Monday, February 25, 2013

Lunch in Pictures

Honestly, can you ever have too many pictures of a kid eating?! In a way it's pretty weird because I don't take pictures of adults eating, but little kids make some of the cutest faces when they eat, plus they have food all over their face, and they're stuffing food into their mouths...yeah, if an adult ate like a little kid it would be pretty gross and I would definitely not want pictures of on that note - I give you pictures of the monkey eating!
Um, this right? Ratatouille and turkey taco meat?!
I thought I was getting specialty lunches and you give me turkey taco meat?!

Does dad know?!
Too late's so good!
I could attempt to mix them together...
Did you see that?!
Oh boy! What's next?!
I can barely contain my excitement!!
Berry pear applesauce!!!
It hits your lips and it's soo good!
Full...stuffed...I don't think I can eat anymore...
if it was anything but broccoli I could turn it down...
I just can't get enough of it though!!
What a way to end a meal...2 stems of broccoli...okay 4 all together, but really who's counting?!


"Who wants to play in the snow when there's a mailbox to play with?! Seriously, you were young once, right? Don't you remember - snow is fun, but a mailbox that opens and closes - oh man...amazing!! Why would anyone waste their time in the snow getting wet and cold, when you can stay nice and dry (warm) by playing with a mailbox?!"

I'm pretty sure that's what the monkey thought yesterday when we ventured outside to play (see we get out a lot - I just don't always post about it)...he wasn't too interested in the snow - I mean he felt it, and he ran around for a bit until he saw the mailboxes!
He played with that mailbox for about 10-15 min before I moved him away. I tried to get him to move away on his own but that didn't work...
I knew what was going to happen when I moved him...if you're a parent you can probably guess too...that's right - moving him caused a mini tantrum/meltdown. After the tantrum he calmed down enough to look at me, smile, and run back over to the mailboxes...yeah, he thought he outsmarted me, what he didn't realize was that the tantrum didn't sway me (nor did the knowledge of a second tantrum coming) he was moved again, another mini tantrum, and then we "danced" as he tried to get around me to get back to the mailboxes!
Now you might think "Why not just let him play at the mailbox for as long as he wants?" The reason is simple...those mailboxes are in a section that becomes a wind tunnel...when we first went out it wasn't so bad, but as we were out there the wind picked up and the monkey's face was icy cold from the wind...I wanted him to have some sort of a break so his face could thaw out a bit - which was the opposite of what he wanted...but overall he had fun - even if it wasn't in the snow! (See honestly - who needs snow boots? Not this kid!)

"Nigh Nigh"

The monkey is talking almost non-stop now...what he says we're not quite sure except for a select few words - and those he repeats over and over and over. The nonsense words he says a lot as well, and when he talks to us and he probably wonders why we're not responding to his questions (we respond but just not necessarily on the same topic that he's talking about. Seriously, the monkey and I have conversations where I just pretend in my head I know exactly what he's saying and he and I can chat for a long time...guess it's a good thing I have such a great imagination because our conversations are sometimes very interesting and sometimes you'd probably be surprised at the level of intelligence that he has on a variety of topics (in my head - he can carry on a great conversations about most anything)!

The "real" words he now says are: mamama, dada, hi, "mmm" (food), ruff (dog, cat, car, bird - this one word is the sound that almost every animal or vehicle says according to the monkey), baba (bottle, bye), and now nigh nigh (night night). He just started saying "nigh nigh" a couple of nights ago and now he doesn't stop - especially if it's bedtime or nap time...
But don't be fooled that just because he says "nigh nigh" and rushes to the stairs it means he wants to go to sleep...oh no, he says "nigh nigh" every time he wants to go upstairs - which he wants to do at least 5 times a day...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chipmunk or Woody Woodpecker

The monkey, who might be more like a dog these days ("ruffing" at everything), has started to laugh like a chipmunk or Woody Woodpecker - I haven't decided which would be the most accurate. But every time he laughs I now start laughing, which makes him laugh more, which makes me laugh harder - you can see where this would lead right? That's right we'll have moments where we can't stop laughing...

So I thought I'd share his laugh with you...I wonder if this will be his laugh - like the rest of his life, or if it will evolve into something else and he's just "testing" this laugh out...all I know is I love it!
Did you catch the laugh? I know the music was turned up so it might've been hard to get the full just in case - here it is again...honestly - I just can't get enough of it!
I guess time will tell if this laugh stays or if it disappears...but at least I have it on video!!

Outside in the Snow

I told you the monkey would get out in the snow and I wouldn't make him play with snow inside! And today was the day! That's right we went out today, because not only was the snow off the walkway - so I didn't have to worry about his feet getting wet and freezing with his shoes on, it was also a little warmer out - so I knew he wouldn't freeze when he did get wet, because we all know he was going to get wet...I mean it was snow he was playing in...and really I just wanted him to have as much fun as he could, for as long as he wanted, without the worry of my child turning blue from being cold...and he stayed warm while he had fun getting wet!

At first he wasn't sure about the snow...he "tested" it out and when he discovered it was safe he decided he wanted to explore...
After seeing that there was snow everywhere he gave it another chance...he raked his hand across it...

lost his balance and sat, and then really started getting into it!
Momma, have you seen this stuff?!
Look what it does when I do this!
At that point he was extremely comfortable with the snow and decided he was ready for a little more adventure, so off he went (ruffing like a dog - trying to get the dogs in the neighborhood to bark)...
but he didn't wander for long because he found what he was looking for! (nope not a dog)
Yep, that's right - he found a huge pile of snow that he could climb! He had come a long way in the 15 min since we first went outside...but most importantly he had a blast outside in the snow! I think one of his favorite parts was also the fact that he could eat the snow...yes, I did say eat...he wasn't too happy when I told him it was yucky...but we have a lot of dogs in our neighborhood and even though it wasn't yellow snow - there might've been some salt mixed in (which isn't good to eat) I wouldn't let him eat all the snow (even though he tried).

Friday, February 22, 2013

Playing with Snow

SNOW!! That's right - it snowed today...well it started off by "icing" outside, you know, when ice falls from the sky...I know most people call is "frozen rain" or "hail" but I call it "icing"...and it works - it just then makes me want to eat dessert - I guess I could make snow ice cream, but they say it's not the safest thing to eat (if made with real snow - you know snow that falls from the can get a snow cone maker and make your own snow - but really, how fun is that?!)...but back to the topic - ice fell from the sky and then the snow came...big, huge snowflakes. It snowed all afternoon and we had fun watching the snow fall, watching the snow plows come by making "snow waves", watching cars get stuck, and every once in awhile we'd open the door and feel the ice or snow.

See, I knew we couldn't go out and play in the snow - we need snow boots to do that (because it's deep out there) and I keep thinking it's not gonna snow again so I haven't gone out to buy instead we would stand on the stairs and feel the ice and then the snow fall on our faces and hands. I guess I could've taken the monkey out in the snow but his big feet would get really cold and wet in his regular shoes, so I opted not to go outside. But wait - this is titled "Playing with Snow"?! And yes it is...but you don't have to go outside to play with snow...nope you can bring the snow inside...and that's just what we did!

I put a bowl outside to collect the falling snow, like you would do when you collect snow for snow ice cream, but instead it was all for the monkey to play in/with. So after I collected a pile of snow I brought it inside and the monkey played with the snow...

This stuff is cold!
(Just ignore how large my little boy looks...I put him in a sweatshirt and he suddenly looked like a linebacker, but he really didn't gain 20 lbs overnight!)
It sticks together momma...
 He needed something to put the snow on I realized...
See, if you put this here...
and then if you put some of that here...
then you can make piles all over the place!

See momma, wasn't that fun?!
Yeah, he had fun playing in the snow! Don't worry - he'll get out in the snow again.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Llama Sweater

When I was a kid I had a sweater, okay, so it wasn't just my sweater - all of my brothers also wore the sweater (at least I think they all wore it) actually might've been my older brother's sweater that just got passed down...but whatever, I claim it as mine, so mine it will be!
The monkey in my sweater
My mom sent it to me for the monkey to wear...and it's a good thing she sent it now because it fits him perfectly right now..if she had waited even a month to send it it probably would be too small - or maybe not, depending on when his next growth spurt occurs...

Today we didn't do anything too exciting but I did put the sweater on him so that he'd stay nice and warm (it was cold outside)...
Let's go momma!
Wait, first I need to play my kazoo...
That's kazoo
What song do you want me to play?
It goes something like this...
And yes, I do realize this would be great if I put a picture of me in the sweater on here, but that would take me some time to find and scan - so you'll just have to wait for one.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grumpy After the Afternoon Nap?

The monkey usually takes a nap in the morning - occasionally he'll take an afternoon nap instead - but that's rare. On the day he has swimming though, he takes an afternoon nap as well as his morning nap - usually it's him falling asleep in the car on the way home - today however he stayed awake, even though he was super tired! So once we got home and he ate lunch I put him down for a nap...the only thing is - when he takes afternoon naps he usually wakes up from his naps (like me)...grumpy! If I give him some time in his bed to wake up slowly he's not as grumpy...usually. Today he was grumpy, so we took it slow and then started playing...

We started in the kitchen - where else would you try to get a grumpy monkey out of his grumpiness?!

We then moved to the living room...or rather he did - as he was saying "BUH!" (his "BOO!") over and over - surprising me and laughing the entire time! (Sorry no video - it was too big to upload here)...We then moved on to his "ruff ruff"...

and his blocks...

Notice him biting away on his block? Yeah - he's not just biting it because he's teething...nope, he's trying to bite the sticker off of it...
That's right, he enjoys eating books and stickers among other things! (I should point out that on the other side of the block with the cat sticker is a sticker of a dog - he hasn't tried to eat that sticker yet...he likes dogs!)

My grumpy monkey got in a good mood and we ended up laughing a lot!
A little later he discovered that he could do a new trick. About a month ago he realized he could turn the handle on the door and push the door he learned about pulling...
that's right - he can now open all the doors!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rata...Rata...Ratatouille by Owen

Today momma made me something and said I would really like it - I believed her because so far I've liked everything she's given me...okay, not really...there was some slimy green stuff that she called "avocados" that were gross, and some other things that she called "bananas" that weren't much better (and she keeps trying to give me both of them)...but I think those are pretty much the worst things she's ever given me...most of the stuff is yummy!

She was cooking stuff in the oven - I got to see it while it was cooking too! She did some magic thing with her hands and what-do-ya-know but suddenly there was a light in the oven!! Of course when she opened the door she wouldn't let me near...I kept trying just because it was funny to watch her stick a leg out in one direction while balancing on her other leg, at the same time she was holding one of her arms out in the opposite direction and stirring stuff in the oven...I would've taken a picture if I could've but she took the camera away from me earlier.

She also cooked stuff on the stove top and it smelled really mouth was watering the whole time - I just couldn't wait to eat! I kept telling momma that too - I kept saying "mmmm" over and over and over...AND then it happened! She picked me up and put me in my chair and put a bib on me and gave me some of the food she was making...
Momma this is soo good
I just can't get enough of this
Oh good - there's some more in here!
I can hold this bowl momma...
What?!? There's something on my face?!
That's silly!!
I put the food my mouth...
Like this...
How would something get on my face?!
Are you sure momma?
You're teasing me aren't you!? There's nothing on my face!
That was some good food momma!
I can't wait to eat some more of that delicious ratatouille...except momma said that it wasn't a "real" ratatouille because she didn't put eggplant in it...but hey, it was still really good!