Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun Inside and Out

Super happy monkey! He wanted to wear the tie and pin - who am I to argue?!
A few days ago I mentioned that I was going to put scraps of material into a wipes container and let the monkey pull them out, the next day I did, but I forgot to post about our here you go! 
Days later he still loves biting the container to open it, and pulling the material out, and then bringing me the container saying "uh uh uh" which means "please fill this container with the material again momma"...okay he's probably really saying "Hey mom - fill it up - it's's still empty, come on already!" but since he's not articulating with his words I can pretend he's saying nice things. I will say though he now occasionally says "ta" when I've done something he "asks" me to do (which means he's poking me with whatever it is he wants - the wipes container to be filled, or a toy that he needs opened) and I take that to mean "Thanks."

But back to the other day...after playing inside we decided to venture out into the was around 37 degrees outside - but we were bundled up and the sun was shining so we weren't cold! Of course we were the only ones at the park and playground - well except for the random dog walker...but nevertheless we had fun walking and running in the field...of course first we had to make a stop at the light post (to hug and taste)
THEN we were ready to head to the field...
And yes, I realize it looks like fall - but it's's spring...
After playing in the leaves, chasing "duhs" ("ducks", but really they were birds), and calling all dogs to come and play ("ruff ruff"), we moved on to the playground - where he climbed and crawled before moving on to the slides!

Then it was time to go to the slide, and not just any slide...the big slide...

he loves this slide, which if funny because just a couple of months ago he hated slides...but this one is his favorite - he now goes down it numerous times when we go to the playground (some of you might've seen the longer video, but here's a short one)...
You couldn't see the look of happiness on his face - but here is the look at the bottom of a smaller slide (I couldn't get a pic of his face when he went down the big slide)
Another of his favorite things at the playground is the see-saw...
he loves pushing it up and down, licking and biting the seats and handles, sitting on it and going up and down, and playing with all the screws (they're not loose - but he always tests them to see if he can move them with his fingers or bite them with his teeth)...yep - he loves the playground and park!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Surprise at the Park

The monkey wasn't feeling his normal cheerful, bubbly self today - he either has a slight cold or seasonal allergies that he's fighting along with teething - but it was such a beautiful spring day outside that we had to go to the park! After all, tomorrow we're suppose to get 4-6" of snow, so really when there is a nice spring day we have to take advantage of it! So up to the park we went for a fun day running around in the field and playing on the playground...or so we thought!

We arrived at the park and saw lots of "ruff ruff's", in fact some of the dog owners stopped so that the monkey could bark at their dog and pet them - such nice people! After we saw the "ruff ruff's" we saw the big surprise! There was a petting zoo at the park!!! That's right, a petting zoo!

There were goats 

There was a little pig, a bunny, and a chicken
There were lambs
and they were very soft
 There was a little donkey
And there was also a pony and a llama - but they were super dirty so we didn't pet them. The donkey didn't like it when we walked away from him and so he made lots of noise, which startled the monkey - it was hilarious!

After the petting zoo we decided we'd run around the field for a little bit and chase the "duh's" (birds)
but as we chased the birds we ended up going closer and closer to the fence - which is really one of the best parts of the park (in case you didn't know)...
And funny enough, down by the fence it looks like fall, not like the weather report of snow tomorrow makes since if we just pretend it's fall!
Since the monkey wasn't very sturdy on his feet back in the fall, he missed out on walking and playing in the leaves...he wasn't too big on playing in the leaves, but he did enjoy walking in the leaves.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The monkey brushing his teeth...he loves to brush his teeth!
Today I decided that instead of getting upset when the monkey decides that he wants to pull all of the wipes out of the wipes container, I would get him something that he could pull out of the wipes container - however I didn't have an empty wipes container earlier today (even with him helping to empty them) instead I just put strips of cloth into a container and let him take them out (tonight they got put into an empty wipes container - so they're ready for tomorrow). Now you might be thinking why would she title this entry "This" when she's telling us nothing about "this"...well let me tie it together for you.

This past week the monkey decided he was going to repeat certain words we say (for those of you that know Rusty - don't worry he's toning down his extensive vocabulary around the monkey so he's not saying anything bad...yet)...but yes, this week he's started saying two new words - this and socks. So today when he started playing with the strips of cloth he said "this, this, this, this, this..." as he pulled each strip out of the container. I of course went to get my camera so I could record it, but of course - he stopped saying it as I had to encourage him to say it - and I did get it on video, at least a little...

Now, you might not realize he's saying this because it's not super clear...and yes, he does start out with "ruff" - that's his favorite word - but he moves over to saying this a few times (for your enjoyment).
This is more of just him playing - nothing too exciting - but figured I'd include it for you.
Here's the best example of him saying this - I saved it for last...and it was the last video I took too - which is another reason it's getting shown last.
Who knew that letting a kid play with strips of cloth would encourage him to say this over and over and over...maybe if I put his socks in something for him to take them out of I'll get a video of him saying socks over and over and over!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

14 Months (late I know)

How did I forget to take pictures of the monkey on his 14 mo birthday?! And then how did the time go so fast that he's now 1/2 a month older and I finally remembered to take pictures!?! I have no clue...honestly, no clue...guess he's getting older and I'm just not taking 50 million pictures a day anymore. It's harder to take the pictures though...when he was little he'd hold still - now he's constantly on the move, like most toddlers, and so many times when I take pictures I either get the side of him, like this:
or he turns even more so I wonder - hmm, what was I even trying to get a picture of?! - like this:
or they're blurry, like this:
or like this (action shot):

And I hate posting pictures that aren't his cute
and crazy
facial expressions that are clear, so I usually don't share them...but as you can see - there are times when all the stars align, the wind stops blowing for a moment, and the sun decides to shine when I can get the "perfect" picture and share it with you! Happy belated 14 month birthday monkey!
What?! You don't think that's the perfect picture?!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Everyone needs a little leprechaun right? Well I've got my own real don't believe me? Just look at that picture - if that's not a leprechaun I don't know what is! He's dressed in green - with fun pants (trust me, they're fun - I'll show you the back to prove it...
told ya the pants were fun!), green monkey socks (all leprechauns wear green monkey socks), a tie, a "Kiss me I'm Irish" flashing button, his green shirt, and of course his leprechaun hat! Still not convinced?! Maybe if I show you what he eats you will be...
Do you see all that green?! Yeah, see - definitely a leprechaun! (And yes, he ate all of that food in one sitting along with 1/2 a cup of berry sauce...and 2 hrs later he was hungry again for more green food - this time dehydrated pea pods and seaweed...I didn't say he was a typical leprechaun - just a leprechaun.)

I thought I'd show you what St. Patrick's Day is like for a leprechaun:
Leprechaun waking up...
He'll turn on his blinking button - and make sure that it's visible...
He'll then get drinks...leprechauns are super thirsty individuals! But he'll also occasionally share his drink with a special person...
On St. Patrick's Day - he has to occasionally make "honorary" does he do that? Simple - a leprechaun will take his hat off and put it on the individual he's going to "honor"...
Now you might be wondering why leprechauns are thought to be mischievous when it doesn't seem like they are...well they are! But they just think of it as "being helpful"...
Leprechaun emptying the cabinets
Don't get on a leprechauns bad never know what he'll do...
You're usually okay as long as you keep him hydrated! (Told ya leprechauns are thirsty individuals! This particular leprechaun prefers coconut water and unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk, but he'll also drink water.)
You might think this leprechaun is playing with toys and being cute - but nope, he's definitely causing mischief!
Leprechauns don't sit still for very long either - so when they do you definitely take advantage of it!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!