Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Owen's Wine

And before you become upset that I give my 2 yr old child wine - it's not really wine it's apple juice! He likes to call it wine because it comes in a glass bottle - just like "Mommy's wine" (which is what he calls all wine)...and it's a treat - not something he gets every day and he knows that you put the apple juice with water (crud I guess he's learning about "mixed drinks")...but it's really good apple juice so I don't mind giving him some for special treats (plus it gets him to occasionally drink more liquids than normal, which is helpful too). But today he discovered the empty bottle on the counter - because today he got some apple juice and it finished off the bottle - so after nap he had fun with his bottle!
And don't worry - I got some pictures too!
Seriously, who knew that a glass bottle with a screw top could entertain a child for 15 minutes...(these pictures were taken before and after the video)...I'm thinking I never want to get rid of "Owen's wine" bottle - although this phenomenom will most likely never occur again...but it was fun while it lasted!

Bonus Story: Yesterday - we had a great day, but I wrote the post before one of the greatest things! We went grocery shopping and I decided "hey, we're going to take a shopping bag for the monkey too!" They do have carts - and they have carts for kids, BUT in order for me to make sure I can easily carry everything home I just use a bag. Recently the monkey's been wanting to carry something home - cucumber, flowers, doesn't really matter what as long as he's carrying something. So with him having his own bag he could help with the shopping too (because he does love to help out) he carried the peppers, dates, basil, and cucumber (which we didn't need but he had to have)...we got to the checkout counter and he emptied the contents of his bag onto the counter and then walked to the other side and loaded his bag back up with the items and then he carried his bag home!! He loved it!! He was smiling the whole way, even when I knew his arm was getting tired - he switched it to the other arm and continued the walk home...and then when we got home he emptied his bag and put it up. This growing up thing is FUN! Now if I'd let him use one of those little carts - maybe one day soon, because I think he might actually be ready for that!

Communication is Overrated!

When will you give me what I want?!
Today is brought to you by tantrums and whining...why simply ask for something when throwing yourself around the room, crying, screaming, and whining can get the same.job.done. You see if you've ever spent anytime with a toddler/child/teen/sick individual (cold/flu)/sleep deprived person/politician...pretty much anyone then you've experienced what I'm talking can always ask someone for something - but when you ask you leave yourself open to the possibility that they might turn you down. However for many individuals when you bring drama, tears, contortions, back-stabbing, violent acts into a situation then you are almost guaranteed that whatever you want - you'll get. Toddlers know this...I don't know how they know, but they know! It's like they're pint-sized politicians - "I want this so this is what I have to do to get it" - it doesn't have to be the smartest plan (and usually it's not), but they do whatever they have to so that you'll say yes/give in to their demand, because they TRULY think they can outsmart you! (It's one thing I absolutely love about this age.) Unfortunately for the monkey - I don't negotiate with toddlers. You see I want the monkey to know that if there is something he wants all he needs to do is talk to me - I'm a pretty reasonable person...but I am not someone that can be pushed around, I never have been and I never will be...
1 stem 2 flowers...who knew that happened with tulips?!
Of course before we get into all of that I will let you know - it's not the worst day in the world...I mean we have had a few light moments where I wasn't listening to my child scream...although it is really funny when he runs to his room and starts screaming - literally screaming and might wonder why he does it and it's all a simple thing really - if he wants to scream and yell I want him to have a safe place to do it - and his room seems like the best possible place. I mean I understand getting upset/frustrated to the point of just yelling - and not at someone but just to let everything out - so I'm sure that my 2 yr old has those moments as well...I just don't think those moments need to be in my face or even in the same room I'm he's learning he can go scream in his room and then come out and we can talk...sometimes he even warns me "Owen scream" - which is really nice. Although I currently think it's a little phase - he thinks he can assert power by screaming and he likes to see how loud he can get - but I know it's also because he's frustrated and that's the first way he can tell me he's we're working on it...along with everything else.
But back to the whining...we had a long morning - fun moments, screaming moments, and tantrums/ when he wanted strawberries. Easy request right? I asked if he wanted them in a cup or a bowl (because sometimes he has an opinion) and he said bowl. So I put about 10 strawberries (they're the little ones) in a bowl and handed the bowl to him...perfect right? Nope - tantrum! You might be wondering why - as I was until he finally calmed down enough to enlighten me - you see it was really a simple misunderstanding (on my part). When I asked him cup or bowl, and he answered bowl what he really meant was he wanted an equal number of strawberries in both the cup and the bowl, so when I gave him all the strawberries in the bowl he felt like I wasn't listening and his "wants" weren't being valued. (Okay, I took the liberty of expanding his explanation...but that's pretty much what he was saying, and if that's not what he was saying then I have no clue what he was saying.) Sadly you missed out on that whining tantrum - but don't worry I caught everything except the first 15 seconds of the whining tantrum...
Yes, he's my kid - he loves his chocolate, but I'm trying to teach him not to eat chocolate for breakfast - although why I'm not sure, except that I don't eat chocolate for breakfast so I don't want him to eat it for breakfast...But yes, as you can see - he knows how to ask but he just doesn't always feel like asking...(oh and "Jack's raisins" are the yellow/golden raisins...his friend Jack always has them and the monkey has decided he likes them better than the "brown" raisins.) And this people was all before 8:45am! I couldn't wait till 9a when we headed out for our playgroup - which caused another tantrum because "No go friends...stay home...Owen want bath..." were things heard as we were getting ready to walk out...thankfully once at playgroup he had fun playing with his friends and only screamed once!

When we got home from our playgroup it was time for "lunch" and time to water the flowers...I think it's one reason why the potted plant is still alive after 2 months (it might be 3 months)...the monkey reminds me that the "Flowers thirsty" and so all the flowers get watered...even if they're not quite real...
Thankfully also, once we got home he was in a better mood than this morning and he decided he wanted to make his own "chocolate bites" since I wasn't letting him have any of the ones we made the other day. Mean mommy? Maybe, but if you refuse to eat lunch and only want to eat a few snacks, I'm not giving you chocolate (even though the chocolate he gets is "healthier" chocolate...yes, there is such a thing) he made his own! But I decided to video this because of his talking...since you don't always get to hear how much he's talking - or repeating - I thought this would give you a good earful.
Yep, he knows how his "food processor" works (which is really the Beeba Babycook - that's right it's the most expensive "toy" this kid will ever have!) and he knows what's in the chocolate bites too.
He's still learning what "little bit" means when it comes to vanilla! I'm hoping that someday he'll figure it out - hopefully before he dumps a whole bottle in a recipe! But I know I can always distract him - if needed - by asking him to open the windows!
And yes, I stopped videoing after that - you're welcome! Because I know it looks like he was excited for nap time, but honestly right after he turned the timer off (he now wants a timer set to countdown till nap time and bedtime) and I said it was time to pick up - he started throwing a "beautiful" tantrum...arms waving in the air (like trees blowing in the wind), legs stomping on the floor (like a thunderstorm), head shaking back and forth (like there was a bumblebee flying around his head), and the loudest screams (like his limbs were being torn from his body)...until, that is, he realized I started to collect the toys (his bike included) and was putting them in my box of "take-away" toys (also known as "toy timeout")...then the tantrum came to a sudden stop and he started picking up his toys. You see, this whole "communication" thing is something that must be learned...reacting is natural, but actually being able to "talk it out" is something that we all have to learn...and even "good communicators" aren't good at it all the time. For a 2 yr old he does a pretty good job (even if I'm a little biased) but sometimes his "natural instincts" take over...

He's on FIRE!

You know those days where you think your kid is HILARIOUS - well yesterday was one of those days...and it was just him doing his normal stuff, but he was in a good mood and not throwing tantrums so his personality was shining! Because, as I'm sure you know, there are days where he is definitely not the funniest person - where he is actually one of the most annoying people in the world...but yesterday he chose to be funny. The sad thing is is I can't remember all the funny things he did - but here are a few.

First thing in the morning - after we ate breakfast he started to play with his toys...when all of a sudden I heard
Monkey: "No Owen's turn...Jack's turn!"
Me: (a little confused) "Bubby, Jack's not coming over - he's at school."
Monkey: (satisfied with that he continued to play for a few minutes until) "No Owen's turn...Ah-lee-key-ah's turn!"
Me: "Bubby, Alethea isn't coming to play, she's at school too."
Monkey: (satisfied for a bit until once again) "No Owen's turn - Maisey's turn!" 
Turns out - he decided that he was in the "sharing" mood and he wanted to share with all his friends - and he listed them one by one (Aeson, Ryan, Cora, "Sister" Madelyn, Logan, Bennett...)...and for each one I had to give a reason as to why they weren't/couldn't come - until he said "Sophie" and I could say "She's coming over!" You see usually we go to the library on Tues - so he gets to see some friends - but yesterday we didn't get the car so we we just home doing the market and things around town - thankfully he got to see one friend at least! AND he is usually pretty good about sharing things when his friends are around...I have no clue where he got it in his head that he needed to share when they weren't around! LOL

Later, as I was putting food away from the market and getting his lunch ready, he was playing with his toys, one of which plays music...when each song ended he would yell "MUSIC!!" and run around the house till he came back to the toy and he'd push the button so another song would play. It reminded me on a test animal who learned to go through a set of steps (yelling music and running around) in order to get the reward (music playing), but then he changed things up.
Monkey: (running around me in the kitchen) "MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!"
Me: (looking at my kid like he's lost his mind...because honestly he did)
Monkey: (running out of the kitchen to the elevator door, leaned against it with his body and pressed his head into the area where the door opens and begged) "PUH-LEASE MU-SIC!"
Me: (Curious...I mean you would've been too) "What are you doing?"
Monkey: ("duh mom" attitude) "Asking the people"
Me: (dumbstruck - because really what was there to say)

Then almost immediately after that conversation he did this...
Monkey: (suddenly stops playing and looked at me and stated) "Owen get anything!"
Me: (unsure but okay, I'll go along with it - I mean you never know maybe "the people" talked to him) "What do you want?"
Monkey: (Loudly and Proudly) "CHOC-COLATE PIEEEE!!"
Me: (gives him the parental look of Are you crazy?!)
Monkey: (Not as loudly but still very proud with himself) "Choc-colate Ice CREAM!"
Me: (again the Are you crazy?! look)
Monkey: (Normal voice) Chocolate bites?

I love how this parental stare/look occasionally (like when he looks at me and continues to look at me to gauge my reaction) works! Half the time he demands/asks and walks away - probably because he thinks she's gonna give me "the look"...After lunch he did get some chocolate bites because he ate a pretty good lunch...oh and in case you're wondering what he ate - here ya go!
What's that you want to hear him say chicken in French again? Okay - here ya go!
Then last night at bedtime (yes, even though it's super light outside the time on the clock says "bedtime" so it's bedtime) he found his little bottle of "lotion" and started saying it was for his "upper body". Now it's not the first time he's said it - but I've just never caught it on video before...
However not caught on camera was when he begged for "fresh ground pepper" on his salad last night at dinner. Rusty usually puts pepper on his salad and last night the monkey wanted it on his too! Of course it's not a one time thing - so after he got some put on, he of course ate that part immediately and needed more..."fresh ground pepper please!" Seriously who is this kid?!

Bonus pictures: If you've ever wondered how big celery can grow - I'm here to answer your question! You see, when we went to the market we bought some celery - just 1 bunch because I just needed a little bit for the salad...I now am trying to come up with other things to use celery for because we have quite a bit left over (currently I'm eating almond butter on celery)
He wanted his picture taken with it - and then he started eating the leaves (which he normally can't stand celery so I was all for him eating whatever he wanted)...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Early Mornings and other Random Stuff

The monkey has taken to waking up at 5:30a the past 3 mornings (that would be Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)...he's also started wanting to do things with "Daddy! No mommy!" - so my question is - is it a coincidence?! I'm thinking it might go together - the monkey waking up super early because he then has more time to do things with daddy (even Rusty - "Mr. Early Bird" - said it was early...I'm the night owl - so anything before 7a to me is insane)! You see in the mornings Rusty has been getting the monkey out of bed and hanging out with him for a few minutes before heading off to work (so I can take a quick shower) - it used to be that during the week the monkey would wake up right after daddy left for work, but he's pushed getting up to be before even Rusty is awake - so that now he gets him out of bed...on the weekends Rusty has always gotten the monkey because he's always up before me (and it does give me a little more sleep - I mean I wake up but sometimes I can go back to sleep for another 30-45min) - but once again the monkey is waking him up on the weekends too! But the morning time has been "their time"...granted they can always have boy time whenever but if I'm up the monkey usually always wants me too. Now however it's changed. This past weekend the monkey took a walk/went to play outside with "daddy only" twice! That's a huge step people...I mean he's gone to the store a few times with daddy only - but he's never specifically said he and daddy are going and mommy is staying home until now! And I LOVE it! It's like a little taste of freedom...granted that freedom only goes so far - because when it comes time for bed - the tune changes to "Mommy! No daddy!". I know some people get sad when their kid suddenly prefers the other parent, but not me...I mean when your kid realizes that there is someone else who can help them get what they need or do things with them that means you can finally do simple things by yourself! Don't get me wrong - he still follows me around "Owen come with me" and "Owen help mommy" can be heard as he runs down the halls trying to get in the bathroom before I've shut and locked the door or as soon as I enter the kitchen and start to make something, so it might not be the same as in a few years when he becomes even more independent (although I think it will be), but for now I'm enjoying it. After all, one of the goals of parenting is to raise independent individuals - hanging out with daddy instead of mommy and being a toddler who throws some tantrums are both small steps on the ladder of success (in my opinion)...I guess the whole waking up at 5:30a could be seen as another small step on the "independence ladder" - for me I just wish he'd wait till a little later in the morning to assert his independence.

Today though - after our early morning start - we were out running some errands and we decided to stay outside and play...because honestly - why not?!
Our town square, with the "water fountain statue"
Someone went in the water - so he had to check and see how wet he was, once he got far away from me (since he knows if he gets really wet we have to go home - especially when it's not a super warm morning).
We ran around the square - chasing each other and our shadows - so he naturally needed to take a little break.
And watch a doggie across the street...a dog who had walked right past him at the same time he tried to climb over the walkway and scratched his leg...which he then blamed on the dog! So he was just keeping an eye on him from a distance!
He has a thing for these red pots...and they're all over our city...train station, park, churches, squares, restaurants...he likes to hug them, look at the plants, pet them (the plants and the pots), play "Mommy boo!" - which is the same as "Peek-a-boo" but just with me and around the big pot...
I love my pot!
Of course fun outside does come to an end - and it usually comes quickly when the toddler wants food and drink and starts throwing a tantrum about it. (I usually bring at least 1 snack, but today I didn't because I thought after we ran the errand we would go home drop stuff off and then go back out...) So home we went - where he ate lunch and then sat down to read a book! He was so cute sitting there quietly reading his book - I had to capture it...
And yeah, it continued until nap time...


For Easter the monkey got some watercolors and we hadn't used them yet...but a couple of days ago he woke up from his nap chanting "Paint paint paint paint..." so when I asked him what he wanted to do it was no surprise that he said "PAINT!" And yes, even knowing what he wanted to do I still asked him - because I do things like that. So we got all ready - an apron to "protect" his clothing, a piece of paper attached to a piece of cardboard (so when he went off the paper he'd have something besides just a towel the paint could go on), a cup of water (which he attempted to drink), and my camera of course.

I had to help him get the colors on the brush - because the only other time he's painted was with the paint where he pulled the paintbrush out of the paint and boom color on the brush, so this whole putting the paintbrush in water to get it wet and then rubbing it on the color to get the color to soften so that it'll appear on the paintbrush - is a little different. And for a 2 year old who likes things to happen instantly, this technique takes a little longer. Although once he got the hang of it he was fine with it.
His favorite painting technique was the "splatter" know where you get paint on the brush and then tap the paper with it, or vigorously shake the brush close enough to the paper to get the paint on the paper (as well as on the mommy who was silly enough not to put something over her clothes - or to wear cruddy clothes in the first place...but hey - I did say they were watercolors so it all turned out fine - meaning I got the paint out of my clothes).
When I asked him if he wanted to hold up his painting to show me what it looked like - and I would take a picture of him with his painting, this is what he did. That's right he studied his work of art first and then relented to showing me the finished product!

Bonus pictures: Last night, while talking to GG, the monkey decided he want some rice krispies as a snack. When he dropped some on the floor he bent over and ate them off the floor like a dog - we laughed, which caused him to "accidentally" drop more - having to eat them off the floor once again. So I decided I'd just keep it a little cleaner and put them in a "doggie bowl" - which is really not a doggie bowl - but the way it's made it sure looks like one...
And he continued to eat his snack "like a doggie".

Friday, April 25, 2014

Coffee Maker

About a week ago the monkey got a package in the mail from PaPaw - that's right a "PRESENT!! OPEN IT!" and he was thrilled because inside was a "COFFEE POT!" which means he could make all the coffee he could possibly want to make! You see, when PaPaw was visiting, the monkey would make him coffee - but since he had no coffeepot he would either make the coffee in the blender or mixer - if you've never had coffee made in either of those appliances you are missing out! So when PaPaw flew home he decided to remedy the situation and get the monkey a coffee maker!! I'll let you decide if the monkey liked his coffee maker or not...I took a few pictures.
He made some coffee on the floor in the kitchen before we moved it to the table...and let me just say "you're welcome" for not taking a video of it while he was actually making the's pretty loud (even PaPaw commented on how loud it sounded - and he was just talking to us over Skype) actually sounds like you're running the water for a bath, rather than making a pot of coffee...
Honestly if a coffee pot I used made the same noise I would immediately turn it off and unplug it for fear of a coffee explosion...but the monkey seems to like it and he's not worried about the noises...and in the end that's the important thing, right?! LOL
He was super generous making pot after pot after pot after pot of coffee for PaPaw, Daddy, and me...
because, as you might know, 1 pot of coffee is only equal to 1 cup of coffee! And he knows we all drink at least 20 cups of coffee every morning...I mean who doesn't?!
Oh yeah, and he made coffee for himself too - because yeah, he likes coffee (but no, I don't give him coffee, I mean he's only 2...I didn't start drinking it till I was 4 so he's got a couple more years)...he does try to steal my coffee from my coffee cup...of course he tries to steal all of my drinks so it's really not surprising.
Oh coffee where have you been my whole life?!
So delicious!
AAAAHHHHH                                                                              I need more!

Just a little stir...although I'm not sure why - since I only drink black coffee...but it looks good right?

AAAAAAHHHHHH                                      CAFFEINE!!!!

MORE COFFEE!!!!!!                                                           That's right just 1 more pot!!!

Random poses while waiting for the coffee to be made....

I have the last cup!!!                                                                 Okay, I'll make another pot!

 Give me a couple minutes - you can't just think "more coffee" and it's instantly there - there is a process!

Yeah, um...he likes his coffee maker. He makes coffee and then says "PaPaw says 'Best coffee had'" - because that is what PaPaw said and you should say it too. And when asked "Who makes the best coffee?" he responds with "Owen" because once again, he was told he made the best coffee. Although I did trick him the other day and instead of it being "The best coffee" I told him it was "eeeewwww horrible", "yucky" and "gross" and he found that to be hysterically funny...he now makes me bad coffee!

The other "funny" part of this coffee maker story is that pretty much every other night - he puts the coffee maker in "Mommy's Box/Toy Timeout" which is the box I use for the toys that he refuses to pick up (and I keep them for 24 hrs which is why he gives it to me every other night instead of every night)...So for the week or so that he's had the coffee maker - he's only actually had it for about 1/2 that time because he keeps giving it to me to put in my stuff - knowing he won't be able to play with it the next day! This kid cracks me up! I mean he'll pick the toy up to put in my box, but he won't pick it up to put it in his kitchen! Oh well - at least I have him picking it up! LOL