Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday in the Park

So yesterday was our Daylight Savings - which meant that the monkey slept in till around 8am (it's pretty much the only way to get him to sleep till 8am - skip the clocks forward an hour)! It was such a beautiful day out, and I still wasn't feeling super great, so we stayed close to home and just had a lazy Sunday morning and a leisurely mid-morning walk to the park to play! It started to look like it was a good thing we stayed home - since Rusty got a couple of calls from work - but luckily he didn't have to go the monkey it didn't matter if daddy got a call or not - he wanted to hang out with him...
And chase him
When he caught him he decided he'd walk with him...
After chasing though, it was time to go to the playground to play...or "hang out"
And yes, he hung for about 30 seconds all by himself - he's a strong little monkey!
After hanging it was time to show daddy how high he could climb (because usually when we go to the park daddy is at work...). He started climbing on the "fixed" ladder and moved over to the rope ladder...
He really just needs a spotter while climbing - until he reaches the top...and he needs someone to help him down because he's not a fan of climbing back down - he prefers to "repel" down the ladder...
See - told ya he could do it!
Sometimes being at the park just inspires him to strike poses - or maybe it's just that I capture him in random poses - but no matter...
"And then..."
Of course when you take pictures of him dancing there are some great poses as well...for instance if you didn't know he was doing the "Hokey Pokey" you'd be a little lost with the next two pictures!
But yeah, he had fun at the park and even got to walk in mud!!
Of course just because everything skipped forward didn't mean he changed his bedtime to later, nope. By the time his "usual" bedtime came around 7:30pm (which was the previous day's 6:30p) he was exhausted and ready for bed and was out within 5 minutes.
We'll see if his bedtime stays at 7:30pm or if we end up pushing it later - but so far this time change hasn't affected him at all!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brussels with PaPaw: Part Deux

As you might recall, earlier in the week the monkey and I took PaPaw to Brussels and we saw the lower town. Today we were planning on going to Ghent, but I now have the crud that is getting passed around our house so going to Brussels and exploring the upper town seemed a good decision. Not that we didn't do tons of walking, because we did, but we just explored parts that we hadn't done before because of a cranky toddler. We started at the Mon des Arts-Kunstberg - yeah, not sure what that is - well it's a park where there are usually a lot of pigeons for the monkey to chase and the middle section is described by my monkey as "a carpet!" There is a lot more too it, but for the monkey, that's the important stuff.
You can probably understand how a kid would think that is a carpet when looking down from above! After walking around, chasing a few pigeons, and walking up and down the stairs a couple of times we moved on to the Parc de Bruxelles (Park of Brussels - which is across from the palace). Forget the statues that are displayed throughout the park - there is really only 1 reason to go to this park if you are a kid...
That's right - the playground! There are slides...
There are swings! (He swung on the swing by himself for a little bit and then decided he wanted to swing with daddy...when he sits on your lap to swing he falls completely back and lays against you - pic 1...until he's ready to get off - pic 2.)
There was a teeter-totter, which is okay when you do it by yourself - but when you get PaPaw and Daddy on it, it's a lot more fun!
In all honesty, he was only on it for about 1 min with them...he liked it for about 30 seconds and then was done. (I think they had more fun!)
And then it was back to the slides of course!
Once we convinced him that we could move on - about 45 min later - we started walking and only planned on walking down to the Congress Column - which we had seen when we went exploring last month but instead we continued past to discover what the large dome at the end of the street was...which turned out was St. Mary's Royal Church - and was closed. So we just walked around looks beautiful though, maybe someday it'll be open!
And yes, the monkey was enjoying the views from the stroller where he was eating and drinking his snack
After the church we headed back towards the train station making a stop at the Botanical Garden - which was another first time being there and the monkey loved running down the paths to the water fountain!
Of course he wanted to know where the ducks were...
It's the only water fountain currently running so it was a pretty big moment. I know more will be turned on soon and he'll love that when it happens. Pic 2 is a church we walked past where someone had "tattooed" eyelashes and eyeliner on all of the statues lining the entrance way. I didn't get a picture of them though - instead settled on a picture of the church from a distance (it was also closed).
The monkey really wanted this fountain to be running!
And there were some flowers/bushes/trees blooming.
Just a few tulips...
After our little stroll through the gardens we headed back and stopped at the Congress Column to show PaPaw...instead of taking pictures of the column and statues again, I discovered a couple of light posts I had previously missed
But don't worry I did get a picture of the 3 generations with the lions...(and of course a flower picture)
On the way back to the train station we did stop at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula - and were able to go in and walk around - since there wasn't a service! Although the monkey only whispered a couple of times...most of the time he was talking in his normal voice (which echoed throughout)...but when he yelled on purpose - we I still didn't get too many pictures. It was super cute though when we walked in and he started asking for "Baby Jesus"...and then when he whispered it it was even cuter! Too bad he had to start yelling for fun.
But the time came to head back home - so to the train station we went! Of course we had a little bit before our train came so he walked up and down the stairs by himself - "Self!" he would say as he pushed whichever one of us was close to him away. But then he wanted to walk around pushing his stroller - again with the "Self!"
We tried to help guide the stroller but he was having none of it. Luckily people walking around him got out of his way!

Bonus Video: He has a few favorite songs, but this is pretty much his all.time favorite. Yesterday, after listening to the song 8 times I thought Hmm, maybe I should capture this - so I did...just for your enjoyment! Of course my favorite part of the song is the "stretch, yawn" part, although his jumping is pretty impressive!