Monday, December 30, 2013


Oranges are good for so many things...eating, juggling, peeling, get the picture right? And by oranges I mean clementines...the monkey loves eating them and today at lunch I discovered that he loves watching people juggle them. You might be wondering how much he can really like seeing oranges being juggled - and I'm using the word "juggled" very loosely - well let me show you what he does when you (I) stop juggling...this happened at lunch today
So knowing how much he enjoyed watching the juggling show at lunch - I wanted Rusty to see how much the monkey liked it - so I had daddy juggle for him tonight at after dinner - and for your entertainment I, of course, videoed it (well I videoed the monkey not Rusty - but really it's the most entertaining part of the show even though you might think otherwise).

Here's the second part - because I know you want to see more...
Then I thought - what could be more fun than watching someone juggle?! Juggling yourself!! So I gave him 2 oranges and this is what happened...
Oh, you wanted to see more than just a picture?! Well you're in luck!
Then he decided he wanted to squeeze the orange - so instead of squeezing it I asked him if he wanted to peel his own orange and of course he said "YES!"
He ended up wanting a second orange - because really can anyone eat just 1 clementine...
Of course after he peeled and started eating the 2nd clementine he decided that he would squeeze them to get the juice - but he wanted to squeeze them over the floor - so I hope I put a stop to that...tomorrow I might let him squeeze a clementine into a bowl so he can then drink the juice - since I know that's what he's really wanting to do...
I think we've now entered the phase where he's going to want to peel every clementine he eats himself - which I have to say is perfectly fine by me!

Swim Diaper Hat

Yes, you read that correctly...this morning the monkey decided he was going to wear his swim diaper as a hat (once again). Hats are not something that he is able to easily put on by himself - he can take them off no problem - but to actually put them on he needs help. So you might wonder how an almost 2 yr old says "Hey mommy - I'd like to wear this hat but I can't put it on by myself - would you be ever so kind as to help me put it on?" That's right, ever so kind is something I'm going to teach him to say...I'm also teaching him "yes ma'am" and "yes, sir" - because I'm just that kind of person...Okay, so ever so kind might be a stretch, but you never know - it might work it's way into his vocabulary.

But back to his hat - this morning he came over with his swim diaper - attempted to put it on his head and said "YES! Hat!" as he bent his head down (I was sitting on the floor in his room) and handed me the swim diaper. He then proceeded to sit down and put on his "pants" (shorts)...
But after putting on a couple pairs of "pants" he decided he didn't want to wear them anymore - especially when he found the Christmas bell that he had hidden in his room...and it was a lot more fun to play peek-a-boo and ringing the bell than putting on clothes...
Seriously - how can you not love a kid with a swim diaper as a hat!?!
After playing inside for a bit we then went to the train station...and no he didn't wear his new "hat" outside... We watched and waited for the trains - but there weren't any...
So then we walked down the stairs to go under the tracks to go to the other other words - we went down the stairs so we could "echo". I wasn't fast enough to get a video of him - but the monkey thinks that in order for your voice to echo down there - you have to say "echo" as we're walking underneath the tracks he's saying "ECHO...ECHO...ECHO..."
When we went back up a train still hadn't come so we waited a little bit longer - but it was cold so he waited inside the little "train stop" until one finally arrived.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mons Christmas Market

Today we went to the Mons Christmas Market since Rusty had the day off of work. We could've ventured further from home, but since we slept in and we weren't sure how the monkey would be today (since he was a little off his game yesterday) we figured we'd do something closer. But to make it fun instead of driving the 20 minutes we took the train!
Sometimes the sun is a little bright and you just want it "turned off"...(and yes, he was eating a snack)
But we did get to Mons! When the monkey saw the church he started his chant of "church church church..." because he wanted to go in - which was the next chant "Owie in...O-w-i-e in!"
We climbed to the top of the stairs but the door was locked so we thought we'd try another day we went to town...
But then we saw the side door was open so we were able to go in - which he was ecstatic about!
There were tons of beautiful stained glass windows in the church but unfortunately my phone doesn't take great pictures...

They had a video playing of the parade across town - but of course the monkey saw the TV playing something and he ran to the TV saying "football!!" Yep - that's our kid, thinking they'd play an American football game in a church!
We eventually got back outside and on our way to the market - having to drag the monkey out of the church by promising we'd go back later (luckily when "later" came he had forgotten about our promise).
The Christmas market was pretty small - so nothing too exciting, except for the the fact that we discovered that Elvis had been at birth of Jesus!!
After walking around for a bit and getting some food we headed back to the train station and back home...
He was a tad tired - it was only 1 hr past his normal nap time
He was also hungry - because he didn't get a normal lunch - he couldn't anything at the market so he only had snacks to eat...and for him walking, eating, and having to hold a hand is really hard to do - so most of his eating happened on the train.
Yeah, just a tad tired...
We got home and he took a 2 hr nap!! He hasn't done 2 hrs in awhile - and then when it was time for bedtime he went right down too!

Bonus for you. Tonight after dinner he was wanting to hear/see Snoopy and "Brown" (which is what he calls Charlie Brown when he's not making pig noises) so we found a youtube video of someone playing the theme song - which showed the characters as well as the person playing the piano. What did he decide to do?
That's right - he ran over and got his little piano keyboard and started playing along! (with an Oscar the Grouch "bracelet")
Can you tell that daddy was in the background playing the "piano" too?