Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day Afternoon!

We had Christmas morning, and Christmas in Brussels, now we're on to more presents!! We were trying to talk to people - FaceTime or Skype - when he was opening their presents. Then they could see his response, but for my brother, SIL, and nephews, the timing didn't work out...we talked to them soon after he opened their I did get some videos and pictures of him opening their gifts. We still have gifts to open - because of the mail - some are here and some are on their way...but he had a few to open Christmas Day - which even if he just had 1 or 2 he would've been perfectly find with.
The first present up - he said, as he started to unwrap it "I don't know what this is...I don't..." as if he's suppose to know what he's opening up! LOL
And that is how I was able to put off putting together that present...I knew I was going to have to put it together at some point, but I just didn't want to do it right then...and actually Rusty ended up putting it together - all 384 pieces (okay, not really that many, but there were a lot of pieces...which is why an Uncle/Aunt bought it - they didn't have to put it together.)
Yeah, he was just a little excited! This kid and his "computers/iPads"...he loves them!
That's right - he recognized the "Leap Frog" on the package and knew what it was!
And before he got too involved I did get a quick "thanks" from him....because yeah, once it was turned on - he was focused.
It shows you a number or letter and then shows you how to make the number or letter (he's doing pretty good for someone who usually doesn't follow the directions on these computer/iPad things). After you've "successfully" written it, it tells you to do so something. So for the #4, it has you clap 4 times. Um, yeah, remember the "not listening" - that comes into play here where he'll clap constantly until they get to the number 4...which is much more than 4 claps. He's got a little ways to go...
But he still had 1 more present to open - from Aunt Carolyn!! 
He wouldn't stop to saying "Thank you" though this time...I mean he already said it even if it was to someone else! But let me tell you - the hat...yeah. He LOVES the hat because it's just like daddy's! The beaver he's had fun taking around the house...stuffed animals it takes a little bit longer for him to warm up to, but it is currently sitting at his table - waiting for the tea party to begin! And I will say that once I put the camera down he did say "Thank you Aunt Carolyn!" but it's just not on video.

Christmas in Brussels

Christmas Morning was beautiful and so we were hoping it would be a good day to go out and walk around...we decided, after stockings and a few presents to go to Brussels, because really, why not?!
Apparently the monkey thought he needed some more candy - because he didn't get any of these candies in his stocking...but thankfully I thought ahead and knew he was going to need lots of snacks - so he was ready!

He waited patiently with his backpack of snacks, and then climbed aboard!
He sat next to daddy for a bit before deciding he wanted to sit on his lap!
So he sat in daddy's lap for awhile...
And then he wanted to come sit next to me, but still hold daddy's hand...because really, why not?!
And then we were in Brussels!!
We found a "Wishing Tree" - for those that think "what in the world is a wishing tree?" It's a regular tree that lights up when you make a wish and push a button...
This kid was just a tad obsessed with it. Thankfully there was no one else around who was currently trying to make wishes...
Of course since there was no one else there - he kept pushing it. I don't think he was actually making wishes...but you never know.
One thing he did love doing was running up and down the ramp...and jumping! That's right - those "all natural fruit snacks" still have natural fruit sugars in them...and for a kid who hasn't had "real" sugar before but only fruit sugars in fruits - then, yeah, it affects the same way as "sugar sugar"...
We got him away from that finally and headed towards the Grand Place...this is how he "walked/ran" - except that until I turned the camera on he had his arms out to the sides and was running zigzag - "flying"...
It was a beautiful day!
And since we told him the playground (in the upper section of the city) was closed - we told him to chase the pigeons...which he LOVES to do!
Of course we seem (mostly me, I think...) to be the only people who encourage their child to chase pigeons - so people around always stop to watch him...then they start to chuckle because he's having so much fun, then they start to openly laugh because he is - and his mom is laughing at him, and then some brave souls get out their cameras to video or take a picture to capture the pure joy on my child's face.
So yes, there are now even more pictures floating around of the monkey...this time chasing pigeons in the Grand Place in Brussels on Christmas Day! He took a break from chasing the pigeons to look at the Nativity scene - have I mentioned his love of Nativity's?! It's become the only reason he wants to go in churches - you know "Find baby Jesus Mommy!"
But the time came to move on...I mean we had to go seeing the "peeing baby" - known to everyone else in the world as Manneken Pis! You see on Christmas Day he is dressed up as Santa!! I had heard about it, I'd even seen pictures, but you know I still wanted to see in it person!
The monkey loves seeing the "peeing baby" but he never wants his picture up close...maybe one day before we leave I'll get a picture of them together...until then he just stares from a distance and then walks up and plasters himself against the gate (see above left picture).
It's always super crowded - because I mean, who doesn't want to see a little boy, dressed as Santa, peeing into a fountain?! But honestly all he really wanted to do was chase some more pigeons - so we went back to the Grand Place
And he immediately forgot all about chasing pigeons because he wanted a snack "Right now!!"
After eating and goofing off, he chased a few pigeons before we headed up to the train station to catch the train home...
We had to give him plenty of time to walk to the station, because this is how he walked the majority of the way!
We made one stop on the way to the train station - because we thought the entrance by the Smurf Museum would be open, but it wasn't... We had one tired kid on the ride home though!
And the day wasn't over yet - he still had more presents waiting, but they would have to wait until after nap!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Morning

The monkey woke up bright and early! Actually he slept in till 6:45 am and because it's winter it's pretty dark till around 8 am, but when he woke up we knew we could FaceTime Ammah and Grandpa (9 hrs difference) so that they could see him find out what Santa left him! Before we ventured out to the living room though, I asked him what he thought Santa brought him and he said "Santa probably brought me coal." Needless to say, he was pretty excited when he discovered Santa left him presents!!
I know Santa leaves kids all over the world candy...but Santa must've gotten the memo on this kid and his allergies, because he left him fruit snacks that he can eat (meaning all natural, no sugar, dyes, chemicals added, and all allergy free)...
Usually those kinds of treats are limited - but on Christmas Day - hey kid, eat up! Thankfully Santa also left him things he's been needing and wanting as well...
The monkey had lots of fun showing daddy what Santa left him too!
Markers, crayons, a plastic container with a brush and a comb...not just any - everything he got was either from Planes or from Cars - he hasn't seen either movie and yet he loves Dusty from Planes, and Lightening McQueen from Cars....
And of course he left things that the monkey didn't even know he wanted - this Santa guy is still a pretty smart guy! (I remember when I was a kid he was super smart.)
Although I think the fruit frollipops he was the most excited about (and he had no clue what they were)!
That is until he saw the presents by the the presents weren't from Santa - but I didn't put them out till that night because this kid with packages is like the Tasmanian Devil...there would be no packages left once he saw them...but what really caught his eye was the big gift from Santa!
He played with that train for a few minutes before he begged to open a present - so he did...
He was pretty excited!!
Although he did have to clean up before he could really come back and enjoy the present...He loves Curious George stories (me too) so a BIG Thank you to Cara, Ben, and Aria. We've already read all the stories at least 3 times each...some a lot more. Next up is him listening to the stories in his room on his CD player!
Of course since he opened 1 present he wanted to open we figured 1 more - since it was from us...
It was a Lightening McQueen blanket for his bed and a dragon bowl/plate (which I got at the Cologne Christmas Market)
The blanket is on his bed as we speak and the bowl/plate is currently his food vessel of choice. After that though it was back to the train!
Until we said "Let's go to Brussels!" And then he was all about going to one of his favorite places on the train!