Sunday, November 1, 2015

Life with a Threenager and Newborn

Notice how I've been absent? that's because life with a threenager and a newborn (okay she's 2 months now) is a little busy. When one sleeps (the munchkin) the other is awake and wanting to play (the monkey),
and when the monkey sleeps the munchkin is then awake wanting to eat or play.
So time to get anything fun done (yeah, I consider this to be fun) is limited to the evenings - when I'm hanging out with Rusty and/ just too exhausted to do anything. And then we've had company for the majority of the time - not complaining at all because it's been fun to have people and our moms have both been helpful in entertaining and playing with the monkey giving me a break from 2...but having company changes the family dynamic - it just does...and it makes for a never dull/boring moment!

My mom was the 1st visitor - she was suppose to arrive prior to the munchkin being born but since that girl has a mind of her own mom arrived a few days after, which was actually perfect.
We took mom to a little zoo - which wasn't really a zoo, even though it called itself did have some animals.
He was moving FAST! Seriously this one might've been the one that raced the Hare and won!
We took her to the big park.
We took her to our village's festival...
We took her to the BIG park/amusement park
She and Owen went "consploring" around the village, to the park, around the neighborhood...
We took her to St. Neots - where we mainly played on the playground
We did a "Girl's Trip" to Cambridge where we went punting (boat ride) and a walking tour

Before having a cream tea...poor little munchkin didn't get to partake of the tea, but she was included...can we say that this was her 1st tea?
Mom was also around for all of our antics with the munchkin...
Of course the antics continued after she left (they'll probably continue the rest of her life), and then GG arrived and off to Cambridge we went!
She taught the monkey to how to use her camera
And he was surprisingly pretty good!
We took her to the gymnasium for open play time
We took her to St. Ives
The monkey tried on his Halloween costumes so she could see him in them (she brought them with her)
And she was able to have a few conversations and smiles with the munchkin before she left (she was getting more vocal)
But the time for GG to leave came as well because we had more visitors who would be on their way shortly.