Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How far can I go?

Someone is testing the limits these days to see how far he can go...

This is something that happens all day long. I will say he usually sits in his highchair to eat, but every once in awhile he just wants to be a big boy and sit in the big chair (and drink out of a regular cup and not his straw cup)...
My little monkey is getting big and learning all about boundaries and consequences...of course he's also learning how to be proud of himself (and cheer) when he listens and follows directions.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


For those that are unaware of what a "selfie" is - it's a self portrait...I take lots of selfies of the monkey and I, because that's really the only way I get pictures of the two of us.
Sometimes they're easier to take than other times - because really he has to be in the mood to hold still for a few seconds. However I never realized that he was going to learn so quickly how to take selfies! I mean yes, this child has had a camera in his face from birth, and yes, he's seen me take pictures of the two of us - so it only makes sense that he'd be a pro at taking his own picture...

So yesterday morning, as we were playing in the kitchen before heading out to the park, he decided that the baby food maker just wasn't holding his attention any longer and he went for some selfies...
Granted this was his first attempt, that was successful (usually I get the camera away from him). I think after a couple more tries he'll be a natural!
He was having fun - just snapping away...have I said how much I love this kid?! (And I will also say my grandma would be so proud of all of these pictures...she loved taking pics - so sometimes I just think "well I'm following in grandma's footsteps" when it comes to all the pictures I take. Seriously people - it's not me - it's in my genes! Sounds good at least!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today was haircut day!! I know you might be wondering why, because it seems like just the other day he got his haircut, but believe it or not that haircut was 3 months ago! So with his hair in his eyes we headed to the Hairy Elephant (yes, that's the kid's salon name), eating lunch on the way...(he had just woken up from his nap so he had to eat in the car)
I tried my luck - to get a picture without the berrysauce pouch in the pic...
AND THEN I discovered the secret to taking pictures of a "happy" monkey in the car...
1st you take a picture of his shoe...
Next you take a picture of cookie monster!!
Finally you take a picture of the monkey! And then you quickly show him the pictures so he can see "the baby."

As you can see - he desperately needed a haircut...he was starting to look at us by tilting his head back so he could see us under his hair...I guess I could've used some product in his hair and kept it out of his eyes but I just have a hard time putting product in a 1 1/2 yr olds hair...so I didn't - I just continually brushed it out of his eyes on a daily basis or would put it on top of his sunglasses when we were outside...so today our appointment finally came - YAY!

He did pretty good - he wanted to see everything that was happening around, and he wanted to play with the buttons and switches on the race car he sat in - so he was bobbing his head a lot! The lady cutting his hair did a really good job on the cut - and he looks super cute...old but cute. It's one of those haircuts that in 2 yrs or maybe even in another year I'd probably love it (okay, so I'd still be sad my "baby" boy is growing up, but you know I'd like it more), but it's not the cut I went in for - so I was in a little bit of shock as she was cutting his hair...and really when you're getting your haircut once it's started there's really no backing out - so by the time that she said "is this okay?" I couldn't say "No it's too short - stop what you're doing and back away from my child!" because then his hair would've looked like a crazy person cut it - so instead I just said "yeah", which I think encouraged her to go a little shorter. The plan was to go in and get the same style he had just shorter - so I said "I want his same style but shorter", what we got was a completely different style, but not a new one because it's his hairstyle from when he was 5 months old! You don't believe me (check out the pictures of the monkey at 5 months so you know the style you're looking for) - and then remember the 3 steps to taking a picture of the monkey in the car?

Shoes - check!
Cookie Monster - check!
The monkey - check!
See - same haircut as when he was 5 months. It's a good cut and I know I'll really like it given some time to adjust to him looking like an 18 yr old...but for tonight and the next couple of days I'm going to look at this kid and think "where's my baby?!" and "who are you?!"

Friday, August 16, 2013

Words Words Words

You know when you have a baby and you think "I can't wait till he talks"...okay, maybe you don't know, so let me see if I can explain it. When you have a baby they have some great facial expressions that allows you to assume you know what he is thinking - but you don't really know what's going on in his head. Then when he wants something (food, to be held, clean diaper) he just cries...but he also cries when he's sad, in pain, bored, over stimulated, is scared, is tired, and just for fun around 4p for a few hours. When it gets to be the 4p cry fest - that's when you really think "Kid, I can't wait till you talk because this crying for no reason is absolutely insane and ridiculous! Just tell me what you want already?!?!" But they never do, or so it seems.

Then one day they start saying random words and they just repeat them over an over and over and you think "Any day now! Any day he's going to start saying words so I'll be able to understand him!" When in reality he's saying things like Momma or Hi or Dada...but still in the back of your head you think "It's gonna happen any day!"

But nothing happens - so you start to get used to the word repetition and just the few words being said when all of a sudden - out of nowhere - he says Outside and you think "This is it! He just said a big word! Now he's got it - he'll be talking in no time!" But really that was just the big word he chose to say to tease you along...because please understand - your kid knows exactly what's he doing! He can't just come right out and say all the words he knows - I mean then where would he go from there?! He knows he has to start with little short words, but throw in a big one every once in awhile, just so you - as the parent - can brag to everyone else about what word your kid can say, as well as cheer him on. I mean seriously, think about it - every time you say something "new" people clap, cheer, and are so thrilled with you - you'd drag it out too and just say 1 new word every few weeks or months.

Granted there are the times when he comes out with more than 1 word at a time...I think he gets so excited about us being so excited that he just continues to give us new words...and that's where we're at right now...in the past 2 weeks he's said 11 new words...this leads me to believe "Any day now - any day he'll be talking in sentences!" Not long sentences - but 2 word sentences...of course he might hold off on that a bit longer, I mean 11 new words in 2 weeks is a lot and he might need to take a break so that we'll be uber excited with the next new word!

But whenever this kid decides to talk in sentences - one thing is for sure...he's gonna be a talker...so instead of impatiently waiting for when I'll be able to fully understand him, I'm enjoying the few words he is saying with the short periods of silence...because when he decides he's going to "grace" us with talking - there will be no end to it.

Interested in knowing what the monkey is saying now? Here's a list of the words he says:
Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
Dis (This)
Dat (That)
Duh (Duck)
Ruff Ruff (Dog)
Shocksh (Socks)
Baawh (Ball)
Wah-wah (Water)
Mi Mi (what he calls himself occasionally)
Deese (Cheese)
Sauce (Berry/Applesauce)
Wee Wee (Yes in French? It's what he says when he slides down the slide or swings on the swing or other random times)
Ju Ju (Juice)
G (GG - Grandma Pam)
BaBaw (Grandpa)
Kwo Kwo (Chloe - Grandpa Terry and Grandma Mary's Dog)
Mo (More)
Cu (Cup)
Kee (Key)
Bebe (Baby)
Wii (Lee, aka "Faux Pa"...he just can't get the "L" sound out yet)
Eye (Ice)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BaBaw's House

BaBaw is how the monkey says Grandpa...it's a little like potato/potahto...but everyone within earshot knows who he is talking about. Every time Grandpa came into the house "BaBaw!"; every time Grandpa came into the room "BaBaw!"; if Grandpa was outside and walked past the window "BaBaw!"; if we were all outside and the monkey saw Grandpa "BaBaw!"...you get the point right? He definitely knows who Babaw is and it was fun that he decided to say this new word on this trip.

While at BaBaw's house the monkey played outside in a sprinkler...
Momma - want some wah-wah?
I wonder what will happen to this...
He and Babaw explored...
What's over here in the long grass BaBaw?
Where are we going BaBaw?
There are turkeys back there?!
And he also played with BaBaw and Grandma Mary's dog, Chloe...well, if you call pulling on her tail "playing"...but the monkey also liked waiting at the window with her and seeing who was coming...sometimes it was even "BaBaw!"
Who is it Chloe?!

For further enjoyment a few weeks ago BaBaw and Grandma Mary came to visit - I didn't get those pics posted, so here are a few more pics of everyone together, having fun.
You put the shapes in here...
The monkey shared his big cup with BaBaw - and as you can tell they had fun and laughed a lot!
Then they played with the See n' Say...the monkey tried to show BaBaw how it worked...
These animals make noises...
OH - look here...
You pull the yellow thing down
Hear those animals?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1st Car

Um, Dada I don't know about this...
Aunt Gretchen got the monkey a 4x4 and like any little kid, he had to test it out for a bit and see what exactly it was going to do before he decided if he'd like it or not. Wanna take a guess on if he liked it or not? That's right, he loved it!!
After he tested it out he couldn't get enough of it! He drove all over G's backyard - running into everything he possibly could because he didn't really get the steering under control...but boy was it fun!

Once he got comfortable driving it the right way, he decided he'd try driving it another way, not the wrong way, just a different way.
Of course daddy tried to help him sit on it the right way...you know so he wouldn't fall off of it...
You sit like this and use both hands.
But as you can imagine, the monkey had another idea. 
Dada this is so much cooler though!
I can even use both hands while I sit like this...

Yep - see how cool I am!!
There are times though, when your car breaks down...(his car didn't run out of the battery, he just decided he wanted to push it - silly boy!)
Oh man...where did they say I had to push it?
I think I'm going uphill...no? Oh crud - it feels like it's up a hill!
But don't worry, after all that work he had a snack!
And a drink!
Yeah, I think it's safe to say that he loved his car!