and pulled his hand away really quickly...Now I know you're probably thinking "why didn't you stop him?!" And it's because I wasn't right next to him. I had pulled him away from the stove for the 10+ time and gave him something to play with - which he did - and I started cleaning thing I knew he was at the stove reaching for the pot - I got to him right after he touched the pot...but I'm thinking he now has some idea of what the word "hot" means...and maybe even the word "dangerous." (I don't know about other parents but I get tired of saying "no" so I say "dangerous" when it's something that he could get hurt with..."yucky" when it's something that's gross - like putting a dried, dead, shriveled up worm in his mouth - which he did the other day.) But it didn't stop him from climbing the stove again...nope he was back at it about 10 minutes after he touched the hot pot - crazy kid!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Christmas Goose

The monkey with the Christmas Goose
Christmas has begun to to appear in our house (notice the "Christmas bling" around the monkey's neck - yeah that's not a necklace - it's "Christmas bling"!) I actually got some Christmas decorations up! We now have Christmas hats, stockings, pictures, multiple Santa's, a nutcracker, and a nativity scene out...there's still more but with a little monkey underfoot, and he's into everything, I'm having to decorate creatively. But today some of the fun, kids Christmas stuff came out - like our Christmas Goose! For those that aren't familiar with the Christmas Goose - it is a goose dressed up and ready for Christmas - but even more importantly the Goose quacks "Deck the Halls"...that's right he quacks! So of course, because the monkey isn't too crazy about animals that sing, talk, or oink, I was thrilled to pull out a quacking Christmas Goose for him!

When he first saw the Christmas Goose - he picked it up and went straight for the foot - he has a horse that sings a song and you turn it on by pushing the I think he thought the goose might turn on the same doesn't. When I pressed the beak and it started he didn't scream or cry...
Momma, what is that noise?!
How do you turn it off?!'s still going...
Seriously momma...this thing is kinda scary...
On second thought - I think creepy is a better word...
Then I decided I needed to take a video of the monkey with the Christmas Goose...
I'm pretty glad that he doesn't freak out when the goose quacks because I love this goose - and I love making the goose quack the song - I feel like it really helps get Rusty in the Christmas spirit! I now don't have to worry about the monkey freaking out every time the goose quacks (unlike Mr. Bacon).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Strainer and the Glass

Is this a hat momma?
This kid loves all kitchen things! Over the past few days he's been taking over even more of our kitchen items...on Thanksgiving he took over one of our little pots, he tries to eat the plastic bags, he thinks that the hamburger press is a teether (the hamburger patty maker has spikes on it - otherwise it would be perfectly fine for him to have it since we never use it), he loves the strainer, and he enjoys chewing on the little food storage containers...pretty much anything in the kitchen that he can get - he does!
I love kitchen things!!
Today he got the strainer out of the corner cupboard - and we had some fun with it! He had fun walking around with his strainer while we listened to Christmas music...
He had fun licking it...
Trying to reform it - he didn't like the round shape he wanted it to be more like a mountain range rather than just 1 mountain.
And putting it on (or did I do that?)...
Once he was dressed he went straight for his strainer again...and the pictures I got were even better!! These next two pictures really don't need any explaining...I mean he obviously can't get enough of the strainer, but I don't know it it's good for him or not!
 I think in the end he was okay...

I'm curious to see what the next kitchen "toy" is going to be! Oh wait - I think I have it! I was getting rid of the plastic (margarita) glasses because we never use them (they're not big enough to hold our margaritas)...but since they're a hard plastic I figured the monkey might like one...

Yep, he liked it...luckily there were 4 - because we've already broken 1! But hey - no one got injured so it's all okay.