Friday, September 27, 2013

YAY! Today is over...

Is he a dog or a kid?! Sometimes I just have no idea...
There are those days when you really hope that bedtime comes soon - even when it's only was one of those days. Of course that's not to say that it was a horrible day all around - oh no - there were those moments when the monkey did something absolutely crazy and I thought "it's not so bad"
but shortly after the laughing and crazy moments there would come a tantrum or a meltdown over something and it would be a super long day again. Luckily it was a beautiful day out so every time the monkey said "WEEE" we'd go outside so he could slide (that's what he says when he wants to slide)...of the 7 times that he begged to go outside and slide there was only 1 time where he actually got on the slide to slide down - and that was at the end of the day when Rusty got home. Most of the time he just wanted to come right back inside and either 1- play with the door, 2- go up the stairs, 3- go up and down the elevator, 4- play in the hallway with another door, 5- look at books on the bookshelf in the hallway (where there's a little "library"), or 6- play with rocks outside.

The time that he wanted to get a book off the bookshelf, he didn't want to get a kids book - he wanted this book

He wanted this book really bad...
And it wasn't even that he wanted it for a little bit - oh no - later tonight, before bed, he was looking through the book again and wanting to sit on my lap and read it (flip through it)...I thought it was hilarious! All afternoon when we'd go past the bookshelf - I'd try to get him to get another book - you know, one with pictures...but noooo he wanted this Bible, so the Bible he got! However, when it was time to brush his teeth he was ready to get rid of his book and get his toothbrush.
Another funny moment today - when we were outside and he was playing with the rocks - I discovered that he truly is my kid (you know besides the whole "I birthed this child, he looks like my side of the family, he's stubborn and a drama queen..."). The realization came when he saw a bug (and there are lots of them outside), stepped on it, and said bye-bye. I'm not 100% sure if the bug was killed or not - but he really did try to kill it! And I immediately thought "That's my kid!" Unfortunately I didn't get it on video, but I'm sure he'll do it again and I'll be ready the next time!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy and Other Favorite Things

Another picture mom?!
Recently the monkey started saying happy...and usually when he says it he says it repeatedly...of course when the camera is on he doesn't always do what he does "normally." (He refers to himself as "baby" - when he sees pictures or videos of himself he says baby, when he sees his reflection - it's the baby - so now I sometimes refer to him as the baby...)
One of his favorite snacks are seeds and nuts...he absolutely loves them! If we walk past them in the grocery store - he immediately wants them, if I get them out to cook or bake with - he wants them...or if he hasn't had them for a few hours he wants them. How do I know? Well he asks for them! (Many times raisins or dried apricots go along with the seeds and nuts...)
He's also started saying no, but luckily he's also picked up saying yes again...
Then this afternoon we went to the store and bought some more blackberries - because he can't get enough of them! As soon as we got home he wanted to eat them all - but I gave him just a few at a time until I decided I might as well just give him all of them...I mean it's not like hey last forever - so he might as well enjoy them while they're good and fresh...and they're berries and berries are good for you right?!
After eating blackberries we had to take a bath, well we didn't really have to, but he'd been wanting to take a bath all day today (because he didn't get to take one yesterday after I told him we would) into the bath he went! He loves playing in the water, but today the fun was a little different...

And his last "favorite" thing we did today (that I recorded or took a picture of) was looking for spiders and their webs. He will do the motions of The Itsy Bitsy Spider when he wants to look for we went looking today! This morning it was easy to find all the webs (and there are tons around here) because of the dew...but the spiders were nowhere to be found...of course this afternoon we found all the spiders, okay, maybe not all, but we found a lot of them. (Nope, no picture of the spider this time - only its web...)
Spider webs are pretty in the morning...

Monday, September 23, 2013

Feeding a Horse

Hey Horsey - want some grass?
I know I've already done a horse post - but honestly, we go everyday so we could do a post everyday of the horses we see and get to "feed." So this morning on our walk - we actually were, in a way, "christened" by one of the he didn't pee on us - he did his little horse whinny/grunt which sent sprays of horse saliva onto us. The first time it happened the monkey looked at me with the expression of "WHAT the heck was that?!" The second time it happened he started laughing hysterically - as if it was the funniest thing in the world! Unfortunately I didn't get either one on video - I mean it's not like you can make a horse do that on purpose, but trust me it was the highlight of the morning. Of course that doesn't mean I didn't get videos of the monkey feeding the horse - I did!

This was just after (about 3 minutes after - so maybe not just after) the second horse whinny/grunt - the facial expressions this kid gives when feeding the horse are the best!
Of course sometimes the monkey's not very good at sharing...or giving things up...even when it's grass for a horse...
We'll have to see what tomorrow with the horses brings - maybe another "christening" or maybe some more feeding or teasing the horse...and who knows we might get another horse to come over to us, although I think this horse comes because he knows we try to give him "extra" grass...the other horses haven't stayed around long enough to find out how generous we can be...
Come here Mr. Horse...I have more grass for you...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Horses and Blackberries

Most people would never think to do a post about horses and blackberries - especially when it's not like we picked blackberries around where the horses are - nope they were store bought blackberries...but hey we went and visited the horses and then later ate blackberries - so since they both occurred on the same day they get to be in the same post.

During the week the monkey and I walk into town and go visit the horses - it's about a 2 mi walk to where the horses are but once we're there we sometimes get a chance to feed them grass. I know that doesn't sound exciting, but really, since I don't know the horses' owner I don't want to take other things to feed the horses - so we just pick the grass around the fence and feed it to them. There are some days that the horses don't come to the fence so we just watch them eat the grass in the field - which isn't too exciting but hey it's something to do and gets us out of our hotel room.

Yesterday though, the horses were close - well at least one of them was so we were able to feed him grass...and the monkey loved it! Now, in these pictures you can't really see the piece of grass he's holding very clearly - but he's holding some grass in the first one and in the second one the horse is eating the grass.
Hey Mr. Horsey, want some food?!

Momma! He's eating it!!
Then, later in the afternoon, we went to the store and bought some blackberries - since we can't pick them anymore we now buy them...and as you can see - he loves blackberries...even when they're tart. (The reason his jacket and hood are still on is because he just couldn't wait to eat the blackberries and he also really likes his ruff ruff coat.
This one looks good...
Yep, it sure is...but I think this one might be even better!

Of course you might not believe how much he really likes them, so I did take a video of it for your enjoyment...I also get him to talk a little bit - of course it doesn't take much to get him to talk.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The BEST Water in the World!

Just look at this kid - is he not the cutest kid ever!?! ;)
The monkey has made it official - he is 100% positive that he has found out where the best water in the world comes from - so all the debates over water can now be settled! AND I should say it's not just the monkey that thinks this way - oh no! - it's actually millions of children (okay, I might've exaggerated by saying millions but it's at least a handful of other children) agree with him! I know you're sitting there waiting with bated breath to see what brand he prefers - but it's really the most simple and basic water you could ever have, but because you've probably outgrown your love of 1 simple childhood act - you've probably forgotten how great, amazing, and wonderful this water tastes...

So what is this water?! Here's your clue...
MMmm good!
That's right it's bath water! (Was I right?! Have you stopped taking baths and so forgotten how delightful this water actually is?! I knew it!!) I have no idea why it tastes so good - I've tried to figure it out, without going to the extreme of actually tasting the water (I love my kid but I'm drawing the line there - I will never drink his bath water...and yes, I'm pretty confident when I say never that I actually mean never.) It's not the soap - because I don't wash him till the very end - because of the fact that he will drink his bath water like he's a camel that has just crossed the could be the temperature (he does like drinking warm tea - so maybe he likes warm water too)...yeah - it could be a lot of other gross things that I won't mention...but no matter what - he loves his bath water (and from talking to other parents this isn't a "special" talent of his - nope all other kids seem to like drinking their bath water too). (And no, it's not that he gets to drink from a duck - he drinks from cups, the faucet, or just getting down and straight from the tub...seriously - it's the water!)
Hey Momma - have you tried this?
If you drink from the tail it's the best!
See, I don't even have to use 2 hands...
I'm just that good!
I just can't get enough!
Another round - it's on me!!
What do you mean 'you're out of water'?!
Of course I had to take a video of him being his silly self in the tub too...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did you want to go somewhere?!

On nice days we don't spend too much time in our hotel room...I mean we are living in a hotel have a 20 month old in a hotel room for long periods of time isn't a good thing, unless he's sleeping. But it's a great thing that he doesn't really like to be in the room - except on days when it's rainy and we really can't leave the room...luckily there have been more nice days than rainy days!

Of course sometimes you just need to go inside and warm up, or take a break and when those times come and the monkey doesn't want to be inside he lets me know. Sometimes he lets me know vocally and other times his actions speak loudly for him - take today for example... He had just woken up from a nap (yes he wanted to wear his "ruff ruff" coat to bed - and yes, it's almost too small for him), I was getting his lunch ready, but he wanted to do something else - so he did. (The stroller was still out from our walk before his nap...)
Yes, he pushed the stroller into the's not the place I normally store it, especially when it's not closed up...
He then discovered he couldn't get out of the bathroom...
No matter how much he tried - he was I helped him out...and yes, after he ate some lunch we went back outside.

"Pepper" and "Moo"

Nothing to do with the words - but this was after he ate some tomatoes...look at those tomato guts/seeds on his chin!
We're in word explosion over here...every day there's a new word or two - at least - that the monkey starts saying...I'm losing count of the words he's saying now, but today we had 2 new words!!

The first word came when he was eating lunch...he was eating ham, beets, olives, pickles, pea pods, and peppers (yellow, red, and green ones)...
He said it repeatedly, and then I said "do you want me to record it?" and he said "uhn" which is how he says yes many I got the camera turned it on and that was what he did...of course after saying it the one time on video he refused to say it again...

The second word finally happened this afternoon! Every morning we take a walk into the nearest town to see some horses (about 2 mi) and we walk past some cows...every morning I point out the cows and I say "See those animals? Those are cows. They say 'moo'" and every day he just looks at the cows and me like I'm crazy - so we continue our walk. But this afternoon as we were on the bus going to see Rusty and we went past some cows - so I pointed them out to the monkey and what does he do?! He says "MOO!" And then every time we passed cows and I said "There are some more cows" he'd say "MOO!" again - proud mommy moment right there! His animal noises are coming along nicely!!

Not sure what the next sound will be...maybe I can get him to say "Quack" or "Meow" next - he can point out "duhs" (ducks) and "kickies" (kitties) but he just doesn't say their sounds yet...I'm working on it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Conversations with a Monkey

Momma! Momma!

Can I just say how I love that my kid asks for beets for a snack - he really does!
And I know that someday soon I'm going to hate that these two short, simple words have now entered his vocabulary...but right now it just sounds so cute...
Occasionally he'll tell you exactly who he wants to talk to as well...sometimes he'll pick up his phone and "call" people, and other times he just talks about calling them...
Of course sometimes the conversations aren't really "conversations" - it's more a "show me what you've learned/know, because I know you know better than what you're currently doing/how you're currently behaving" (Also known as the "I know you know how to close doors gently since we go over this

One of his favorite things to do, when he sees or thinks about his knees is to talk about them and need them kissed...of course he also does this when he hurts or thinks he hurts his knees...

or any other body parts...
Of course some conversations can be had with just a me on this - it really doesn't need any sound to go with it...if there was sound it would be whiny and super fake...

How to Open Doors

One of my favorite poses the monkey does...
Granted you probably think you know how to open a door, but let me just say 2 words - you don't. Nope...
That's how you open the door...What do you mean you don't understand? See we have to go through doors in order to get ice - which is what the monkey was wanting. These doors are not just any door however, they're special doors - doors that you have to use your mind in order to open...and the monkey will show you how you do that - because he's become a master at opening doors.

The first thing we had to do though, was to get his cup that we could fill with ice, and then we could go out and down the hallway and through the door...
Okay, so he didn't really show off his powers that time, but they were still used...what do you mean "how do I know?" I mean obviously his powers were used - the doors opened didn't they?! Let's try it again, shall we...I mean we had to go back through the doors in order to go back to our room...
And okay, once again he didn't show off his powers - but the doors still opened so, once again, it obviously worked...but just in case you don't believe me - here he is again demonstrating how to open the doors (unfortunately he doesn't always do this in front of the door)...
If you have any questions let me know - but next time you're in front of a door - give it a try, maybe you'll be surprised and you'll have the power to open doors too!

(FYI - the whole "door opening" wasn't something the monkey came up with on his own, the monkey learned how to open the doors from his dada...he's just "perfected" it.)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire Hydrant and Glasses

Today we went to a flea market that a town was putting on - we wanted to get out and walk around - especially since it wasn't raining! Just so you know - flea markets here sell the same things that flea markets in the states do - but it was really fun because interspersed between everyone's place (it was more like a community wide garage sale - everyone was outside their house with their stand) were beer stands and they also had a band that performed in the main square! We had fun looking around and I did find two books that should help us all learn French words (and one of them might even teach us Dutch - since it's for French children who are learning Dutch) - it's a picture book and since I know what all the pictures are we can learn both! The monkey however didn't get to walk much - because he wanted to pick everything up - so he was contained in his stroller, which meant when we got home he wanted to go outside and run around!

We stopped by the playground - yes the one where he fell - and he climbed around on it but he refused to slide down the slide and when I slid down it he about had a meltdown because he didn't want me to, but I did it anyway. And then, because I'm that type of mom, I made him "face his fear" and slide down the slide - I held his hands...but he refused to go down it again...we'll see if, as the days go by, he warms up to it again or not. But after the slide he was ready to go - so we decided to go to the store and get some things we were needing...he was fine with that because it meant we were going to walk by the rosebush and the fire hydrant!
He loves the rosebush - it's also where we found the blackberries - but he has to walk around the rosebush and he has to look, touch, and attempt to bite the rose hips. He would spend hours at that bush if we let him - I think it's because the rose hips look like tomatoes that he thinks they'll taste good too, but I don't know, but we finally got him away from the rosebush only to be stopped 20 feet later by the fire hydrant!
It might be that he has a fireman coat, or it could be that he has a fireman coat and loves sirens, or it could be that it's bright red, but whatever the reason he loves the fire hydrant. He tries to open it up, he attempts to bite it, he knocks on it with sticks, he poses with it...yeah, the fire hydrant is one of his favorite stops on our walks to the store!
Once again, we can't spend all day at the fire hydrant (but I have stood there for 30 min while he plays - hey, anything that can entertain him for 30 min is worth it as long as it's not pouring down rain...and then it's worth it if I have a hood or umbrella for me - he's always prepared for the weather). The time came for us to move on - of course the monkey won't leave me behind - so when Rusty said "let's go" and took the monkey's hand - the monkey turned around because he wouldn't leave me...
"Momma! Momma!"
The real fun came at the grocery store! We found silly glasses - the monkey saw them and started saying "Momma! Momma!" (which is what he says when he wants my attention, when he wants me to come with him - which usually also entails him grabbing my hand and pulling me wherever he wants me, and in the morning when he wakes up...pretty much all.the.time.) But when I heard him in the store I looked to see what he was talking about and there they were...the silly glasses that I made him wear every month for his month birthday, the pair we had broke and I hadn't gotten another pair yet...but he found them so we had to get them! He really wanted to open the package then and there (he bit it and tried to get into it), but I made him wait until we got home for the fun!
Yes, the glasses are upside down...but hey, at least he knows to match the nose up with his nose! He'll figure out that the "glasses" part go where his eyes are at some point, but until then we'll just match up the noses! This is what happens when I put them on him "correctly"...
Obviously his way is the better way to wear them! After the fun of the silly glasses, he came over to me saying "don don" (rhymes with "own") and I looked at him and said "I have no clue what you're saying," because I really didn' know how some parents know everything their kid says - yeah, I'm not there yet! He's been saying so many new words lately that half time time it takes me awhile to actually figure out what he's saying, because it doesn't always sound like the word he's "repeating" - but once I figure it out I think "well duh! How did I not know that's what he was saying?!" So this "don don" - confused wasn't down...I was trying to figure out if it was a food...and then all of a sudden he started saying "non non" along with it and I figured it out! See his "non non" is no and his "don don" is don't! HA! I guess I've been saying don't a lot to him, instead of no...but now he's got both down! Of course he would say the word and then I'd say it and he'd laugh hysterically - so then I knew I had figured it out for sure! I'll get a better video of it at some point, but until then - here he is saying don't. (Oh, and notice how good his face looks? Yeah - it's pretty much all healed from his fall!)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

My little buddy
Worst feeling in the world...I have now experienced it...seeing your child injured/hurt/scared and being absolutely unable to do anything to soothe him. Yesterday, the monkey took his great fall, and I of course jumped down to his side as he lay face down on the ground - thankfully screaming and flailing around - he did everything in his power to turn himself over onto his back - which, yes, should tell me "everything's fine", but when you see your kid fall like a rag doll you don't I left him laying on his back and ran to the door and yelled "CALL 911!!" Which I know isn't technically 911 here, but thankfully the lady knew who I needed...after all, we are currently on a base, and I went back to try and calm my screaming child, while at the same time trying to hold his head still, AND trying to get him to open his eyes so that I could see if his eyes were dilated or not...

When the paramedics showed up - after what seemed like forever, but was really only about 7 minutes, they put him in a neck brace, strapped him onto a kids stretcher board, and then strapped him onto the stretcher and away we went - in the ambulance - to the hospital! (I should say that this was my first time ever in an ambulance - I had no clue that the stretcher was attached to something that allows it to move with all the bounces and bumps in the road - apparently it's soothing to the person on the stretcher because the monkey tried to go to sleep repeatedly - which we rudely awakened him every time.) I should also mention that Rusty was at work and I had no way to contact him and so I had to have the lady at the front desk inform him of what happened and send him to the hospital with just the information that his son fell on his head and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance...that's right not the news you want to hear when you get home from work!

Back to the ambulance - luckily one of the paramedics spoke English - but yeah, I now have even more of an incentive to learn French! (I hope to GOD this never happens again, but if it does, I want to be able to communicate, so I guess I need to add medical conversations to the needed list of French words.) On the way to the hospital the paramedic told me he thought the monkey was okay, but that it's always better to be sure - which I agreed with, especially after seeing the fall!

Once at the hospital (which was a totally different experience than being in the States and going to the hospital), the doctor checked the monkey out and said he didn't need to do any x-rays, cat scan, or mri (good news - yay!), and that he looked okay to him (yay again! Although I started to think maybe I overreacted...). He checked with the pediatric doctor who said the same thing - about not needing any scans done, but, that with falls like the one he took, they want to keep the child for 24 hrs and monitor him every 4 hrs. So to the hospital we went and in the hospital we stayed.

Thankfully, once we got to a room, the monkey was back in his normal spirits, antics, and mood - which helped to enforce what the doctors thought - that he was okay. However, while he was trying to play instead of being calm like the nurse tried to explain I needed to get him to do, (Seriously?! Have you ever tried to calm and contain a child who just wants to run and play and get some energy out?!) I was worried about how Rusty was taking the news - because I now knew that the monkey was - pretty much - fine, but Rusty was just hearing that we were rushed to the hospital. Luckily, when Rusty discovered where we were and arrived on the floor he heard the monkey's voice and he knew that he was okay. 

This morning, the monkey woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and hated being contained in his bed, but contain him I did until the nurses came by and unhooked him from the monitors...
Then we waited for the doctor to make his rounds, and when he came he said that it was a good thing the monkey hit his head where he did, because if it had been just 1-1 1/2 inches higher, the outcome would have most likely been very different. And when he said we were free to go - guess what - we were free to go! That's right we walked right into the hospital and when it was time to go we walked right was the craziest feeling in the world!

But we're now home...amazingly his face looks 100% better than what it did yesterday...I didn't take any pictures yesterday but the whole side of his face and head was red...we thought he was going to have a huge bruise and possibly even a black eye...I thought he might even have a bump on his head - because it seemed like one was forming - but today it seriously looks like he just has a few scratches...

So, fortunately for this "Humpty Dumpty", it didn't take much at all to put him back together again!

Fun Day till Humpty Dumpty Fell...

Yesterday we were having a great day! We walked into the town and wandered around - we went to the church, we found horses in the field - which the monkey decided he wanted to feed them more grass...
Then after a short nap (20 min) we headed back out to go to the store and play outside...I mean yes, we had been out all morning but the monkey had been stuck in his stroller and he needed to get out an walk and play! On the way to the store we stopped at the rosebush and we found that there is a blackberry bush growing inside the rosebush so that means there were a few blackberries that we could pick!! And someone decided that if you pick them and eat them immediately he actually does like blackberries! Once I was able to drag him away from that we were stopped by the fire hydrant - I mean he is in his fire chief coat!
After the store we went straight to the playground outside the hotel...we slid down the slides and climbed up, chased each other around the playground, and then went back to the slides - where the monkey insisted I go down them too, so I obliged. The second time he insisted (Momma! Momma!) and we went up and he started backing up towards the open part where there is a ladder that kids can climb up, or for little kids, an area where moms worry that their child could fall...
And that's what happened - Humpty Dumpty took a "great fall"...which wasn't "great" at all but a horrible experience that luckily wasn't a horrible outcome. One minute we were laughing and having a great time and a second later I see it coming, and I try to stop it from happening, but I'm just not that fast...down my baby goes! That's right, my little monkey fell off the play structure onto the ground (in the above picture - you can see the blue "ladder" to the right of the slide...the area above that is open so kids can climb up and down and it's about upper chest/neck height on an adult). The monkey was walking backwards and didn't realize that the opening was there - and down he went, like a rag doll, landing on his head with his body following. Thankfully - it was a rubberized ground that he landed on, that he's only 20 months and his body is still a little "rubbery", and that he landed more on the side of his face than on his head - it all equaled out that he's fine...however, at the moment that my child fell and lay screaming on the ground - I wasn't sure if everything was going to be alright or not...after all, if an adult had fallen like my monkey, the outcome most likely would've been a broken neck...stay tuned for part 2.