Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A New Word (Pea) or a New Letter (P)...You Decide

I said "pea"!! LOL
Tonight the monkey said a new word!! Ok, so his new word is also a letter - so I guess you could say he's just saying a letter - but since he was saying it while he was eating the food I'm counting it as a word! I'll let you decide though - because when he ran out he didn't ask for more by name, but that'll come - he still has to figure out how to do that - he's just use to asking by pointing and making noises - so that's what he did tonight.
And yes, I did get him some more...I mean how can you resist that kid - especially when he's wanting peas! Now as you'll see, he's not just into eating peas, but also playing with them...and yes, they're frozen...he's teething, but besides that - have you ever tasted a frozen pea - sooo good...seriously - I remember liking frozen peas when I was a kid and I still do today...the monkey loves frozen or thawed peas - he'll take them over cooked peas any day!
Of course he does get tired of eating peas after awhile...so we move on to other foods - like peaches!
Gotta love those Georgia peaches!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Someone likes watermelon...maybe not as much as I do, but he still likes it a lot. He tried it for the first time the other day (it was room temp) and he just kept eating and eating and eating it. Today he ate a little bit (it was cold) - but it was at the end of his lunch when he had stuffed himself on tons of other good food - so he definitely didn't eat as much as he did the first time, but I did get pictures and a couple short videos.
 This watermelon is really is khoold!

Mmm...tastes good!
 Ummm...there's something on my hand still...

As he was eating the watermelon he would stop every once in awhile and say "khoold" (cold), of course he wouldn't say it when I was videoing him...so you just get him eating.
He was all done...
I'm just glad he likes watermelon - even though it means I have to share it...it's just a great summer food.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Backseat Balloon Fun

Tonight we went out to eat so I could get my birthday burger at Red Robin before we forgot about it and as you know (or maybe you don't) kids get a balloon! It was one of those things that as soon as he spotted the balloons when we entered the restaurant he yelled and pointed "Baull!" repeatedly (that would be ball - but it doesn't sound like how you or I say ball - it's more like Paul but with a "B"). We told him when we left we would get him a balloon - which meant that he was able to play with his balloon the whole way home - so fun!
Hey momma - did you see my balloon?!
Bet you didn't know I could do this....
(Curious to know what a balloon tastes like?)
(It tastes like a balloon silly!)
Wanna see if I can pop it with my teeth?!
How about with my fingernails?!
Hey what's that?!
Let me try my fingernails again...
*The balloon was not harmed during the ride home...it made it home in one piece...although I can't promise that it will be in in the same condition tomorrow.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Washing Dishes?

Yesterday, while I was working in the kitchen, the monkey decided he wanted to climb up on the step ladder and see what was going on...but then he realized that it was at the sink and he loves sinks - I mean that is where water is, right?! So he played in the sink - I filled a bowl with water and gave him a few things to play with in the water - he was in heaven! (I can't wait till I can give him dishes to wash.)
Of course when it was time to stop - 45 minutes later - he wasn't ready to stop and he threw a big tantrum...yeah, this kid loves water - guess it's time to set up his little pool, especially since it's going to be hot this weekend!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facial Expressions

Sometimes you just don't need words - a picture really is all you need...
Of course with the next picture, if you don't hear the sound with this you won't understand - whenever he hears a siren this is the face he gives - sometimes he's more excited than other times - like if it's a fire truck his eyes light up too...or if it's a siren and he's outside and can see the fire truck/ambulance/police car he's super excited too...this morning he wasn't too excited but he still did it...
Do you hear what I hear?
He's been doing this more and more...
Umm, I'm stuck...
Just kidding!!!
Wash-a-wash-a-wash-a my hands...
What is THAT?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mixing with a Mixer

The other day I was laughing as I told Rusty that the monkey's earliest memories are probably going to be of helping me cook in the kitchen...for those of you who don't know why this might be funny - it's because Rusty is the cook in our family...I bake, cook side dishes, and make the monkey's meals, but Rusty cooks us dinner every night. Of course the monkey is with me all day - "helping" in the kitchen - and sometimes it does take all day to get a couple of things done - just think how long it would take if I didn't have such a good helper!
I guess it's a good thing that the monkey loves to cook in the kitchen with us (since we seem to be in the kitchen a lot), and loves helping me mix things - not only with a spoon or whisk, but also with the immersion blender, blender, and food processor. When I'm not using them he still wants to use them - and he does except for the immersion blender and blender - much to his dismay. But I did give him his very own "mixer" - you might call it a potato masher - but for him it works just like one of my mixers...especially when he makes the sound effects!

Of course, if he can't find his "mixer" he'll use whatever he has - and amazingly it always works just like his mixer and sounds just like it too. He can play all day with his kitchen stuff - he moves them from the kitchen to the living room and back
Sometimes he talks non-stop and other times he plays quietly all by himself...or he plays by himself until I butt in and try to get him to say or do something...like say his newest word - cold...
Yeah - he likes saying hot and I was cooking something in the oven so he was talking about the oven being hot...but he did say cold...a little hard to hear since he was walking away from the camera, and it's a little harder to say than hot, but he does say it quite a bit now.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grocery Shopping with a Monkey

A month or two ago the monkey realized that when the shopping cart was close enough to the shelves he could grab the items off the shelves and start chewing on them (because he still loves to chew everything)...then a few weeks ago he started pointing to everything he saw at home saying "dis" or "dat" - which, as you can imagine,  (or maybe even remember) is really fun when in the grocery store!

A trip to the grocery store now is not with a "quiet" child who is looking around, observing what is going on, and saying "HI!" to everyone we pass or he see's (see he wasn't really a quiet child)....oh no, now a trip to the grocery store is the monkey yelling "DAT!! DAT!! DAT!!" And yes he is yelling - part of it is if you don't answer him immediately he doesn't think you've heard so he has to repeat it because he doesn't want to miss anything...the other part of it is that he just likes to be loud!

Today's trip to the grocery store went something like this:
Monkey: "DAT!!"
Me: "Bananas"
Monkey: "DAT!! DAT!!"
Me: "Oranges"
Monkey: "DAT!!!"
Me: "Lettuce"
Monkey: "DAT! DAT! DAT!"
Me: "Butternut squash, zucchini, yellow squash..."
Monkey: "DAT!!!"
Me: "Strawberries, blueberries..."
Monkey: "DAT! DAT!"
Me: "Those are different cheeses and bacon..."
Monkey: "DAT!!!!!!"
Me: "Salmon"
Monkey: "Mmmmm....DAT!!"
Me: "Sausages..."
Monkey: "DAT!!"
Me: "That's a lady shopping..."
Monkey: "DAT!"
Me: "That's her shopping cart..."

And that's how it continued throughout the store! Oh yeah - fun times! This curious kid doesn't need to sit still and look at books - nope - just take him to a grocery store or really any store or anywhere for that matter and he'll learn tons of words just by saying "DIS! DAT!" - oh yeah - no quiet at all around here! Not that it's been quiet here for awhile...or really ever, but still - it's definitely not quiet anymore. Fun times!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RAWR!! Ribs!!

Back in April the monkey had ribs for the 1st time (you can check out the pics - he looks so little - just shows the difference a haircut makes!)...this past weekend he had them again but I didn't get any pictures until today when he was eating some leftovers, because I knew you all wanted to see him eating ribs!
 Did you see I got a bone?!
So good...
 Is there meat still on this?
 How do I get all the meat off?
 It's just soooo good!!
What do you do after a nice lunch of ribs? Well the monkey likes to do laundry!
Um, Momma...I'm stuck...
As you can see - he's a really good helper!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Someone is 17 months old today and he decided to celebrate by not taking a nap (fellow toddlers note - this is not a good idea). Instead he spent over an hour in his crib playing, crying, talking, and screaming...yeah, I'm kinda a hard-nosed mom...I put you down and I will wait you out until you fall asleep. But there does come a time that you know your kid isn't going to fall asleep and when it got to that point I got him up and he ate some lunch...which included frozen blueberries and frozen yogurt bites...

(Can you tell someone is tired?) Since we had a tired monkey we decided to go outside and play with water - because inside he doing things he wasn't suppose to do and whining about everything (since he was so tired)...outside though was a different story! We took a little "tub" outside filled with water and some measuring cups - since we don't have a water table we did a water "tub"...
He had fun moving water from one place to another and stirring the water...
And then he discovered that he could have a lot of fun with his water tub...
He loves water! He's definitely going to love having his own little pool to play in this summer!
Look at those hand prints!

Of course that's not all we did outside...oh no - we played around with sunglasses too!
I'm you momma! (My sunglasses)
 (His Elvis sunglasses - duh)
(His sunglasses)
(Yes, those are the Elvis sunglasses on top of his - he wanted to put them both on.)
Yeah, he had fun outside! And then for dinner Rusty made ribs - which the monkey loves...he's like me though and he wants to chew the bone (sorry no pics of that)...and then the much looked forward to "NIGH NIGH" time!! Sleep well monkey, sleep well!