Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fire Truck and Ambulance Face

I hear it, I hear it - they're coming!!
Today we had 2 fire trucks and 1 ambulance drive by - do you know what that means?! It means I was able to actually get a video of the monkey's face when he heard the sirens! His faces weren't as great as they sometimes are - but hey, he does give his "excited" face! And yes, I do realize the face he's giving in the picture above looks more mad than excited - but it was the face he chose to give while eating and listening to the sirens.

We heard the sirens before you can really hear them in that video - so that's why he made faces before you could actually hear the sirens.
And of course - this video was the 3rd siren he heard - pretty much in a row - so he wasn't as excited about it, as you can tell. I missed the first siren - which was the most exciting one of the bunch - but hey, at least I got the next 2 captured - I mean you are able to see a little bit of his excitement in at least 1 of the videos!

How to Make Watermelon Juice

There are times when you know your kid wants something, right? The little tell-tale signs that every parent comes to know - the pointing, the grunting, the whining...the monkey is a pretty vocal kid, if you hadn't already figured that out, so when he wants something pretty much everyone knows!
Now you might not know that what he wanted was juice, let alone watermelon juice, but this kid loves watermelon juice (as you might recall), and it's become an afternoon treat - a glass of watermelon juice. I think the real reason he likes it so much is because it's the first "juice" he's ever had. You see, I don't make it a habit of giving him juice because I'd rather have him eat the fruit - and he eats enough fruit that there's really no reason for him to drink juice - but watermelon juice is different, and besides that he knows how to make it! You don't believe me? Well here's the proof!
I know - he's such a smart kid! It's so much fun to see him connect things together more and more...besides the watermelon juice, he also found a box top with a picture of a little boy with a basketball. He went and found his basketball and brought it to me, with the box top, and said ball as he tapped his basketball against the picture of the basketball - connections! Yep, fun times!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My TENT! By Owen

Who wants to sleep in a pack n' play when you can sleep in a tent?! Seriously people - for all these months, whenever we travel momma has stuck me in a pack n' play to sleep - which is fine, I mean it definitely works as a place to sleep, but it's so not exciting! Momma told me the other day that she was getting me a tent to sleep in when we travel. Okay, I have no idea what a tent is - but it sounds so much more exciting than a pack n' play so I had high hopes!
What are these zippers for?
Then last night it arrived!! It was in a huge box...and then in a smaller box...and then in a carry bag...and then finally my tent! Momma set it up for me - which didn't seem very hard at all - it was basically "stand back while it popped up" and then I got to explore it!
Look there's room for my measuring cup!
This seems pretty comfy...
Yeah, I think I could sleep in this...
Momma took a video of me testing out my new tent too, she thought y'all might want to see it, I don't know why - I mean it's really not that exciting...
After testing out the inside of the tent I had to check and make sure it really won't fall in on me...I mean you might trust it, Momma might trust it, but I also saw how it just popped open and I just don't trust that...
Hmm...okay, this goes here...
This looks pretty good too...
This doesn't look like it will collapse...that's good!
Of course when you get something - you should probably make sure it's clean...I mean, we don't want any itsy bitsy spiders around here!

Yeah, after checking it out and cleaning I decided it was safe enough for me to sleep today when momma said it was nap time and I could sleep in my tent - you better believe I made her stick to that! I crawled in the tent, let her zip up one of the flaps and I fell asleep...then when I woke up I played for a little bit - it was SO fun!!
Oh, is nap time over already?!

I see you Momma!! You can't hide from me!!
Hmm...I wonder if I'll get to sleep in the tent tonight or not...

This past week...

What have you done this week?!
The monkey decided this week - well really the last 4 days - that he would like to share with us (mom and dad) some of the things he's been working on, and rather than me tell you all the things that he has shown us,  I thought I'd let him tell you...or show you, because sometimes he still just doesn't have the words to express himself. Although in reality, I think he has the words he just doesn't want us to know he can say them...because honestly, in the last 4 days, he's started to consistently do/say things that I am pretty sure he could've done/said awhile ago - but he was just saving them up!

Up first - a new word! And this just proves he's definitely my kid (if you were doubting it)...
That's right "Cheese!" (And he does it for the camera - see!)
He also discovered that he could...
Well yes, he could pick out a beautiful flower arrangement at the store and get mommy to buy it...but he could also climb up on the chair all by himself! He can climb everything in the house by himself - the chairs were the last one...but now he can do that too - so now the challenge will be to keep him off the table - so far he knows the chairs are just for sitting on...fingers crossed that it stays that way!

On these hot, hot days of summer...there is really only 1 fruit that will really cool you off - a cold watermelon! However, what is one to do when there is a kid who isn't crazy about eating said watermelon...oh well, I know! (oh and please don't judge my child on the fact that he looks like a gorilla while trying to eat the watermelon in his cup...)
That's right - you blend the watermelon up and make watermelon juice!! Or watermelon soup...
 Seriously momma - this works much better as soup than it does as juice!
Although maybe he had a little too much watermelon - because suddenly he thought that he was going to be able to hear something in his cup...maybe the ocean? Sorry kid - it's a shell, not a cup of watermelon juice/soup that you're suppose to listen to hear the ocean! Oh well, he is still learning!
But that's not all, oh no! He also discovered that there is a cabinet big enough to fit him! Now, this isn't the first time he's done this - but it's the first time I've caught it on camera, and it's the first time he did it with this cabinet - before he's always done it with a tall skinny cabinet that has his water bottles and excess kitchen stuff. (He does this all the time at swimming - in the lockers.)
Ok - so that last one wasn't really something new, but this one is!
That's right, I'm teaching him to blow kisses!!
Of course he's also learned to spit - which I think he's learned just because of the excess saliva in his mouth from teething - but he loves to spit now...especially on me...which is not appreciated! I know it's a phase, and it'll stop, but I'm also encouraging him to stop it...we'll see if that works or not! In addition to what has been shown, we've also discovered that he can say "up" and "sauce" - the sauce is for his berry/applesauce...granted he doesn't say these all the time - but occasionally, when he deems it absolutely necessary! Usually he just goes with the "DAAAT!" or the "uhhh uhhh uhhh" as he stands on tippy toes and points to whatever he wants...

But I will leave you with one of my favorite expressions, which I happened to capture a part of (don't mind the granola in the mouth)'s not new either but it's his face whenever he hears a siren/horn or occasionally a loud started about a month ago totally out of the blue - but to us - the expression is priceless! I'm trying to get a video of him with the sirens but I'm not always prepared and today it was just a fluke and the sound of a horn that did it!
I feel bad for whoever needs the ambulance/fire truck - not so much for the person getting pulled over by the police car - but honestly - his face lights up when he hears the sirens - so I love hearing the sirens! I guess it's a good thing we live down the street from a firehouse!

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Shoes

How do these look momma?
Who doesn't like getting new shoes and trying them on?! Ok, probably me...but I'm not going to pass that on to my kid, oh no! The idea of having a kid who doesn't like to dress up is crazy! I loved dress-up as a kid and I like it now too - it's the shopping part I hate...but that's off the subject. We bought the monkey some shoes the other day because he needed shoes that would actually fit him - I bought him sandals for the summer, and yes it's still summer, but he needed some other shoes too. So when the shoes arrived in the mail we had to try them on to make sure they fit him (my foot changes sizes depending on the brand and style - so I can never trust a shoe size for me) and I'm still not sure if all kids shoes are created equal in terms of sizing or not - so we had to try them on. Besides that one pair was a "high top" style and I wanted to make sure he could walk in them since he'd never worn anything like that...and of course I took pics - of one pair of shoes, because really sneakers on a kid are cute, but little water-proof hiking boots on a kid are adorable!
Shoes, boxes, and tissue paper...what more could a kid want?! How about 2 pairs of shoes, two boxes, and double the tissue paper?!
Now, you might think "Hey, doesn't he have frog rain boots?!" And you would be correct...however they are a little difficult for him to play on the playground with - they slip off as he's we needed something that would stay on - we found them! But never fear - he will still wear those frog rain boots, if for no other reason than I love them!

Right-handed or Left-handed

Which hand should I use?
I know it's still way too early to "decide" if the monkey is right-handed or left-handed...and quite honestly I don't care because I can teach how to do things the right way and Rusty can teach him how to do things the wrong, I mean either way he's good to go. Since he started using a spoon and a fork to eat with he has favored his left hand - he'll occasionally try with the right hand but he just doesn't seem to get enough food on the spoon/fork so he goes back to his left hand. However when I give him a snack, most times he'll hold with his left hand and eat the snack with his right, see - it's really up in the air.

So why this posting? I'm so glad you asked!! It's because a couple of days ago the monkey ate his granola with his RIGHT hand...the whole bowl (so I of course took pics!)
(Eating a bowl of granola consists of 1/3 c granola, handful of blueberries, and about 1/2 c or more of almond milk - he really likes just "eating" spoonfuls of milk...and it usually takes about 30 min for him to eat the whole bowl - granola = small mouthfuls and lots of chewing)
He's pretty serious when he's scooping - it's not that easy to get the food to stay on the spoon, especially when you're experimenting with a different hand...
He did such a good job! In fact at first I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that he was eating with his right hand... Now in contrast - his left handed eating is a little smoother - but usually just as many spills because he's not as focused on what he's doing with the spoon...
He's just a little more laid-back with his left hand right now...
But there is no doubt about it - the end result is the same...a full mouth!

So I guess only time will tell which side he decides to favor, until then we practice with both sides! I mean who knows - maybe he'll get so good at both right and left that he becomes ambidextrous! That would be pretty cool!

18 Month Check-up

The monkey is healthy, "normal", and growing! His doctor also noticed that he's still strong, stubborn, and extremely wasn't anything new but it's always nice when someone else notices the monkey's "strengths"...seriously someday down the road - when he's grown-up or at least older - those will be strengths...or at least that's what I keep telling myself! (And yes, they could be weaknesses but I believe they'll more likely be strengths!)

At 18 mo he is a whopping:
 - 34" up from 31.75" at 1 yr (yeah 2.25" in 6 mo - not bad!) He's also now in the 89th percentile - so dropped out of the 90's but still hanging close!
- 26 lbs 4 oz and ringing in at the 55th percentile - up from 25 lbs 1 oz at 1 yr (but dropping from the 78th percentile)...guess this is just proof that he moves more than he eats and he eats a ton of food...but at the same time he is always on the go.

He was a trooper when they gave him his two shots today too! I was so impressed! We had talked about getting shots before we went in, but that has never worked before...I think the reason it worked today was they gave him the shots in his arm rather than in his legs. She said that once the kids are really active they prefer to do arms since it might be sore - so since he got them in his arm I could hold him rather than pin him down on the table, which is the part that I think he really hated.

My growing little monkey...these are some pics from 2 weekends ago when GG and Aunt Gretchen visited and I never got them posted! Aunt Gretchen brought stacking blocks, a mixer and blender for his kitchen, plus tons of fruits/veggies for his kitchen, blocks, and enough presents for the next year...seriously this kid has every holiday, random moment where he needs something new to play with, and his birthday covered for the next year...(I have them hidden)...but he did get a few toys to play with now.
And can I just say he is obsessed with his mixer and blender! Seriously he has them turned on all the time and carries them throughout the house!
One of the other things he loves to do is wash his hands - so GG got a pic of that too!
Getting my hands clean, getting my hands clean...
Did you need another drink?
Hm...this article was interesting - what did you think?
 And I can't get this one to upload the right way - but it's still really cute - I had to include it!
Come on guys, it's not that bad - I'm just drinking my coffee while I drive!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Breakfast or Eating in General

This morning the monkey ate a typical breakfast...or what is becoming a "typical" breakfast...he now wants the homemade granola I make to eat all day long...and all it is is nuts, raisins, coconut, coconut oil, honey, and spices - so really it's not bad for him...but we have come to a compromise - he gets to eat a bowl of it in the morning for breakfast when I eat my breakfast and then maybe a small snack of it later in the day. So gone are the morning breakfasts that were almost identical to lunch and dinner and instead he's getting a more "grown-up" breakfast.
Eating berry-applesauce a couple of days ago
I decided that I would measure what he ate for breakfast this morning - just to see how much he actually eats - because this kid literally eats non-stop during the day! It's not something that just started up, so it's not a growth spurt, nope this is how the monkey eats everyday...of course since he doesn't stop moving it's not that surprising that he eats non-stop...but this was what he ate for breakfast: 1/3 c granola, 1/2 c almond milk, a handful of blueberries, 3/4 of a large banana, 1/2 of a peach, and water. 45 minutes later and it was time for snack #1 (he really did try to get a snack as soon as I took him out of his chair - but we went to the park so I was able to hold him off for 45 min)! Snack: 1/2 c blueberries, 1/2 c grapes, and some coconut water (it was hot out so I figured the fruit would help hydrate him). 30 minutes later it was time for snack #2: 3/4 c dehydrated pea pods. And in case you think - why don't you feed him more when he's at the table so he wouldn't snack so much? I stuff him full at the table - he literally is pushing food away from me, shaking his hands in the air saying all done...
His whole "thing" is that he loves to walk around, play, and eat...he always has and since his "snacking" doesn't interfere with his meal times, to me it's not a huge thing...besides most of the time his "snacks" are parts of meal to come (mushrooms, chicken, broccoli, peas, carrots, fruit) - so I guess they're more like hors d'oeuvres rather than a "snack snack"...
The big news though is that he feeds himself the granola and blueberries that are swimming in the milk. (He likes lots of milk - sometimes he likes to scoop a spoonful of the milk to drink and other times he wants a combo of granola/milk, granola/blueberry, blueberry/milk, or the big one granola/blueberry/milk - which makes his mouth so full that some of the milk leaks out.) He's been eating his applesauce with his spoon by himself for awhile now (and as you can see from the pictures he does a good job of it) - but that is "thick" so it sticks to the spoon a little more...milk (almond milk), as you might know is not thick so with each turn of the spoon it is a guarantee that milk will be lost and most likely whatever else is on that spoon will be gone too. But the past few days he's done such a good job at keeping his spoon steady and getting everything into his mouth...does that mean there aren't times where milk and granola go all over the table/into his bib/onto his lap? Oh no - those times happen, but not nearly so often as they used to...he's getting to be such a big boy!
Yeah, he's pretty proud of himself when he can do something on his own!