Thursday, October 1, 2015

God Has a Sense of Humor

just a few hours after birth - yeah, we're ready for our picture to be taken!
Or some could say that "God answers prayers in his timing"...but I prefer "God has a sense of humor." You see, I have a daughter. My entire adult life when I thought about having kids I only wanted boys, partly because I have 3 brothers and I'm the only girl and partly because I know what a brat I was and I really didn't want to have to deal with a "me". But God has a sense of humor.
the little lady
Growing up every time my mom got pregnant after me - which was 4 times, as she had 2 miscarriages - I prayed for a sister. You know those little kid prayers, the "Dear Jesus, Please let this baby be a little girl so I can have a sister. I will clean my room every day and listen to my parents if you only give me a little sister." I said this prayer - or something similar - for the first 3 pregnancies, many times...but then the 2 miscarriages happened and then with the 3rd pregnancy when D-Day (delivery day) came the baby was a little boy. I was sad, but I loved my little brother and I was really happy I had a little sibling. So then when my mom got pregnant again (#4) I thought "Hmmm, maybe if I pray for a little brother I can trick God and he'll really give me a sister!" So I started saying my prayer but this time praying for a little brother - while hoping it would be a girl and I'd finally have a sister. Yeah, just in case you were wondering - you can't trick God...he gave me what I'd prayed for this time, just not what I had hoped for - because I got another brother. As I got older I was so thankful God didn't answer my prayers because I loved being the only girl and having brothers!
real life babydoll
So let's fast-forward 26 1/2 yrs to when I'm 36 1/2...I get pregnant and I refuse to find out what we're having. We found out with the Monkey because Rusty really wanted to know (he's a planner)...but I had made an agreement that if we found out for the 1st, we wouldn't find out for the 2nd. He agreed - hoping I'd change my mind I'm sure...but I didn't (have I ever mentioned how hard-headed and stubborn I am?!). The 2nd pregnancy was almost identical to the 1st, except this time when a small selection of food started to sound good again, I wanted to eat sweet things - not that they always sat well, but they just sounded good. With the 1st pregnancy I couldn't stand anything sweet...but other than that everything was the same (nausea, food aversions, smells, heartburn, the way I carried, etc...). I thought I was having a boy at first - no doubt in my mind, but as time went on I thought in my mind (but I didn't tell anyone my suspicion) "I bet it's a girl" if for no other reason than God has a sense of humor.
favorite spot to sleep
D-Day (delivery day) came - early...which then made me think even more - it's a girl (because let's face it, if I'm having a girl she's going to be a little like me, which means she's going to do things when she wants to and no one can force her to do anything else - you know, hard-headed and stubborn...) and then the baby was born and I looked down and said "It's a girl" and I immediately thought "I KNEW it!" God didn't give me a little sister that I begged for - but in reality it's a good thing I didn't get...he waited. He gave me 4 sister-in-laws first and then he decided to have a little more fun and he gave me a daughter.
sleeping peacefully
Oh yes, God has a sense of humor! The little girl who declared to her mom when she was 2 or 3 "I'm not going to be a mommy when I grow up!" and who then grew up and said "I don't want any girls only boys!" is now a mom...and she has a daughter...and that daughter is going to grow up to be one kick-ass woman, because that's how we roll.
a small smile
9 days early
6 lbs 3 oz
Somewhere around 18.5" long
Lots of hair - but mostly on the back of her head
She loves to eat..and is pretty good at it
She loves to sleep...mostly on mommy or at least within touching distance...and boy can she sleep (so much different than the monkey!)
Yeah, we've all decided we like her and we'll keep her.