Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And We Took Flight!

Before we could actually take flight there was the whole process of getting on the plane...and before getting on the plane there was the whole process of checking our bags. Notice nothing about going through security - that's because the monkey and I are pro's at actually getting through hold up with us - we know how to do it...we should really have our own line because we're so good at should be a line for people who actually know how to get through security - like the checkout counters in stores - 20 items or less...but it would be "traveled 20 times or more so I know how to do this us move!" - which I agree is a little wordy for a sign above a line, but it would explain to all those who don't know how to get through security what the line was, for us (professional travelers) it could just say "professional traveler" but you know the people who are flying for their 2nd time would probably try to slip into the line because they'd be like "oh yeah, I'm a professional traveler - I've done this before!" so they would need the long explanation...or maybe it would be something to the effect of: "If you can get your bags, shoes, computers, liquids, stroller/car seats, and whatnot taken apart and put up on the table in 1 min or less this line is for you. All others go away!" That's right...we've got it down and we get everything through the checkpoint, hold our hands out to get them tested, get our liquids tested (because it's the monkey's drinks), and get all our stuff, and move to put our shoes back on without anyone behind us getting upset or without the line backing up...we're just that good.

However, female hormones will attack if I'm told, when I try to check our bags, that I can't check the container with frozen breast milk because I packed it incorrectly - even though it's exactly how the lady at the call center told me to pack yeah, that woman with the baby on her back who was standing at the counter crying - that would be me! I've got to tell you I've never been emotional about not being able to take something with me - usually I'm fine and would say "whatever dude"...but on the day of our flight - I wasn't so laissez-faire, oh no - to start with I was SUPER upset with the lady who had told me specifically how to pack the breast milk and come to find out SHE WAS WRONG!!! And then the thought of my child not getting his afternoon bottle was almost as bad as someone telling me that my child couldn't go on the flight and would be held at the checkout counter till my return or someone could pick him up (granted they would've tossed the milk, not held it for me, but I don't think they would've tossed a child, and in all honesty - a child free flight wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, it would be amazing - 4 hrs all to long as he was with someone not just at the checkout counter, I'm not a horrible mommy)...So there I stood at the counter crying, calling Rusty telling him "they're not letting me take the milk", calling Rusty back saying "they're gonna make it possible for me to take the milk, you don't need to turn around" (tears running down my face) in the end the amazing man cut enough holes in my container so I would be able to take the milk with me (it had dry ice with it)...but oh my goodness - can we say attack of the killer hormones!! That's the 3rd time I've had an uncontrollable meltdown since the monkey was born over something that's SO's these darn hormones! Because I will tell you - the entire time I was having my meltdown I knew my reaction was so over-the-top, but there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it...I was on a roller coaster and I just had to wait for the ride to end, luckily it didn't last long, but still - it was horrible!!

Once it was time to board, we got on the plane - only to find out the car seat is about 1/4-1/2" wider than the aisle on the plane - so I couldn't push/pull it down the aisle (which I had been planning on doing)...the wonderfully nice people on the plane tried to "help" by loosening the car seat from it's attachment, not by actually helping me carry there I am, the monkey strapped on my back, my carry-on (diaper bag plus toys) over my shoulder and one hand holding it, and a loose car seat attached to a car seat holder - in my other hand - up in the air as I walk down the aisle to find a seat...people are literally saying "Watch your heads - here she comes!" "Duck or you might get hit!" and the flight attendants are just standing instead of going to the back of the plane, like I had planned, I sat in the first available window seat (since that's where car seats have to go)...(I might add there were going to be 10 seats free on the plane - so I knew if I sat in the back I'd probably have 3 seats instead of just 2)...I get everything onto the row of seats and out of the aisle (see even then, I don't stop traffic)...I get the car seat strapped in and the monkey in his seat - not even strapped in yet, and a woman stops and says "What seat are you sitting in?" Now if you know me, you have to know what my first reaction was - "The aisle, I have no idea who's kid this is, but they put him down and left" - however I didn't want to be snarky, so I rethought my response and said "The middle seat" (although I really wish my snarky response won out - it probably will next time)...and she said "Oh good, so the aisle is free...can I sit here, do you mind?" Keep in mind my stuff is strewn about all 3 seats, I'm buckling the monkey into his car seat, 1/2 the plane is EMPTY and there is a long line behind her with no one in front of her! So I responded with a "You can sit wherever you'd like, it's a free country and there tons of free seats." But she still didn't get the hint as she started to push her way into the row...I started to say "give me a minute to move my stuff" - because I was still getting everything settled (it does take a little bit of time to get settled on the plane - because you're going to be on it for 4 hrs - but before I could say anything the lovely grandmother sitting behind me said to my new neighbor "If you'd just give her a few minutes, she's trying to get settled!" And from that moment on I loved the lady behind me!! Besides that she talked with the monkey and played peek-a-boo with him - which helps to entertain a kid who just wants to get up and walk, run, climb (and pull on the ladies hair in front of us - the 2 heads he could reach at least)...unlike my neighbor who watched movies and ignored us - which was actually okay because I didn't feel very neighborly to her.

The other lady who I greatly appreciated on the flight is a mystery woman - but she gave the flight attendant a bottle of bubbles - saying "It might help entertain the little guy" and it did! But seriously - bubbles - ingenious!! I think I might start taking bubbles with me on all flights! There was another woman would I would've appreciated had she not been the way she was...she offered me an ipad that had games and videos that the monkey could watch - she was a mom of a 2 1/2 yr old so knew that they needed lots of distractions. I thanked her - because honestly - who does that - what an amazing thing to offer to some complete stranger! But since I have an ipad with things for the monkey and it wasn't entertaining him right then because he wanted to climb and attack the heads in front of us - I thanked her and let her know I had tried my ipad with games and videos, but he just wanted to climb right now (he wasn't fussing or crying or anything - just talking and attempting to climb) and she responded with "Well, (huff) if it was me, I'd be appreciative to someone who offered." To which I responded with "I do appreciate it - very much, it's very kind of you and if I didn't have one that I've been attempting to entertain him with I'd borrow yours." But that wasn't as she walked back to her seat she told people "Well I offered her my ipad with games and videos for little kids, but she refused, I would've been appreciative!" So lady wherever you are in this big world. Thank you for your offer...I wish I hadn't had an ipad so I could've borrowed yours to test out on my son...let him lick it and suck on it and chew it...maybe even throw it on the ground a couple of times and laugh (because it's funny to drop things on the floor)...however sometimes 15 mo old boys just want to climb, and don't want to be trapped in a small space - and that was where he was at that point in the flight (plus is was past his bedtime - so for being exhausted and trapped he was doing pretty good). But I do appreciate that there is someone out there like you who will offer up what they have to another mom when they can see that the flight feels never-ending! So for your offer - THANK YOU!

When we landed - which honestly - when you have to sit for the 1st 1 1/2 hrs because of "turbulence" (that would be turbulence that just never really showed up) and then the next 30 min you try to entertain a kid in your 2 seats...and then the next hour feels like 3 - that last hour...knowing you'll be "preparing for landing" soon just doesn't seem to come fast enough! Of course the monkey fell asleep the last 5 min of the flight - which was basically landing...he fell asleep to land! So I got to wake him up since I had to move him to my carrier - to get off the plane - but thankfully there was a woman who helped me carry my car seat off the plane! And then there were two other women who stopped to help strap the car seat onto it's carrier (so it can be pushed/pulled)...To all the helpful women on the flight - THANK YOU!!

However, I can honestly say - I am so not looking forward to the flight home! I'm honestly thinking about taking a train home - at least on a train he can walk to his hearts content! (Okay, no, I'm taking a plane home, but I'm dreaming about taking a train!)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

15 Months!!

Happy 15 month birthday Monkey!
It was a big day today - I mean it was a "birthday" of sorts - so we celebrated! The monkey took a nap and then when he woke up we had our own private parade! It was a run/walk - but it was right outside our place, so the monkey and I watched from our little balcony/deck and waved as people went past - and he said "HI!" a lot too...and we were able to see lots of police cars with their flashing lights! Then we ate ribs for lunch (leftovers from yesterday...but still it was ribs)...okay, we didn't really do anything different than any other day - except he got to wear his Elvis sunglasses...
The sun's not shining - I don't need these!
well he got to wear them till he decided he'd had enough...about 15 seconds! Then, because it was another beautiful day out, we went to the park...of course, even if it hadn't been such a beautiful day we probably still would've gone to the gets us out of the house and the monkey can run around or play on the playground to his hearts content.

Today, he did a little of both...on the playground he enjoyed swinging, going down the slide, climbing stairs, and playing with a large stick/small tree limb...
I think this is how cavemen played baseball
However, playing on the playground made him thirsty - so he walked and drank...
until he found another stick!
Of course, sticks can only entertain a monkey for a little while (especially when they don't taste good)...but today he discovered something new that could hold his attention! He found out awhile ago that the wood on the tree is called bark...which is what dogs do - so usually he says "ruff" when I say "bark" - all of that to say that he knows what the bark of the tree is, or at least is familiar with it. So today, when he was walking around and found a piece of bark on the ground - he immediately went over to the closest tree and tried to put the bark back on the tree!
When he couldn't get it to stick (which he tried to do for awhile) he gave it to me, because he knew that I have the ability to put bark back on the tree...and like a good mom I showed him how to do it...wait - you don't know how to put bark back on a tree? Hm...well maybe if your lucky I'll show you sometime. I will also admit that he also tried to get a rock to stick to the tree looked a little like a piece of bark - but I tried to tell him how bark and the rock were different...we'll see if he remembers that lesson.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Someone had ribs for the 1st time today...
He got to gnaw on a rib bone - because you can't eat ribs and not gnaw on a bone...

He loved the meat - but because of teething right now - I think he might've loved the bone a bit more...
That's right - he wants to eat peas, but he just can't put the bone down...

Of course after gnawing on the bone for awhile (this was the 3rd bone), you do have to check to make sure you're getting everything off of know, no missed spots...
And he does a pretty good job of getting everything off the bone...
After cleaning off the 3rd bone - he then ate the rest of the meat (altogether 3 ribs!), his sweet potatoes, and his pear-applesauce...this was pretty much the only meal he really ate today - hopefully this means he's feeling better! But it definitely means that he loves his ribs!!
Okay, he also ate some chocolate avocado pudding for dessert - because hey, it's chocolate pudding made with avocado's what's not to love?!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring at the Park

Me: "Monkey, wanna go to the park and see the ruff ruff's and the duh's?"

Monkey: runs to the door "yush...yush..." (that would be: yes)
Me: "Get your shoes...where are your shoes?"
Monkey: turns and runs to the coat closet - where his shoes are (and a couple pairs of my shoes)...opens the door, gets out his shoes, and shuts the door..."jocks...jocks..." (his word for socks...which is the same word he uses for's one of those things of, if it goes on his feet it's "jocks"...if it runs on 4 legs - it's a "ruff", and if it waddles/hops/flies - it's a "duh")
Sometimes he'll also get his jacket too (if I tell him to get it)

That's how every outing starts (previous pics are from yesterday). Of course, once he has his shoes (and his jacket) - it doesn't mean that he will bring them to you to put on, or even sit...oh no, he gets them and runs away! How he thinks he's going to be able to go out when he runs away from someone who is trying to get him ready to go out I have no clue...I think he thinks it's a game - so I chase him down...put his shoes on and he helps to put his jacket on (although today we didn't really need the jacket) and I get the carrier and out the door we go...usually he's barking as we exit the house - you know, calling all the dogs.

Today was another beautiful spring day, (so nice spring has finally decided to arrive) we had to go to the park, and since it was the weekend - we all got to go together! We played at the playground for a little bit, but most of the time we spent walking around the park! He loves to look for dogs...chasing down the birds (duh's) and the squirrels (ruff's)...and getting today, after we played for a few minutes at the playground we spent time walking around the park. 

He loves walking down the hills and stairs (and when he gets to the bottom/top of the stairs he wants to go the opposite way of course)...
looking for and at the ducks...picking up rocks, sticks, flowers...
Of course he also loves to climb! He's gotten really good at it - at home he now climbs on and off the couch - at the park he climbs on and off the benches. Of course, when he climbs on the benches at the park it's a perfect time to take pictures!
Luckily he took a break (about 20 seconds) before he got up, moved, and took another short break...
Running around the park makes this kid tired that's for sure!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EASTER Afternoon!! By Owen

Yes, I realize I have 2 posts for 1 day - but really Easter (or probably any holiday) is worth at least 2 postings! I mean so much stuff happens in the one day and there really isn't a way to show you all of my cuteness in just 1 post - so I must do another one. In case you missed the first one - Easter morning - you can check it out now...but now it's on to the know when I finally get out of my pj's and I get to wear normal clothes, eat food, play outside, and go to the park!!

The afternoon started with a snack of seaweed - we were waiting for lunch to finish I had fun eating my snack...
and drinking my almond milk (I can open and close the top all by myself)
Lunch (a double smoked ham) wasn't ready so momma and I went outside - I wore my new shades and ran around!
When we got back inside - the ham was ready!!
It was worth the wait - ham, mushrooms and garlic, sour pickles, and pickled turnips! (The sour pickles and pickled turnips were leftovers from when we went out the day before and I discovered I loved them!)

After lunch we went to the park - it was such a nice day out!! When we left the house momma said she thought we'd see a lot of ruff ruff's at the park...and guess what?! She was right! There were tons of ruff ruff's! And they all stopped so I could talk to them and pet them - some I petted, some I wasn't too sure of...but I don't think I've ever seen that many ruff ruff's in 1 spot!

We walked all around the park and daddy helped carry my drink for me when I was done with it.

We walked down to the little pond - but there weren't any duh's down there...I looked and called for them, but couldn't find them.
We went under the bridge and up the hill...
and what was in front of us but one of my favorite places - the playground with my big slide!! So of course, since we were there I had to go down it a few times.
It is seriously one of the best slides I've ever been on in my entire life!
I don't know if there's anything better than hanging out at the park and sliding down my slide - if you know of something let me know - but for now I'm going to enjoy sliding everyday if I can!
That was my Easter...I don't think I could've asked for a better day or a better was so fun!