Friday, June 26, 2015

Soignies Festival

Our town has tons of festivals during the summer months, and on weekends when there is nothing going on in our town there is a festival going on in another one close by! It's one of our favorite times of year simply because there is so much happening...okay, and the weather is pretty nice too. This past weekend was no exception to the constant flow of festivals - what it was a festival for I'm not sure, but hey - we don't need a reason to celebrate! You wanna have a festival with some food, a ride, and some stands selling clothes, toys, shoes, purses, and whatnot - then by all means we will be there to celebrate and someone will be riding the rides! I mean when you're 3 you go to these things for the rides don't you? This festival only had 1 ride - but seriously - that's all a kid needs!
Now I'd just like to say that NONE of these pictures were posed! People - that is HUGE. If you don't recall what he usually looks like on rides unless I tell him to make funny faces - just check some of these out, the ones where it looks like he's having fun - yeah those are all posed.
He's usually very serious as in "I am test driving this car to see if it's really what I should invest my hard earned money, let me check the horn...the steering...hmm, wonder how the tires are...hey, wait - I think they have this on some sort of track! That is definitely worth checking out - I am not going to have someone run a scam on me!"
But yeah, check these pictures out! He's having a BLAST! Like really having fun!!
He rode this ride 2 different days at least 16 times altogether, and each ride he was smiling and having fun!
Sure there were a few moments while riding around that the serious faced kid came out, but for the most part he was smiling and having a ton of fun!
And yes, there is a perfectly good explanation as to why he was having so much fun...
I mean you can't be straight-faced and serious on all rides and then suddenly your personality changes to where you suddenly find these rides to be entertaining instead of trying to find the fault in all of these "potential family vehicles"...
The reason was very simple...
That's right - there was a ball with strings that was hitting kids in the head as they went around...the kids meanwhile were trying to take the grouping of strings off the ball (it was clipped on)...all the kids except one. That one kid was ours! But man did he think it was hilarious when it got him in the head, and really that's all that matters!
That's one reason we kept letting him ride - he actually looked like he was having fun (and it was a inexpensive ride too)! He rode in planes, cars, firetrucks...he rode on horses and motorcycles...and one of my all time favorite rides
Rusty was starting to feel ill just watching him ride it, but the Monkey loved it! He rode it a few times...sometimes turning it more and sometimes just sitting back and trying to figure out "how anyone could purchase it as a family vehicle"...

1st Sandwich!

Most American kids have their 1st sandwich before they're 3. In fact they most probably have their 1st sandwich before they have mussels, lamb, ratatouille, seaweed, roasted garlic, medjol date, dolmas, or tasted sriracha. Not this kid though. And it's not really for any reason except I just hadn't made a bread that was allergy free that would make a good sandwich until recently...okay, and really I didn't try that hard because he was extremely happy eating all the food choices he had and never said "Mommy, I wish I could have a sandwich" until recently...okay, he didn't say it that way, but he saw Rusty eating a sandwich and he said "I bet I can have a sandwich when I grow up and don't have allergies anymore." And I thought "my poor kid really wants to try a sandwich!" So the hunt started for a sandwich bread - and I found it!! Okay it's more a roll than a loaf of bread (and I had to tweak it a bit since since it had 2 eggs) - but still, it works for sandwiches!
He wasn't too sure about it at first, but I mean can you blame him? He'd never had anything like this texture before! (And it was a little different texture than regular bread since it was the 1st time made...I had a little more tweaking to do.)
Since it was the 1st sandwich ever - he had to make sure he knew what he was the questions started rolling...
But yeah, he did like it! He ate 2 for lunch and then wanted more bread for a snack, and more sandwiches for dinner...
And the next day he wanted sandwiches again...he tried a prosciutto, basil, honey mustard sandwich but didn't like that near as much as the honey and almond butter.
After eating sandwiches for 4 days straight he hasn't asked for anymore...of course I haven't made him more "bread" for a bit so that could be know "out of sight, out of mind". I'm just glad I found him an easy bread to make that tastes good - taking lunch places with us has just gotten a little easier!

Bonus Video: This kid is a little obsessed with mango as well. Thankfully he will share with me, but it's getting to be that I have to eat the mango I want while I'm cutting it up - because if given the chance he will eat it all! (Thankfully Rusty isn't a mango fan so we don't have to share 3 ways!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Water Balloons and Water Guns!

The other day the monkey and I went to the equivalent of the Dollar Store - it's called Zeeman's but he refers to it as "The Sticker Store" because it's where we buy stickers among other things. And while we were there (I was getting a spray bottle) we saw a container - with a pump - that held and pumped 250 water balloons!! Um, hello?! How can I not buy that - so I did!
We practiced blowing up a balloon without water - just to make sure the pump was working and so the monkey knew exactly what to do...because trust me - he has to at least help...
Unfortunately it was nap time - so we were going to have to wait till after nap to play on the deck...but it actually worked out because it was still a little chilly and by later afternoon being hit with a water balloon wouldn't be so bad.
Of course daddy got home soon after we started with the water balloons - so the monkey all of a sudden decided he didn't want me to play with him - he wanted daddy! Which worked out in my favor since I could then take pictures...
It was a little slow going at first...the monkey showed daddy how to pump up a balloon but then he decided he liked playing with the pump a reminded him of a spray bottle - and he loves playing with spray bottles while he played daddy (okay, and mommy) had some fun!
As you can tell, the monkey was not up for just being a sitting duck - so then they started playing for real!
Playing with daddy can be fun, but it can also be disastrous. Like when your shoe comes off and it gets wet from the water balloon exploding...and you know, you're just sooooo sad. That is seriously what happened. It was hysterical.
But never fear they pumped up another balloon and the monkey had another go at popping it...unfortunately that time this is what happened...
That's right, daddy popped the balloon again and we had a sad monkey because he didn't get to pop it. Although in daddy's defense they threw the ball back and forth at least 6 times before it popped! But never fear - they tried it again...
The following day the monkey woke up and saw a present from daddy on the table and he said "Look Mommy! Daddy got me flying planes!"
That's right, this kid has never played with a water gun or a toy gun and has no idea what one is! Unfortunately because of all the tantrums he decided to throw during the day, the water toys were taken away so we didn't get to play with them until his behavior changed...and guess when that happened? That's right - the magical hour all stay-at-home-parents know about - the hour the opposite parent comes home!! In our case "DADDY'S HOME!!"
So out they went to the deck to learn how to shoot water guns, which since he knows how to squirt a squirt bottle he didn't have any trouble with the water gun!
They had fun shooting back and forth...but it was hilarious because when the monkey had enough he would say either "Stop!" or he'd say "Everybody stop! Daddy you stand still, don't move." and then he'd go and soak daddy! Because in a kids world, that is only fair!
Of course he also wanted to make sure that daddy's head got as wet as his head was getting, and since daddy is taller there is only one way to make sure that happens!
Of course, he also had fun trying to get me through the glass
Overall the water guns were a hit...
until he decided he was too wet
and all he really wanted was a spray bottle! Silly kid.
But he did have fun! And now he knows what a water gun is!

Sapeurs-Pompiers! That's Fire Service in French.

Our local firehouse had an open house this past weekend and we had to stop by! I mean what kid doesn't want to go climb in, up, and around on a firetruck?! Well, apparently our kid! The firetrucks were his least favorite part of the whole experience! Don't get me wrong - he loved looking at the old firetrucks and police car...
The red car he's seen in parades - so he was super excited to be able to get up close to it...
He loved seeing what was stored on the sides and the back of the trucks and he made sure we saw everything too...
And had they allowed you to climb up, in, and around on these old firetrucks he might've gone for it.
The newer trucks - well he liked their wheels...but he refused to get in them. I tried. I lifted him up and helped him into the back - nope. I lifted him up and helped him into the drivers seat - nope...
He however was not opposed to dressing up like a fireman! We supported the firehouse with more college tuition money (okay it was for charity) - and decked this kid out with a fireman shirt, hat, and a firetruck! The toy one in his hand, not the real firetruck behind him...we don't have that much saved for his college!
He also loved the police truck - he was able to go in and see their computers, their fridge, the table and chairs, and they gave him a couple coloring books on safety, and some posters of police vehicles!
He also loved the ambulance! This was the vehicle he wanted to get in and drive (not for a long time but still). I'm not sure if he was excited about it because he's actually been in one (twice) or if he just prefers the color yellow over red...but thank goodness there was an ambulance there that no one else wanted to get in and he could explore it on his own!
But his favorite part was getting to shoot with the fire hose to "put out" a house fire.
When we first saw this we thought they were spraying the kids - because after each kids turn a group of kids would run back and close the doors (to put the "fire" back up)...and a couple times the kids didn't get out from behind it fast enough and so they got sprayed! (Yeah, something that would never go over well in the States...can't you hear the parents now: "You sprayed my kid with a fire hose!!" Man, I really like Belgium!)
Because there weren't a lot of kids waiting to do this...okay, there were no other kids after his 1st they let him go again! He would've been there all day had we let him, but other kids were starting to come over and check it out...
He loved it - can you tell?!
This was when he came over to make sure I saw what he did and he told me in great detail what he know if case I missed it! But he was so excited and proud of his accomplishment and he couldn't believe he got to use the fire hose either! Super cute.