Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This year for the monkey's costume I decided that he'd get to be a giraffe (nice of me huh?). It goes back to actually before he was born - you see, I saw a newborn giraffe costume that was absolutely adorable when I was 7 months pregnant - I mean do you realize how small that outfit was...yeah, super small! Anyway I was so close to buying it as his "going home" outfit. Now I know you might be thinking "but the monkey wasn't born in October...or even November..." and I know that - but how many kids get to actually wear newborn costumes? (not many) AND how many newborns get to wear any kind of costume when they leave the hospital? (even less) AND how many kids who are born in January get to wear newborn costumes when they leave the hospital? (none) So see - the monkey could've been the only child to leave the hospital in January in a costume, not that I was going for that - but I thought it would be cute and would keep him warm. (I mean if I was really going to the whole "my kid left the hospital in an outfit" thing I would've at least gotten him a newborn Elvis costume - since he was born on Elvis' birthday!)
I know you might be wondering then, why didn't I buy the costume? One word - Rusty. I honestly thought "if I buy this outfit I'll have to convince Rusty to let me put our kid in it when we leave the it worth it?" and as you can figure out I didn't think it was worth it. Of course when I told him what I almost did - he said "I'm surprised you didn't buy it!" Lesson learned - I wouldn't have had to convince him at all! Next kid gets a costume for when we leave the hospital (whenever that might be - but not yet or in the next 9 months - this is not any kind of announcement - it's just a "for future reference" so that when you see our next child leaving the hospital in a costume you'll understand why).

But back to the monkey and his giraffe costume...he already had a bumblebee costume but I wanted to get him something different and when I saw the giraffe I said "That's it!" Fortunately it fit him...I mean I bought it because it was an 18-24mo size, but when we got it home it was super tight on him...but hey - it was close enough to Halloween that it would work (and they didn't have a larger size). Today was our playgroup day and they had a Halloween party for the kids - so he got to dress up as his giraffe. Amazingly he stayed in the costume the whole time! The only thing that was removed were the "mittens" but other than that - he didn't try to take the hat off or anything - which was a totally different outcome than the first time he tried it on where he was in tears and ripping the hat off his head...nope today he played in his costume!

He drove around the room...
He climbed and then slid down...
He got in line for "trick-or-treating" and waved "buh-bye"
And he went trick-or-treating...

He tried to escape out the doors...
And finally he was able to SIT! and relax for a few seconds before getting down to play again!
By the time the party was over - he was exhausted...but that's not to say he wanted to go (because he didn't)...and I should've taken a picture of him when we got home...he had passed out in his car seat, and everyone knows a sleeping giraffe is priceless! Unfortunately for you I didn't get a picture of the sleeping giraffe so you'll just have to trust me that he was adorable...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Vest

Clothes get handed down by friends and family members - but more than just from siblings or cousins, because sometimes they get handed down through the least in my family they do! So the monkey doesn't just get clothes from his cousins, but he also gets clothes that his uncles (my brothers) wore (that his cousins wore) - because yes, my mom saved all of our cute clothes - I don't think she saved all of the clothes we had - but she saved a lot. Since I have 3 brothers there are a few more boy clothes than girl clothes around, however since I also have 3 nephews - the boy clothes are getting worn much more than the girls because until a year ago we didn't have any little girls in the family - but one joined our family when my youngest brother got married so she is getting to wear some of my old clothes - but not the baby clothes, because obviously she's not a baby.
It's really fun to dress the monkey in some of the clothes that I remember my younger brothers wearing...especially because they're not like the "little boy" clothes now - it was a whole other some of his clothes are a little "old fashioned" or "dated" but hey - they're still cute and since he's cute he can wear pretty much anything - maybe even the lederhosen...okay, I'm thinking no on that but who knows - he might actually like it!

Today he wore a vest that was my younger brothers - the cute little penguin vest. You see he woke up and I said Monkey, what do you want to wear today? and he said Blue!...Red!...Blue! So as you can see - he really wasn't sure what he wanted to wear...but I started pointing to the hanging clothes that were blue and red and he settled on the blue penguin vest, but he wanted red still - so we did his red shirt (and how great is it that the vest his picked went perfectly with red!?)...and then I picked the pants to go with the outfit - but he was happy with my choice because it meant he got to wear his belt - and he loves wearing his belt!
Later we added his new hat to the mix when it came out of the laundry (it's a Thomas the Train hat...he had his choice of Elmo or the train and he chose the "choo choo" even though he has no clue who Thomas the Train is!)...and then he added the shopping bag - it's one of his favorite things to carry around (it's folded up - but it unfolds to a large bag we can use when we go to the grocery store or market) - he loves it because of all the colors!
And this is what happened when he realized I was taking pictures! He said "NON NO?" (most things are in the form of questions) and dropped the bag and tore his hat off - he didn't want his picture taken...but it was just so cute! Unfortunately when we went out today he had to cover the vest with a coat because it was a little too cold for just a shirt and vest...but hey, at least I got to enjoy his cute little outfit!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Blustery Day = Frog Boots and Coat

Today was a super blustery day with rain and sunshine off and on...although most of the rain was in the morning - so we really were just stuck inside this morning. While inside though, the monkey discovered a "phone" (a calculator) and he had fun calling people!
Although when he "dialed their number" no one ever picked up - so he was stuck saying Ajew, ajew, ajew ("Bonjour" - luckily when he says it to people in the store and on the street - they understand what he's saying)...and he can never just say it once - nope it's at least 3 times in a row, if not more.

He then found some silly putty...
Luckily he didn't figure out that he could actually take it out of the little egg - so he just kept pressing his finger into it...
And taking the top off and on...

After the silly putty he decided he'd play with his "car" first he wanted to put his teddy bear in the car, but then he decided his dog would be better...but not the stuffed animal dog, nope this dog...
the one you push around and can sit on and ride around...when he discovered that wasn't as easy to get in his "car" he tried the stuffed animal dog and then just went for pushing his car around!
Of course after all of that fun it was nap time, also known today as "time to scream for 30min and sleep for 45 min"...which made for a really cheerful kid this afternoon! Of course I will only share with you the fun times (once again) since there have been days where it's nothing but crying videos...For instance - lunch today, this was what he said he wanted the first time I asked him...
But as you might've been able to tell he was a little when I asked him a 2nd time he was a little more focused (sure on 1 thing - but still focused)...and because of that this is what he got for lunch...
Okay, I didn't give him raw onions - although he'd probably love it if I just handed him the onion (like an apple) and said here ya go! And even though it was tempting to do that today, I refrained...if I ever do that though - rest assured there will be a video!
After his lunch - where he refused to eat all onions (ironic isn't it, but not surprising at all), I let him out on the deck while I finished what I was doing....but of course we had to dress appropriately for the weather! I wasn't sure if it was going to start to rain again or not - so I gave him his choice of all of his shoes and he chose his frog rain boots (which he will actually carry around the house with him just so they're in the same room as he is, if he can't wear them!) and then I said he could wear any of his coats and since he wanted to wear his blue dolphin raincoat - I thought "why not go for the matching factor" and I said Do you want to wear your green frog raincoat too? To which he replied YES! Okay, so he didn't really reply - he just put his arms into the sleeves when I held it out and I took that as the "yes"'s a little big - it's 3T and the clothes he's wearing right now are 2T (and I bought it before he was born) but I was able to roll the arms up so he could at least get his hands out....but it still looked like a dress, oh least he was cute!

Of course, as it usually goes, instead of getting things finished I sat and played, took pictures and videos of the monkey...but when he's not whining/crying/fussing/screaming - that's when I want to hang out with him...

So I did and I just put the other things off for a bit...besides it was "nice" out - the wind wasn't as strong, the rain was gone, and the sunshine had appeared!
Did someone say sunshine?!

Besides talking and being outside one of his favorite things is to play "peek-a-boo"...
and luckily you can play that inside and outside!!
His boots are a little big...I mean technically they're his size and they size so they should fit...but you know how that goes - every company is slightly different in size - so I totally understand not wanting to wear shoes that are big - they're not comfy, just like shoes that are too small...
However, the deck was a little damp and I didn't want his socks he had to keep his shoes on. Amazingly when we went out on our walk he didn't want to change his shoes - even though they aren't the most comfy shoes...he wore them on our walk - and just so you know, more often than not when we go on walks - he walks...I always give him the choice between his stroller, my back (in a carrier), and walking...sometimes he wants my back but usually he wants to walk and rarely will he pick the stroller.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Best Kitchen Toy Ever!

Okay, there are a lot of great kitchen toys the monkey has and loves...and pretty much all of them have been given to us by his Aunt Gretchen. So let me just say I was SO excited that I could add to his kitchen stuff with something so small and so simple - and really it doesn't take the place of any of his kitchen stuff - it just adds to them. What is this amazing toy you wonder?! It's a..., well let me show you!
Um, momma, you realize you gave me this right?!
That's right - it's an empty spice this instance it was a cinnamon one - I didn't wash it, because what fun would that be to give him something like that that doesn't smell?! But I did wipe it out so he couldn't sprinkle the last little bit of cinnamon everywhere...Usually they're off limits - the spice containers - because he can unscrew them or pop the lid and sprinkle them everywhere - so he was pretty excited when I actually gave him one he could keep! So this is what he did...he stored it in his kitchen for when he needed it...
And a perfect time to use cinnamon is when you are making a drink!
Sometimes you think you've added enough, but you really just need a tad bit more...
You then bring it over to the person you made it for so they can try it (me)...
 But first you have to test it yourself.
You see, it enhances all the other kitchen things! Now I can't wait till we "run out" of more spices so he can have his own "set" - although they probably won't be as great as this cinnamon one!

Fashion Sense

Some kids love to dress themselves and I always wondered if I was going to have a kid like that or not...well about 2 months ago - maybe a little longer - I discovered that yes, I do have a kid that likes to dress himself! Right now he'll let me "help" - as in I can sometimes pick out the pants - but every morning he wants to pick out his shirt, and his socks...when it's time to go out - he picks out his coat and his shoes - he'll listen to my advice or the options I give him - but he wants the final say. I figure that since there are very few things he can really control - I'll let him help pick out his that is how we came to this outfit a little over a week ago.
That's right - I got to help pick out the shirt - since he wanted the red and white striped overalls - if it was up to him he probably would've picked his cookie monster shirt! But he picked out his socks - all by himself! (In his hand is one of those head massagers...he loves playing with it!)
He also loves walking on his's a talent that some people have, you know...and he has it!
And sometimes I can get him to tickle himself - the head massager tickles him - so after this he kinda melted down and laughed hysterically! (But I just couldn't capture it in pictures and I was too slow to video it!) Unfortunately shortly after this picture I realized that when he sat down the snaps in the crotch of the overalls would unsnap and so I changed his pants - so no more pictures of this outfit.

Of course there are times when you've had a tiring day, then a diaper accident occurs, and you, as the mom, know you're not going out again so it really doesn't matter what your kid is wearing. So you change his diaper, grab a pair of pants and put them on him...and then you laugh because it's an outfit that even your 21 month old would most likely never put together...but who cares - it's worth the picture! And that was how yesterday afternoon's outfit came to see he had been wearing jeans - so it was a pretty cute outfit...but when the jeans went so did the fashion sense!
If he had picked this out to wear I might've been a little worried - but since it was just "what happened" I just laughed...of course it didn't last long because I couldn't handle it - so I made him switch tops (plus is was on the warm side so he could easily wear short sleeves). Of course while eating dinner - he decided he was a little too warm still and he pulled his pants up (I'd like to mention I had told him he could take his socks off but he didn't want to do that).
He entertained himself with the flashlight until he started banging it around and it got taken away - he was also super tired because we had spent the day walking around Bruges...of course it would be a better story if I said he saw himself in the mirror and was so upset with how he was dressed that he broke down in tears!
Luckily working in his kitchen can calm him down...and allowed me to get a picture of the backside...because really, in these pants, it's all about the butt shot!