Friday, October 31, 2014


In preparation for our trip we decided the monkey needed his very own carry-on! And yes, one of the reasons was since it was just him and I flying out - I was going to be lugging a suitcase, car seat, purse, and carry-on through parts of the airport, while holding on to the I figured he should have something he was taking as well, with his stuff, to help out! (Side note: My carry-on held food for him, since I wasn't sure if he was going to actually eat the meal on the plane/be able to eat it, so I needed snacks and food for 11-12 hrs of travel. My purse also held things to entertain him...the only things that were solely mine were my wallet, my sunglasses, my phone, and my iPad wasn't even for me.) Back to the story - since we were getting him something we opted for those cute little suitcase/backpacks - and guess what?! That's right - he loved it!
But wait, can you only pull it or can it be turned into a backpack too?!
Of course sometimes squealing like a pig doesn't really help at all...and obviously this was one of those times!
Once he got help it was then time to practice traveling! That's right, we practice!
First we figure out what we need to pack...sometimes help is needed.
The packing sometimes takes awhile...and then occasionally the train breaks down!
But don't worry, this kid knows what to do! (Even though it's never happened to him in real life where we've had to switch trains because it's broken down.)
A experienced traveler this kid is!
Some train rides are better than others...apparently this wasn't a good train ride!
We kept practicing...eventually we "got off the train" and went exploring...
Our house was made up of different parts of Antwerp! Mommy's Antwerp = my room; Kitchen Antwerp = kitchen; Monkey's Antwerp = his room...we traveled all around them, but I could only go places he allowed me to go...
After all, this was a very serious experience!
But I think it prepared both of us for our travel adventure together!

Hello Again Old Friend

Where have you been?! I know, I know...there is SO much to catch up on and I don't even know where to begin because even though I haven't posted and documented anything recently on here - life has been happening and so many things have been going on...we have been traveling - seeing friends and family for a family wedding - but we are now hopefully I can get you all caught up on life...I mean I didn't even tell you about my solo trip to Luxembourg before we went back to see family! I know, I know - come on, get with the program - some people live vicariously through my little travels so when I actually do get to go somewhere I should do the decent thing and tell you about it. I promise I will...but it might take a little while - I'm still decompressing after our 1 month tour of family and might wonder why I say "decompressing" - and well...we had time changes, people to see, lack of sleep from the time changes, things to do, more people to see, sickness, flights, time changes, people to see, drives, more people to see, more lack of get the picture right?! It's one thing if it was just me traveling, but it was me and the monkey traveling together the first part of the trip...don't get me wrong he did great on the flights - but it was still the whole time change and out of his "comfort zone" and not really having any "down/alone" time except when sleeping and then sharing a room - which we ended up waking each other up numerous times during the night not only because of the time changes but also because we are movers when we sleep and if he knows someone is in the room with him he sleeps lighter so he can ask every few hours "is it time to wake up now mommy?" And his down/alone time he loves - yes, he's a people person, but as he's gotten older he's discovered the amazing part of being older - he can do things on his own and by himself! The 1st two days we were home he spent a good portion of the mornings in his room playing and listening to music with his door shut...and that is how I know he enjoys his own space...and I'll be honest - I love it too! It means I finally get a little breathing room where he's not constantly on top of me feeling like he must entertain me. So yes, "decompress" seems like the right word of what I'm doing and how life is going right now...I just wish the monkey understood...

Before we went on our trip I will admit I was dreading it...DREADING it. If I can refresh your memory - my mom had just been here and so we were a little off our normal schedule and we were just getting back into our normal everyday life/routine when we went on this trip... Now you might be thinking "Kids are flexible! They don't have to have everything just so." And my only response is, the monkey likes his routine...he tends to go a little off the deep end when it gets messed up (and a day trip somewhere where he eats lunch late or goes down for a nap later than normal are things which mess up his schedule) and when my mom was here we did a few days trips out and we also left him home with her for a yeah, I knew it would take awhile before it was back to "normal"...
Yes, it was morning and he had asked for soup, which doesn't sound like a "normal" breakfast to everyone...but we'd been up for awhile so this wasn't breakfast.
I've created a monster of sorts...seriously. But the "chocolate" that he wants isn't a piece of chocolate or a candy bar - it's a raw dessert made with cocoa powder, dates, and a few other things...
But I don't make them all the time so when we have them he wants them...and honestly I can't blame him, I sometimes want chocolate at 9am too! It is nice to know that he does listen to me at times.
Thankfully I am Mom, and I can usually get him out of his funk...sometimes it just takes a little longer than other times.