Saturday, November 30, 2013

OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree...

Sunrise this morning...yes the sun was out today!
This morning was a little like Christmas morning - the monkey went to sleep with the house looking "normal" and when he woke up there was a Christmas tree up and decorations around!

He's "cawing" like he does with birds at the beginning...
We weren't sure how he was going to do with the Christmas Goose this year, last year he liked it - but with this kid there is just no knowing what he's going to like (especially a year later)...
Now you might think he didn't really like it, but you'd be wrong!
The rest of the day it was one of the 3 things he carried around playing the music and dancing...definitely my kid! He also loved the "Thomas" box, which isn't really a train but I'm not telling him that!
He was super careful with all of the ornaments on the tree! He would go over to the tree and look at it (either wanting the lights on or off - the opposite of whatever they were)...he's look at the ornaments and when he found one he wanted off he would come and get me to take it off for him...there was no grabbing, pulling, or yanking! When I told him this morning he needed to be gentle with the tree, ornaments, and other Christmas decorations - he took me seriously (YAY!)...
Of course it wasn't all serious...
It started with him attempting to put his stocking on his head, but when he discovered it wouldn't fit he decided he wanted the (elf) hat on his head and he sat down to put the stocking on his foot...without any outside input...he has started to attempt to put his socks on his feet - so maybe he noticed they (his stocking and his sock) looked alike - that's the only thing I can think at least...
And then he walked around for a bit till the stocking fell off and he decided he needed his "belt"...
Then it was time to "hang" everything up (on the chairs - where the stocking had been hanging...

Skip forward to tonight as Rusty was getting all the stuff out to set up his new grill...the monkey got super excited when he saw the grill - he did a hilarious laugh (it's captured a little in this next video)...and then when Rusty got out the table to set it up on out on the deck - the monkey decided it wasn't really a table for daddy - but more like a table for him!
But once the table was taken away it was all back to the Christmas tree!
Christmas tree from the monkey's's pretty big, and there are lots of things on it!
Tonight his "obsession" was the light-up snowman...but really who wouldn't be obsessed with it?!
He asked me, "pweese", to take the snowman off the tree and then he figured out how to turn it on and off very quickly...
Of course there were other things that he liked...there was a teddy bear, drum, necklace, blue ball, and this other one - that looked like it would taste good...
but it wasn't then it was back to the snowman!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Who is Santa?

This year Christmas might still be all about the packaging!

The monkey knows Santa...and by knows I mean if he sees a picture of him he will say "Sansa" (Santa)...but as far as who he is or what he does he's still not too clear. For example I was trying to explain to him who Santa was today at lunchtime and I explained that he comes on Christmas Eve and he brings gifts - toys - to kids who are good. (Yeah, like a 22 mo old grasps that the first time.) And I asked him what he thought Santa would bring him...I so should've been prepared for the answer...This was our conversation

Me: What do you want Santa to bring you?
Monkey: Eatmeal! Lola! (That would be oatmeal and granola)
Me: Okay...what else do you think he'll bring you?
Monkey: Bowls! More...Eatmeal!
Me: He'll bring you a bowl and more oatmeal?
Monkey: Yes. Momma...
Me: What will he bring momma?
Monkey: Bowls! Dadda...
Me: He'll bring momma a bowl?
Monkey:  Yes.
Me: What will he bring Daddy?
Monkey: Bowls! Eatmeal!
Me: He'll bring daddy a bowl and some oatmeal?
Monkey: Yes. More...Lola...momma...
Me: He'll bring mommy some granola?
Monkey: Yes...Owie...
Me: What will he bring Owen?
Monkey: Bowls...Eatmeal, more....lola...

And it just continued, but what I got from it was that Santa is bringing the monkey a bowl, oatmeal, and granola...he's bringing daddy a bowl and oatmeal...and he's bringing me a bowl and granola. Looks like we're having a healthy Christmas this year! LOL I'll have to see if Santa is bringing us anything else as Christmas gets closer...with this kid - who knows!


It's Thanksgiving! Granted we're overseas where Thanksgiving isn't celebrated but we still celebrated, a little differently than when we're home but celebrated nonetheless! Of course we woke up to a "beautiful day" - you know one of those days in which you wish you could just stay curled up in your bed all day...or maybe curled up in front of the fire with a good book or a movie...but of course with a 22 mo old that doesn't really work - he didn't get the memo about being lazy so it was up and out.  
"beautiful day" in our town (pronounced Swan-knee)
For those of you in the NW you know the type of "beautiful day" I'm talking about - a "typical winter day" - where the sun is hidden behind the grey/clouds/fog (although more fog than y'all are used to), with some spitting rain (not the downpour that those of you in the Midwest or South are familiar with)...but one of those days that you think is there such a thing as this thing called the sun that people talk about?! Of course with a kid who loves being outside this weather didn't stop us from going out - oh no - we just put on an extra layer of clothes, rain coats, galoshes, and mittens and headed out into the great outdoors! (He wanted to wear the hood from his red coat - but I talked him into a hat instead of a hood.)
I mean it was Thanksgiving and in my family we would always take a Thanksgiving Day walk either in the morning or after the meal, but since we didn't eat the meal until dinner time - we took our Thanksgiving Day (everyday) walk earlier. And where else would you walk but up to the train station to see the trains (Thomas, as some of you might call the trains - but here we sometimes call him Thomas and other times we call him Tommy - that's just how we roll).
Waiting for the trains to come
Our walks to the train station aren't just up and back, oh no - you have to see at least 1 train, but hopefully many as you walk up you pray you've hit the timing right to where you don't have to stand outside for 30 min waiting to see the trains...because let me tell you if you get to the train station there is no "leaving and coming back" - that phrase is pretty much a foreign phrase to the monkey - he has no understanding that - he thinks if we leave before he sees a train we won't be coming back...and there's really no way to convince him otherwise (I've tried)...
ALL I wanted was to see a train!! (Okay, really this was because I wouldn't let him get a rock off the train tracks - but this is also what happens if you leave before you see a train!)
So, obviously you wait for at least 1's amazing how fast he calmed down! Little trickster!
So we waited and waited...
And then a train came!!
And guess what, after that train another train came!
We were on a roll - we saw 4 trains! It was a good day at the train station! When we finally got away we went home and got a snack...
and I honestly have no clue how his strap got like that - but somehow it did. (He dressed himself - like how he put his football shirt with his overalls?!) We had some cuddle time...
ate some lunch...(said "Happy Turkey Day" as only the monkey would say it)

and then he slept for 3 hours!! (Thanksgiving Miracle? I think so!) After his nap it was time for the Macy's Day Parade!
He got comfy in his chair...but he couldn't sit still...I mean goodness - a turkey showed up on the TV! And what do you think he said?
EAT!! (Yeah, this kid is no vegetarian!)
He liked watching the parade...the music, the dancing, the floats...
And THEN he saw what he had wanted to see!! The Sesame Street float!!
You might be wondering why he was holding his drink up to the TV...he was trying to share his "blue" (milk) with all his "friends"...he kept saying "blue blue" as he held his drink up to the TV...
He also got to see Snoopy - which was another highlight...but as you might be able to tell - he enjoyed the parade!
That and he doesn't get to watch TV usually - so he probably thought "What is going on - I wake up from my nap and momma puts me down in front of the TV?!" Later, once Rusty got home from work, we all went to his work Thanksgiving party - the Americans all make a traditional "Thanksgiving dish" and then share with everyone (Americans and Internationals). The monkey was in a great mood and lasted until 7p (bedtime is 7:30p) - I was super thankful he took a good nap so he wasn't grumpy and crabby - we were able to hang out and talk to people for awhile, which was fun!

Overall we had a great Thanksgiving!! Now time to get Christmafied! (You know - get all the Christmas stuff out and put up, the music playing, and discover if the Grinch traveled to Europe with us or if we lost him when we moved (I have a feeling as soon as I plug in my Christmas tree - which will need a transformer) I'll see the Grinch emerge! And I'll discovered how the monkey does this year with all the Christmas stuff out...oh boy this is gonna be fun!