Friday, January 31, 2014

More Obsessions...

Okay, really it's just 1 more obsession - but it's actually a big one that I should probably now start apologizing to this kids' future spouse. You see long ago, like 2 yrs ago, I started taking pictures of a baby monkey and I haven't stopped. The monkey isn't a baby anymore, but he still has tons of videos and pictures taken (just look through the blog)! But I should say that this picture taking is actually in my DNA and there's really nothing I can do about it because long before I started taking pictures my grandmother was taking pictures constantly of all of her family members - whenever she saw them. So this whole "taking pictures of cute kids" is just part of me - I'd have to get counseling to overcome this, and really I don't think that would stop because I think the counselor would see the pics and videos and say "WOW - that's a cute kid! You would be doing a disservice if you stopped!" (Don't worry if you think I'm a little biased - if you're a parent/aunt/uncle you're biased too, and if you're not a parent/aunt/uncle - don't worry if you ever become one you'll become biased too. You see, I might take millions of pics of my kid - but I do it of my nephews too! Really it's that I enjoy taking pictures and like my kid - I love being in pictures...part of our DNA.)
But back to this obsession and picture taking. I've known for awhile that the monkey likes to look at pictures of fact when I show him pictures of other kids and ask who the kid is his first response is always "Owen" and when I say "no, that's not Owen" he says "Michael" - which sometimes it is and sometimes it's not (Michael is his baby cousin). But looking at pictures is something he loves to do - and he loves picking people out of the pictures that he knows. So yesterday when 150 identical photos of the monkey arrived in the mail he got a little excited! Now before you think I went overboard in ordering identical photos or want to know what I was planning on doing with 150 identical pictures - let me briefly explain: they were for our Christmas letter but obviously got lost and delayed (almost 2 months). So this years Christmas letter has no picture because I gave up hope of the pictures ever arriving and sent it out last week (which yes, is SUPER late - but I was really hoping the pics would arrive and so it wouldn't matter...) Back to the story - I gave the monkey a picture that he could do whatever he wanted with...and he wanted it hung up on the radiator (which is the only magnetic thing in our place) - so we hung it up.

This morning I put one of the pics into a picture frame - and he discovered it...but it was more than just "Hey mommy - a new picture of me!" It was this: "ooooOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhh...MOMMY!!! ooooOOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh!" followed by a crazy laugh as he grabbed the picture and ran around the house with it - finally coming into the kitchen and putting it down on the floor to look at. Sorry I didn't get the entire thing on video - I was laughing too hard! By the time I stopped laughing and he stopped being crazy this was where we were at with the new picture...
But don't worry - he wasn't done...I mean it was only 1 picture he had and he knew there were more to be had! (But he didn't go crazy - I was really hoping he would...)
Of course just because he's obsessed with himself doesn't mean I'm going to stop taking pictures or videos...I can't do that to him - just cut him off from seeing himself...I can't do that to me - stop capturing fun moments that will never occur again...I can't do that to the family members - thousands of miles away and who enjoy seeing all the little first time things...and I can't do that to everyone else - who are probably worried about this kid growing up with a "paparazzi photographer" for a mom and having great thoughts about their child's "normal" childhood. See - I'm just helping everyone out - or at least providing some entertainment...and it was in this mindset that I took pictures of the monkey at lunchtime...he hasn't seen these pictures - he just wanted to get the camera out of my hands so he could "push it!" (the button) and take his own pictures!
In the end I figure the worst that can happen is he'll have self-esteem through.the.roof. or he'll be shell-shocked when he grows up and moves out and isn't being followed by someone with a camera. I'm leaning towards the self-esteem through the roof though - since that also seems to be in his DNA (at least on my side of the family).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daniel Tiger OBSESSION and Uncle Dave (a smaller obsession)

Oh Daniel Tiger...I love you because you come from "the land of make believe" that Mr. Rogers created and so every time I hear your theme song (if you clicked the link above you'll hear it) it takes me back to my childhood...I love that your show is short and has great little lessons for the monkey, and that many times the lessons/helpful things are taught in song...I love that your voices and characters aren't annoying like whoever started narrating for Thomas the Train (because the new voice is horrible). But I have to say all the little songs you teach get really annoying when I can't get them out of my head..for instance when you have to go to the doctor and get a shot: "Close your eyes and think of something happy" is great, but 5 hrs later when I'm doing whatever it is I'm doing and that song is still in my head - I have to tell you, it doesn't make me happy. Of course I guess if that's the worst complaint I can come up with - you're pretty much my favorite kids show right now! (Granted you were up against Thomas the Train and Curious George - so not really much competition.)
The monkey on the other hand is obsessed with Daniel Tiger...when he wants to watch a TV show - he will sometimes ask for Thomas or George - but the minute I turn the TV on and we go to the PBS kids app he immediately wants Daniel Tiger! So when I let him watch a show (and by short I mean 10-12 min) - he picks out the one he wants to watch (many times it's the "shot" one) and then he stands spellbound as he sways to the music and enters "the land of make believe." Of course he now see's Daniel Tiger all around...for instance one of the puzzles he got for Christmas (from a friend) - yeah, it has 2 of his favorite animals characters!
That's right that puzzle is either called the Daniel Tiger puzzle or the Snoopy puzzle - previously I just called it an animal puzzle.

On a side note - every day since his birthday he has decided that someone is having a birthday...many times that person is daddy (which made sense when it was daddy's birthday)...but now he's choosing other people in the family to also have birthdays...what does that have to do with Daniel Tiger?
Does it now make a little more sense as to why I put that with a "Daniel Tiger Obsession and Uncle Dave" post?! Okay, good...then maybe this will make sense to you too!
The Uncle Dave obsession has come about recently...whenever he says "Stephy" it's always followed by "Uncle Dave" or really whenever he says any family members name (besides mommy and daddy) it's quickly followed by "Uncle Dave"...but he was wishing them both a "Happy Birthday" - before he went on to other things. This next video - the "other things" - I'm just including because it's cute and it's what life with him is like right now, and there's no mention of Daniel Tiger or Uncle Dave!
But don't worry - today he found a pair of pants that he's pretty much outgrown so he brought them to me saying "Stephy" because we've been getting a box together of clothes he's outgrowing (can we say growth spurt) to send back to Aunt Stephanie (we've gotten almost all of the monkey's clothes from his cousins - and we send them back so that the littlest cousin will have clothes to wear)...but when I tried to get it on video he decided the clothes were going to someone else!
Yep, we're back to Uncle Dave again!

Life with a 2 yr old

I decided I should probably put some of the little bits and pieces of our daily life on here - I mean I'm documenting everything else - so hey, here's some more of the real life experiences with a 2yr old...well, with this 2 yr old. I mean who knows, when he gets older he might actually enjoy some of these "blurbs" (If you're on FB with me - these will be repeats - but I thought I should "document" them here - since this stuff I'm keeping.) Oh and the above pics were taken a couple of days ago when he brought his toys into the kitchen so he could play with them while he sat right next to me...when I moved to other counters he would move his toys and come sit right next to me again...I think he loves me.

The other day in an email to Rusty when he asked how our day was going my response was: "Not fast enough he's practicing 'I can't hear you' -without actually saying it...and so far he's done great at everything he 'can't hear'...laundry detergent down the front if the washing machine and onto the floor, water spilled on the wood floor 3 times (side note: this is the wood floor that isn't supposed to get wet except with a very lightly damp cloth - yeah it pretty much got a bath), granola all over the floor, not picking up his toys, books, blocks, kitchen things til threatened...but I guess it could be worse...on the good side I made broccoli for lunch and it was the one thing he didn't refuse to eat so that's he's sleeping so I'm going to enjoy the sound of silence because it really does have a sound...

Of course we have great times as well. And somethings are definitely cuter than others - like when a box arrived for him and he immediately said "Mommy cut open!" and then repeated that phrase until I actually got the scissors and cut the box was filled with Trader Joe's dehydrated green beans - which he loves - so he was super excited and wanted to eat all the beans right then!

Or when he falls and gets up saying "Kiss it!" holding out whatever body part it hurt - hand, foot, leg, head, bottom (that last one I actually do refuse to kiss)...And sure he sounds demanding and bossy - but when I say "you need to ask" he immediately responds with the cutest/most pitiful "pweaze" you've ever heard - many times looking like this
(okay, if you have a kid - I'm sure you've heard the same sounding please at some point...but still...)

We now have an morning ritual (which is not as great as it sounds). It goes one of two ways either like this:
Me: "Hey Bubby - what do you want for breakfast, oatmeal or granola?" (Bubby is another nickname)
Monkey: "Eatmeal"
I make him oatmeal, he picks out a bib to wear, and he sits in his highchair and eats his oatmeal...sometimes complaining about the napkin I put in his lap to catch the extra spills and sometimes he's fine with the napkin. It's a good morning!
OR it goes like this:
Me: "Hey Bubby - what do you want for breakfasts, oatmeal or granola?"
Monkey: "Nola."
Me: (because I've now learned you have to ask this) "Do you want blue or no blue?" ("blue" for those not in the know is milk - his almond milk comes in a blue container so it has been called blue for a long time now)
Monkey: "No"
Me: "Do you want blue on your granola?" (you can't always ask "Do you want blue on your granola yes or no?" because many times the response to that is "yes no" - see I have learned something!)
Monkey: perturbed to be asked a 2nd time because he's already answered "NO! No blue!"
Me: "Thank you. Granola no blue coming up."
He picks out a bib and sits at the table and starts to eat his dry granola with a spoon (because he still insists on using a spoon), when he realizes that mommy's granola has blue on you know what that means right? That's right it can go 1 of 2 ways. Either he spends the rest of the time eating his dry granola pointing out that "Mommy's nola blue" and he's eating "No blue nola" OR he decides that that is extremely unfair and he wants blue on his nola now! Funny thing is is if I give him blue on his granola it also goes 1 of 2 ways. Either he's fine with it and happily eats his granola with blue OR he decides that he doesn't want blue on his granola after all and really mommy has now ruined his granola and it is in fact untouchable and he either refuses to eat it outright or he refuses to eat it if he has to feed himself, but he will eat it if mommy feeds him. That's right And I've looked and looked for a pattern and the only thing I have been able to come up with is that if we happen to have something planned (play group/play date) then it's going to take the longest amount of time to eat - which usually means granola with no milk, then needs milk, then refuses to eat...on days where nothing is planned - it's usually a painless breakfast...go figure!

And then there are the words/phrases...I don't keep a list like I once did - I would go mad if I did that because honestly everyday he starts saying "random" new words - they're not really random, but they're words/phrases he'll pop out with and we think "uh-oh, he's listening" (nothing bad has been repeated yet, because we don't say anything bad around him). For instance the other day he started saying "Bruno" in the car on the way to story time at the library...The only "Bruno" I know is the dog in Cinderellla, but that threw me completely because I've never ready Cinderella to him...although he was looking at the book the other day but still...So I asked him "Bruno? You mean like the dog in Cinderella?" because it's always good to verify you're talking about the same thing and usually when I ask this he will get upset if I'm saying it incorrectly - but on this particular day he said "Yes." So I went with it and just thought "Wow, my kid is a genius! He knew the name of Cinderella's dog without even being told!" This went on - the whole "Bruno" was starting to get old, but I thought "Hey, it's a new word he's just getting it out of his system" because I'm sure you know when kids gets a new word/phrase they say it repeatedly. So at dinner that night, the monkey started saying "Bruno!" but this time he was saying it when I asked him what he wanted to eat - so it threw me because we don't eat dog. Chicken, cow, turkey, pig, lamb, duck, fish,... - all things we I've had it once and it's not something I would ever that's when I started to use my brain and think "What in the world is he trying to say?!" And then it hit me...all day he had been wanting 1 thing...and when you think about it, the 2 words put together do sound like a single word - "bruno"...poor kid, he wanted prunes! That's right, he was saying "Prune now!" So he got some prunes before bed and an apology that I hadn't understood him correctly.

Another word Rusty has had to learn is when the monkey asks for "Gray balls" and he'll ask for them whenever we are eating them...granted we're eating them and they're part of our salad - but the minute he see's them he goes crazy and has to have them (just like everything else in the salad - olives, onions, peppers, radishes, lettuce...). He loves "gray balls" and he eats them at every chance he can...he sometimes has a preference for red and sometimes he only wants the yellow ones - but he has loved them from the first time he ate them...that's right - they're "tomatoes"!

And the last one - which is pretty funny and really makes no since at all, except to me is "yam" - which I'll tell you is "lamb" and he loves it, which is no surprise because there are very few foods he's eaten which he hasn't liked. But I was attempting to help him say the "l" sound and it did work - I actually sang part of the "La la la la Lemon" song by the Barenaked Ladies and amazingly he said "lamb", but only once. However now when he wants lamb - which happens at lunchtime every day - he says "Meat! Ma ma ma ma moon!" and then look a little confused - but I know he wants lamb so I say "You mean 'La la la la lamb?'" His response is an immediate "YES!" When I have to tell him the sad news that we don't have any, he always responds with "Make it!" All of that to say - I think I've confused my kid since I taught him to say moon by saying "ma ma ma ma moon" and lamb using the same technique - "la la la la lamb" if he's ever at your house and he says "Meat! Ma ma ma ma moon!" know that what he is really wanting is lamb. You're welcome!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


When I was a kid one of the cassette tapes (yes, cassette tapes) we listened to was Animals and Other Things - there were some great songs on it - like the Galapagos song - if you've never heard it you have to click the link and listen. Now I get that you might not be as enthusiastic about the song as I am (because I grew up with it and you didn't) but it's one of those that when I was a kid I thought I could spell "Galapagos" because of the song (because by this point you will have listened to the song and you know that they spell part of "Galapagos" but not the whole thing)...AND on top of that we would sing it with my mom when we were in the swimming pool riding on her back - bouncing through the water and going under - so fun times are associated with this song. (And yes, I do realized that there is some irony in the fact that we would sing about a "Galapagos" while in the water - since it is a land based tortoise, but hey that's what we do in my family.)

But to get on with the story - the monkey has a turtle as one of his bath toys...however "turtle" is easy to say and I don't know a song about a turtle - although I'm sure there are I changed his turtle into a Galapagos (okay - I didn't actually change it, I just changed what we call it) and now BOOM! I have a song to sing in the bath (to you know, carry on the tradition of singing about land based tortoises in the water). However it's gotten to the point now, that whenever he sees a turtle of any kind he says "Galapagos!" so I think I do - eventually - need to teach him the difference between turtles and Galapagos' but for now I just like hearing him say "Galapagos"! (And honestly if you didn't know he was saying Galapagos you'd just think he was saying gibberish - but it's not an easy word for a kid to tackle - so it's pretty good, at least I think so.) All that to say that he'll sometimes just start dancing to the song - and no the song won't be playing - and he'll then take off running to the bathroom to get his Galapagos.
Is it bad that I love how he suddenly gets shy when he realizes he's the only one dancing and singing - I love  it! This time he didn't come back with the Galapagos, but he couldn't reach it where it was on the bathtub ledge. He came back with a frog and tried to squirt water in my face saying "ribbit ribbit ribbit!"

Side note: If you're interested in another fun song for the bath - or really anywhere - there's always the Beaver song - it's on the same tape (although I now have a CD of the songs). He has a beaver bath toy too (I mean who doesn't have a beaver bath toy?!) - and we sing this in the tub too - he'll grab the purple beaver and say "bbb beaver"...

The CUP!

So you might recall me telling you about a CUP (did I emphasize it enough?) that Aunt Gretchen got the monkey...and if not maybe this picture will jog the memory
Reunited with his cup after being apart for 12 hrs.
But even if you don't recall - I will tell you all about it! It was his favorite gift (even over the leapfrog iPad...which we just call "frog" around here)...but back to the CUP - he is OBSESSED with it, seriously. You know how some kids might have a favorite cup and they might be upset if they can't use it because it's dirty, or they might not want someone else using it because it's "my cup"...and you might get a tantrum over it, but maybe not...yeah, that's nothing compared to the monkey's relationship with his cup. I mean honestly - if that was it I wouldn't be writing an entire blog post about a cup...I wouldn't have taken pictures of the cup by itself...I wouldn't have glued his cup back together (obsession for a 2 yr old does not mean that he won't try to destroy it).

Now I know you're thinking "Okay Mel, don't you think you're emphasizing your kid's love of this cup a little too's not like he sleeps with it!" AH HA! But there you would be totally wrong because he does sleep with it! That's right - my little guy threw a HUGE tantrum the first night he got his cup because he wanted to take it to bed with him...I convinced him to leave it in his kitchen that night - but the amount of tears that came streaming down his face (big crocodile tears), and the volume and pitch that emanated from his mouth was such that I think our downstairs neighbors might've thought we either killed our child's favorite pet in from of him OR that we were skinning our child alive...honestly it was not something I ever want to hear again - especially in regards to a cup. The next morning he awoke and when he got out of his bed he ran to his kitchen saying "cup cup cup!" and grabbed it and carried it around the rest of the day.

In case you're wondering what is so special about the cup - let me tell you...First of all this is the CUP
Definitely not an ordinary has bright colors, circles that you can pretend are buttons, a handle, a lid with a plastic ring, a can take it apart or put it can take the straw out of it and then tip it upside down and drink out of the straw hole (which is not encouraged by the mom if liquid is in the cup since whatever is inside goes everywhere) can drink through the straw - again either having it upright (as shown above) or by tipping it upside down and drinking out of the straw (also not encouraged when liquid is inside as not a lot of liquid comes out of the straw but quite a bit comes out of the straw hole), or you can take the top off and just use the straw, or take the top and straw off and drink from it like a regular can also take the top off and the straw out and take the little plastic ring off the top and then the top can go off and on much easier (of course the minute you tip it upside down without the plastic ring on the top the top falls off and everything is "poured" onto the floor - so not encouraged by mom when liquid is in the cup)...honestly - this cup offers endless possibilities for hours of fun!
The other part of this extraordinary cup is the fact that is has his name on it! I mean come on - that's pretty cool in and of itself. Of course looking at the cup you wouldn't necessarily know the outcome of the 2nd night of "sleeping with the cup" - I fixed it, but don't worry I'll tell you the story (even though I don't really know it) - of course to get the full picture I'll start at the beginning - the 1st night!

Night 1 of "sleeping with the cup" - the cup seemed to stay in it's corner of the bed until around 10:30p when I checked on the monkey and found him holding the cup - by it's handle - in his hand. It was sweet and cute. When he woke up he played with his cup happily in bed till I came and got him. When it came time for his nap he allowed me to put him down without his cup in bed because he knew it had to be cleaned - he had had soup in it at lunchtime. But when he woke up from his nap it was a different story. I heard him calling so I went to get him and he was sitting in his bed looking around frantically looking around his crib for something...moving his 10 stuffed animals around from one side of the crib to the other, moving his blanket around, and then he started chucking animals from his bed - out went Oscar, Elmo, and Cookie, closely followed by Snoopy and 2 monkeys...I asked him what he was looking for before he had a chance to throw out his rabbit, frog, monkey, and "a bear"...(luckily most of the animals are small so it's not super crowded in his little bed). His response - in a sad, sad voice - as he moved his blanket aside was "cup." Luckily I was able to bring him good news and I said "Bubby - your cup is in the kitchen!" - which had him jump up onto his feet and immediately saying "OUT!!!" and then "DOWN!" as he ran into the kitchen to get his prized possession!

That night - night 2 of "sleeping with the cup" - we attempted, for whatever insane reason to put him to bed without the cup...the tantrum was horrible - crocodile tears, crying so hard he wasn't making a sound and then when the sound came it was So we grabbed the cup and put it in the corner of the bed and I stuffed one of his monkey's inside (because it fit and it's the spot where one of his monkey's "sleeps". He looked at the cup with a monkey like it was the most bizarre thing in the world (which sure it kinda is, but come on kid - your bed doesn't have any more space for another toy/cup) but he was okay with what was going on it that corner of his bed. So we said our prayers and cuddled, but when I went to put him in bed - instead of laying down and holding my hands for a minute (while Jesus takes hold of 1 hand and Santa takes hold of the other hand - which is another story) he grabbed for his cup and held onto his cup - and yes, for your information he wanted the monkey in his cup as he held it.

Around 10p I went in to check on him (do parents ever stop checking on their kids?!) and he was on his back (a foreign sleeping position for him) up against the side of his crib with one arm out to the side and the other arm resting on his chest with the cup handle gripped in his hand...super cute and I wish I could've gotten a picture for you but if I had attempted to take a picture I'm afraid the flash might've woken him up - and I just didn't want to take the chance. But it was super cute - which is why I think parents check on their kids - it's more about looking at a peacefully sleeping child than "adjusting the blankets". But this morning when I went in to get him out of bed - he immediately stood up and said "Broken, fix it!" (he can be a little bossy at times...hmm, wonder where that came from!) And sure enough - his name was torn almost completely off! I have absolutely no clue how that happened, but I did find it interesting that his name was hanging along with some plastic (like a plastic bag). So I took the cup from him and superglued it back on - but because of our morning I didn't get to superglue it till right before nap time - which meant that we had a HUGE tantrum at nap time because he didn't have his cup...and honestly hearing a kid calling for their favorite animal or cup is almost as bad as when they call for mommy or daddy. So I hope that the superglue works and his name stays stuck to the cup - but even if it doesn't I have a feeling that bright orange cup will be sharing a bed with the monkey until something else comes along.

And I don't want to even think about what will take the place of the cup...he started with having to have his new toys - Cookie, Elmo, and Oscar in bed (thanks daddy)...then when daddy got him Snoopy (another stuffed animal) - he had to have Snoopy in bed it's the cup...what's next?! Of course whatever comes next - one of the (now) 11 things must go, because there really is no more room...hopefully he's content for awhile!

Monday, January 27, 2014

People and Places

Last night when the monkey was talking to Aunt Gretchen he said where she lived - so I thought I'd try to get him to say where all of the different family members live (most are grouped together so it works)...We of course started with ourselves - it's one he regularly says
But, as you can see, he needed a little help with remembering where other people lived - so I helped and then he repeated on video - we have Aunt Gretchen, GG, and Wii in...
Then we have Ammah and Grandpa (and Uncle Josh, Aunt Hallie, Uncle Beej, Aunt Monica, and Cadence) in...

And finally we have Baw Baw, Mimi, Uncle Dave, Aunt Stephanie, and the cousins in...
I would like to say that he did say Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Sam today! Of course when I turned the camera on he was all about Uncle Dave! And I only got videos of him saying "Uncle Dave" so I will keep trying to get him saying the extended family members - we'll see if he cooperates or just says "Uncle Dave"! LOL


You know how some days you wake up and think "Oh boy! Today will be the perfect day to get in the kitchen and cook something with my 2 yr old!" And then you get to the kitchen and everything goes according to plan and somehow everything gets made without too many spills or without too much creative swearing on mom's part, and by the time you are finished with whatever it was you were making you think "What can we make next?!" No? You don't know what I'm talking about? What do you mean your child doesn't listen to you when you talk?! I'm sure you're mistaken! Your child pours the contents of the measuring cups onto the counter as well as into the bowl?! Wait - and then he stirs the remaining contents of the bowl onto the counters and the floor?! do people find hairs and dirt in your food because you go ahead and get as much of the spilled contents that you can back into the bowl so you actually have something you can make/cook/bake - because so far I've been lucky and no one has complained!? Of course it's usually the monkey's food and he eats off the floor all.the.time. so I don't think he'd really notice.

Seriously though, I do keep my kitchen floor pretty clean - because he eats off of it...I don't actually clean up the floor and add it to the bowl of whatever it is we're making - but I do clean it up off the counters and put it back in the bowl (I keep my counters clean too - and pre-clean them where we're cooking for that specific reason). And my kitchen doesn't ever look like a flour bomb went off - of course we don't cook anything with flour so that could be why (his allergies)...but it does get pretty messy...and there are better days to cook with a 2 yr old than today for instance...not a great day for cooking with a 2 yr old, but then you say something about needing to make granola and this is what happens...(notice the chair he has pushed all the way around the table to get it to the kitchen - he took the long way)
I love this next one - because of his fake fall and getting distracted. (Because again, yes, I'm one of those moms who encourages him to pick some things up before moving on to the next thing - otherwise the house would be horrible...I do it with myself - so I'm trying to teach him that as well, it doesn't always work - sometimes things get picked up before nap and bedtime only...but hey, I try!)
Of course nothing got picked up before we started cooking - but because of the type of day we were having it was perfectly fine. Now remember the whole scenario I wrote up earlier - yeah, I've never had a cooking experience that "perfect" most of them, in all honesty, have been complete messes - but I discovered today that all those messes (you know the measuring cup contents being poured everywhere) have paid off - because he did so good with it today! Still has a little to learn on mixing, but we'll get there. But I went ahead and videoed our "cooking" today - basically for the grandparents and other family members - but here you's the Monkey's cooking show! We started with pumpkin seeds...
Moved on to sunflower seeds...
Added in sesame seeds...
And yes, his hands got dirty and he needed them cleaned see...
Next up were the sliced almonds...
And what goes great with seeds and nuts?!
That's right - beer! Now before you rush to conclusions - he didn't drink it, I wasn't drinking it - it's one of the empty bottles we're currently collecting on our kitchen counter that need to be moved into the laundry room (where we put all glass containers until we take them to the recycling bin) - I should do that now and free up some counter space...Oh yeah, and I did get a video of him with the bottle, because really, why not?!
We added in a few more nuts - chopped almonds and walnuts, and then it was time to make the "sauce" while it was coming together on the stove top this is what the monkey was doing...
That's right - playing with silly putty! Wait - you don't keep yours on your kitchen counter? Let me guess - you probably don't keep all the glass containers on the kitchen counter probably put them in the laundry room where they're suppose to go...(remember how I said I'm trying to teach the monkey to put stuff away before going on to the next thing - because if not someday he too will have a counter that has a collection of glass containers on it...see everything has a reason!) ;)
You see - the laundry finished (and yes, he's still excited about laundry) and I so easily could've taken the glass containers into the laundry room with me, but I didn't...why not?! Because I didn't think of it at the time (crazy I know!)...And somehow the focus shifted from cooking with the monkey to "why we have a collection of glass jars on our counter" - oh well...that's just how this day is going.

The Rest of the Day

I honestly can't think of another caption to the "sequel" of yesterday's post...we did have a crazy kid on our hands (if a picture is worth a thousand words than the above picture is all I need to show) - but really it's no different than any other day. And it wasn't "crazy" like bad crazy - he was just pumped up about something and ready to go. Maybe it was the fact that we had said something earlier in the day about getting to talk to Aunt Gretchen and open presents later...if you know the monkey you'd know he loves presents...I mean in anticipation of getting to open the presents that Aunt Gretchen had sent he had me wrap up random things around the house so he could "open it"! And you might wonder how a 2 yr old makes someone do what they say - and really it goes like this:

2 yr old: hands you a toy/book/spoon/plate/cup/calculator/phone/other random object and says insistently while nodding his head that is being held at an angle while looking deeply into your eyes "WRAP IT!"
Parent of said 2 yr old: internally decides if it is worth the tantrum that is about to occur if she doesn't "WRAP IT!" - and decides that honestly it's just not worth the she wraps it.

It's pretty simple really.

Of course between the wrapping and unwrapping of "pretend" presents he also ate applesauce until his train hat broke and he needed someone to fix it! That someone got to be daddy.
Then it was time to once again pull his trains around (notice he wears his "train conductor" hat when he's going to play with his trains)...and he has 2 trains - a train with an engine, middle car, and caboose and a duck train - which is simply a duck on the end of a string - we're really not picky on what actually constitutes a train! We are accepting of all trains (although they're all called Thomas - unless they're a duck and then they're called "ducky train").
Of course sometimes you have to share being a train conductor (and even though he has 2 "train conductor" hats) he decided that this time sharing meant making daddy wear the hat...which meant "breaking it" so it could be bigger for daddy...and then he drew him a bootful picture on his iPad.
Of course after all of that there's really not much else one can do besides getting a tray out and putting your computer, comb, and tea on it - before sitting down on it with your iPad!
But finally the time does come where someone gets to open the presents he had been told about!! I will warn you though - I didn't do a great job of taking pictures while he was opening because I was trying to help him as well...but not to worry - we had Aunt Gretchen on Skype so she was able to see it "first hand". At first he was super excited and sat down on top of the box and started bouncing saying "Green beans!" because he thought it was another box full of green wasn't - but luckily he wasn't disappointed!
First gift he had fun tearing open and discovering the complete series of Fraggle Rock! But, for whatever reason, he thinks it is a set of book not DVD's...which I'm happy to let him think for as long as possible - because once he figures out they are in fact DVD's and not books - they will be strewn about our place and he'll beg to watch them...but don't worry he will watch them and probably sooner rather than later and the bonus for us is we'll actually enjoy watching them!!
The next gift was the "PRIZED" gift...everyone else can only wish that their gift is just as good...but really nothing will ever live up to this present! In case you can't tell what it is in this picture - it's a cup with a top and straw - with his NAME on it! That's right - he can drink from it: from the straw, through the straw hole (even though that's not really recommended), or without the top like a regular cup! He can also take it apart and put it back together...he can fill it up with "water" from his kitchen sink (which means it's empty and he sucks up air, but hey he's entertained). He loves this cup...he threw a small tantrum at bedtime because he was going to have to leave his cup...and in fact he woke up this morning and when I got him out of bed he started running to his kitchen saying cup, cup, cup... a little obsessed. He thinks the colorful dots on it are buttons - so he pushes them...I told him his name was on it - but he's more interested in the colors because it's his so of course his "name is on it" - duh mom!
He also got some clothes - but he didn't want to wear his own clothes - nope, he wanted to try on the coat that mommy got...and I think he approved of it - Thanks Gretchen! (Notice he still is holding onto his prized cup...he really enjoyed taking it apart and putting it back together!)
He also got a couple of ties - which he thoroughly enjoyed wearing...(and yes he was back to his Fraggle Rock "books")
But he also enjoyed wearing his ties this morning...he refused to wear a shirt - he actually didn't want to wear any clothes - just the ties - but I convinced him that since it was snowing outside he needed to wear pants - so he chose sweatpants to go with his ties! (And to be bluntly honest - it will TOTALLY surprise me if he becomes a fashion designer when he grows up...crazier things have happened I'm sure - but ties and sweatpants I don't think will ever be in fashion.)
Yep, the monkey with his clean name cup and his Fraggle Rock "books" also watched the snow this didn't stick and didn't fall for long - but we had fun watching it and hoping it stuck so we could make a snowman on the deck!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Did Someone call for a Sailor?!

This morning the monkey decided he was going to dress himself - which isn't an uncommon thing...he usually picks out at least part of his outfit everyday - if not the whole outfit - but today it went a little differently, you see he saw a shirt with a red button and wanted to wear wait, had to wear it - insisted he wear that shirt and only that shirt. He's seen the shirt with the red button before and has wanted to wear it, but today was different than most days because he threw a tantrum until I put it on him...
And as you can see he was happy as a clam once he was dressed...he liked his red button shirt. Although I did tell him that daddy was going to laugh at his shirt - so he did walk around for a bit saying "yaf"...but he also did a lot of other things...
And Rusty did tell me that one day the monkey would hate these pics and videos I took while he was dressed up like this - but really he can't blame me (as I pointed out to him) because I didn't dress him - I actually tried to dress him in a different top but he wouldn't have it. Also part of what makes the outfit so great is the haircut that daddy gave him last night...Although to all of that Rusty said that "yeah, but why did we even have that shirt?!" Hey it was in the clothes that were passed down (and it happened to be a shirt my younger brothers wore/were dressed in).
But hey, it can't be that bad - he got his camera phone out
so he could take his own pictures!
But don't worry - then he stole my camera to take some selfies...
Right before lunch time he wanted to change his top - so we did...but he wore it all morning! The rest of the day will come in another post.