Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crazy Days

You know how sometimes days just run into each other and then before you know it a week has gone by...and it's not that it's been fast, it's just all jumbled up together and everyday seems like a continuation of the day before. That's how it's been in this household for awhile! Seriously...we haven't done anything fun or exciting - it's been raining a lot so a lot of what we've done has been inside stuff (can we just say I've started to go insane), but when we do get a day where it's not really raining - we go outside - if I can get him out.

The other day was market day - and so I tried to get him to go to the market with me - which he usually loves to do, especially now that I allow him to walk to the market with me...but his response on this particular day was:
"I will stay home and play with my trains and you can go to the market mommy."

You see we bought him some more train tracks because he filled up another potty chart (someday he'll be fully potty trained) and he is now even more obsessed with trains - for instance he said this last week when I was a little too slow to stop what I was doing:
"Oh no! Mommy I want to hug you!" (Sigh) "Oh well, I guess I'll just go play with my trains..."

Of course another day he said this when he was running through the house and he fell on his knees:
"Mommy I broke my brain, so I can't walk anymore."
So I guess I should take everything he says with a grain of salt. But back to the trains...obsessed. Don't get me wrong I love trains as much as the next mom...but "playing trains" all day, every day, for days on end is enough to make me want to throw the trains, and over 100 pieces of train tracks, out the window.
Of course when I say "playing with trains" you must understand - it's not really playing - it's doing whatever the little conductor (tyrant) tells you to do: move the train when he says move it, to where he says to move it, and if something falls and needs to be fixed - you must fix it!! For instance a few days ago we were playing and the train bridge fell (which it does at least twice a day) - but this time it fell when the train was going over the bridge and it happened when I was getting him something to drink - so was not sitting and "playing" with him...his response:
(Said in a heartbreakingly sad voice) "OH NO! I can never play trains again, my trains are broken!"
Don't worry - I did step back in and fix the bridge so he could continue to play for the last few minutes before nap time...And if he happens to be playing trains when nap or bedtime rolls around - the reaction is the exact same as his reaction to if you take the whole "playing with trains" into your own hands and move the train on your own - that's right, there is a HUGE meltdown/tantrum/end of the world fit that occurs.
Just be glad the video was too big to was loud, there was a loud of screaming, crying, and attempting to bargain - that's right, we're teaching him young! But don't worry, we did have some fun know, when I took him hostage and forced him to pose for pictures with me!
If you didn't know by now, I'm not one of those moms who shies away from being in front of the camera...
There are a few other things that he'll allow us to do during the rainy days...he'll beg to watch Dinosaur Train...and you know what - we do! Not all day - an episode or 2 (okay sometimes 3 or 4, but the shows are only like 12 minutes long), but you know, when I need a break from playing trains and he won't let me do anything else...or when he's being crabby (because yes, some days this 3 yr old is pretty crabby and mean)...and that's how I came to the realization that my 3 yr old knows more dinosaurs than I do! He picked out the episode he wanted and as it came on I said "Oh! Is this the shark one?" to which he responded with: "No Mommy! It's not a shark, it's a Cretoxyrhina." (as if he couldn't believe I just called it a shark!)
Occasionally he'll also wear my new slipper socks around...since shoes he can't wear around the house (because our house rule is no shoes in the house) - he'll sometimes wear Rusty's slippers or mine - because they're so much more fun than his own alligator slippers??
But don't worry - we've also got the staples of indoor playing down - basketball, tea parties, cars, cooking, singing/dancing, tumbling, chase, tickling, water fun, painting, play-doh, laundry, cleaning, bath time, alphabet fun, reading, drawing, stickers, etc...and honestly the drawing he's just started to get a little more into - which is fun! Instead of him drawing and having to ask what he drew - he has started to draw and tell me what he drew!
This was the picture he drew me last night and as he said: "Mommy I drew you a picture of prunes, a straight line, and a Spiderman umbrella. I'm not drawing you another picture!" Because honestly 1 picture at a time is his limit.
But today, after trying to convince him to go outside with me for 2 1/2 hrs, we made it out!! My sanity is starting to come back! Of course I don't know if it was the going outside or the taking the train away and putting it in timeout - because he was hurting me on purpose and it was the only way to get his attention and get him to stop - that helped more. Fresh air and no train for a few hours - aaahhhh (pleasant sigh).

Monday, February 16, 2015

Red Bike

Last May we got the monkey a red balance bike and he liked it alright at first - but he much preferred his blue bike because he didn't have to balance so he was able to go really fast around the house! We decided to keep the balance bike indoors until he became more confident on it - which happened to be around Nov/Dec this past year...which is when the rains come. So we kept it inside for a few months more - since he wouldn't get to really ride around all that much in the cold rain/snow - but he could enjoy it inside still - until a few weeks ago when it became an outdoor bike!! Because trust me, once a bike goes outside here - it stays an outside bike. Of course I didn't go the first time he took it out - it was on a daddy/monkey outing - and they actually got kicked off the train platform at the train station (because you're not suppose to ride there), but they had fun.
But as the weather has stayed cold and relatively dry - we've taken it out a lot more - even if it's just to ride around our "parking lot" (which is gated) for a few minutes between rain showers.
Yesterday we went out to a little park (the big park has signs that say "no bikes") and let him ride till he was tired.
He rode around the fountain - which in the winter isn't really a fountain at all...but still, it's the one part where he can go really fast because it's not gravel...
But he went all over, even going to far as to be the "king of the park" and block people from walking past as he zoomed in front of them! (He's still learning how to be a safe and polite biker.)
Today because I needed the car for a bit - I decided to take the bike to the base and let him ride around some more. It was really cold (-1C/30F)...but yeah, I still encouraged it and he still wanted too...
Even though on the way home he told me that he didn't like riding his bike this morning because it was too cold...
That was after riding his bike for 2 hours!
He looks pretty unhappy about being "forced" to ride his bike doesn't he?! I also made sure I kept "bugging/asking" him if he was okay or if he wanted to go which he always replied with "I want to ride more mommy!"
So I'm not buying his "I didn't like it, it was too cold" for 1 minute!
But in case you want to see some of the action...and how "miserable" he was...
He was also practicing and "perfecting" the whole balancing part this morning - you know the whole - lifting his feet off the ground and just cruising...he was doing a really good job!

Friday, February 6, 2015

In the Words of Owen

Every once in awhile I realize I haven't really documented phrases/conversations that we have with the monkey - and I need to! So this post is all of those.
Bath time fun
Fun conversation with the monkey about what daddy might be seeing while in London (early Jan).
Owen: "I think he's going to see Paddington. He's probably going to 32 Windsor Gardens..." (where Paddington lives) "I think he's gonna see Thomas and Percy too!!"
Me: "Do you think he'll see Mary Poppins?"
Owen: "She might not be there. She might get blown away."
Me: "Do you think he'll see the Queen?"
Owen: "Ooooohhhh. I think he'll see Lightening McQueen!!" (Umm, Close enough...)
Sun was in the forecast but the snow is what showed up
His thoughts on snow: "Mommy I don't like all snow... I don't like this snow. I want to stay inside and stay warm."
On how to get him to eat the brown parts of roasted veggies, which previously he refused to eat because they were brown: I convinced that the brown roasted parts of veggies are SUGAR!! He now LOVES eating them because he thinks he's stealing sugar from Rusty and I. It started with sweet potatoes, but tonight he ate the brown leaves from brussel sprouts saying: "I'm eating your sugar daddy!!" So if you are around him and he starts talking about how he's eating the sugar on randomly roasted veggies - DO.NOT.CORRECT.HIM.
On why people go to church: "Mommy, I want to go to church today. I want to go to church and color. I'm talking about the Crayon church... You know the church with Crayon's. It's up by the market, up by town. That's the church I'm talking about - the crayon church. I want to go in... I might see Crayon's and then I'd HAVE to color. .... I'm taking about the Crayon church mommy!! I want to go to that church today and color."
Full does affect kids!
Try to get this kid to drink plain water and it's a no go (pretty much always has been)...put him in the tub with bath water and he can't get enough of it!
He loves to acknowledge us on a "job well done". For instance, when I clean under the table (which I do pretty much every day), but there was one day where he wanted to make sure I knew how he felt: "Oh mommy, I'm so proud of you for cleaning under the table. You're so smart... You're the smartest!" (I'm thinking of getting this printed on a t-shirt!)
Being goofy
In the car driving around he makes his wishes known
Owen: "I need music on!"
Me: "What do you want to listen to?"
Owen: "Hootie and the Glowfish!"
I wonder if that was one of the names they tossed around when naming the band...if not, maybe they should've!
Trying to imitate mommy
He definitely has thoughts when eating his breakfast: "I'm just taking little bites mommy because I don't want to get oatmeal on my tongue " (Is there anything worse than oatmeal on your tongue?!)
But not quite sure which one was more comfy...
And more on breakfast - I mean it is the most important meal of the day...(he had already eaten a "wet breakfast" of granola with milk)
Owen: "I want a dry breakfast."
Me: "What is a dry breakfast?"
Owen: "A dry breakfast isn't a fresh breakfast."Me: "OK. What would you like to eat?"Owen: "I'd like a pottery bowl."Me: ".... OK, what do you want to eat in the pottery bowl?"Owen: "I'd like dry corn chex, no milk!"

See, we do have fun!

In the Kitchen

I know I haven't been on here in awhile, but sometimes life happens and I am either enjoying the ride and focused on what is happening right now, or I am at my wits end and I just can't seem to sit down and write about anything happening because I just want to move on. I'll say it's been a mixture - definitely with more of the former than the latter - I mean this is the kid I'm dealing with
But really with a 3 yr old - I experience both on a daily basis, and many times when "someone's" bedtime comes I really don't want to dwell on my day with him at all. But back to the title - we have been doing quite a bit of cooking recently! I'm trying to find new recipes that the monkey can have (being allergic to everything sometimes puts a damper on what he can have)...but I found an ice cream recipe I thought I'd try! Yes, ice cream - in the cold winter - but hey, sometimes you just want to try stuff out before it's "seasonally appropriate", and really - ice cream is for all year round! This kid has had a type of ice cream before - bananas as the base - and he liked it (although he's not really a fan of cold things, but I still wanted to give it a go).
This recipe had a base of full fat coconut milk, and while it seemed like it would work it didn't turn out great. (I'm going to stick with the bananas as a base for ice cream in the future.)
But it was still fun to try! It was mint chocolate chip - with real mint leaves and 85% dark chocolate chunks - because I mean you might as well make it really good. The monkey's favorite part was eating the chocolate chunks while waiting for the time to come to dump the remaining chunks into the mixture.
After it finished freezing I gave him some to try and he immediately told me "I don't want it cold mommy! Heat it up in the microwave!" So being the good mom I am - I did. I warmed some up in the microwave for him to drink and guess what?! That's right he didn't like it warmed up. So then I did what I had really wanted to do and I made him a milkshake! He loved that! (Even though it was cold.)

Then he helped to make Rusty's birthday pie. We tried a new recipe - chocolate coconut pie - that looked like it would be good, and boy was it good! In fact it was so good that the monkey ate some of the "batter" - which he usually refuses to eat! (It's a raw recipe - like most of the desserts I make because then they're free of everything so the monkey can eat them too!)
Of course sometimes he's just full of energy and he's ready to go! The other day I made some muffins that came out alright - he liked them, which is the important thing since I was making them for him. But I thought they might make better waffles than muffins - so after thoroughly cleaning the waffle maker and making a couple other things on it (to get all previous allergies off of it) - I was ready to make him waffles today. And he was soo excited (and yes, the very 1st video is from today as well).
He loves helping and he's getting to be really good at helping! I mean after he helped get the blueberries I told him I needed the 2 small containers of coconut milk (and yes, the "I believe in Christmas" pillow hanging from the door is now a year-round decoration because I forgot to put it up with Christmas.)
Sorry, no pictures of us actually making the muffins - which for some reason didn't come out as well, or the waffles which turned into a disaster. But he helped mix and dump and get the muffin liners out and in the muffin tin...and then he ate the disasterous waffle - what I could scrape out was super crunchy so it tasted was more a pain to clean. Which reminds me, I have to finish cleaning it!