Thursday, January 21, 2016

Parenting: One Day at a Time

There are times when I haven't had a chance to actually write and post here, but that doesn't mean I haven't documented a couple times in the hopes that a chance would come for me to post them...but then it appears that 2 months have completely passed and I still haven't posted them! So for your enjoyment here are a couple of posts from Nov - that show how much of a roller coaster the life of a parent is!
Nov 2:
True Mom Confession: I'm pretty lucky. Parker is the baby everyone wants. She is happy (only cries when hungry, squeezed too hard, head butted, bitten, has a dirty diaper, or needs to burp). She puts up with her brother (see previous notes on when she cries, but she STILL smiles when she hears his voice). She likes to sleep and will sometimes sleep for 5 hrs! AND she puts herself to sleep (seriously! Who knew babies could do that?! Not me!! I'm still in awe over it.)

I have no clue how I got so lucky, because I know it is luck because Owen was the complete opposite - he was happy, but he also loved to cry (colicky). Or if it's not luck, then God obviously knew I COULD NOT handle another baby like Owen.

And then the very next day Nov 3:
Thinking of becoming a parent? Here's a "fun" game! Have a friend/spouse wake you up at random times during the night for a week. You must be woken up at least 3 times a night (but at least twice during the week you have to be woken up 5x's in one night and at least 4 nights you must be woken up immediately after falling back to sleep). When "awake" you must be up for at least 45 min (a few times 1-1 1/2hrs), be able to feed a person, change a diaper, and do whatever other soothing is needed (walking, singing, cuddling with them all.night.long if needed). If you so choose to attempt to co-sleep you must sleep lightly enough to be aware there is a child on your chest/in your arms at all times.

You must also be able to fully function during the day either out of the house at work, in the house at work, or in the house at work/play (for the last option you HAVE to find a 2-3yr old to take care of during the day) along with the infant you took care of during the night.

Seriously, it's a fun game because when you get 5 hrs of sleep you will feel amazing! (And it doesn't matter that those 5 hrs were broken up over 4 wake-ups.)

Hello. It's Me.

So I'm now horrible at keeping up with this darn blog. I feel like I should really just skim over the last couple of months so that I can actually be current and then I might be able to keep up! Because the whole point of this really is so I can document stuff that I forget so some day these two can have fun reading about their life...or their crazy mom...or both as it might turn out. But I can't even get two seconds (okay more like at least 10 min) to sit down and jot down important/funny things and then by the time I do get a chance to sit down (both kids napping at the same time - miracle!) I can't remember any of the funny things that I was going to document for posterity's sake. Oh sure I could write in a journal - you know the "old fashioned" thing that our parents and grandparents did, but let's be real here. I can type much faster than I can hand write it I'd need just as much time to do that and yeah, once again I don't really get that time...Of course I could put something in the bathroom and lock myself in there for a few minutes so I can document stuff...but yeah, that's not going to happen instead I just document on "The book of faces" (FB) but then it's not here...oh the dilemma. I know that one of these days I'll get back in the hang of writing everything out on here...but for now I hate that I'm missing out on parts of the munchkin's first few months. Oh well...I guess it's proof she's the 2nd born and not the 1st born!

With all of that said, let's see if I can recap...with a few pictures just so you can feel like you were there as well...and then, hopefully in the new year, I can do a better job of keeping current. The last you heard was Ammah and then GG had visited...we then had Halloween
Where we invited one of our neighbors over for dinner - she happens to love the monkey (and the munchkin) and so went a little crazy with spoiling him for Halloween (yes those are specialty dark chocolate ghosts...she knows he can't have all the other candy so she went and got him this!)
and a dancing ghost that plays Ghostbusters - both the monkey and munchkin like it!
The monkey loves Ms. Jan and so he wore both of his costumes for her to see, but I only got a picture of him in his guard costume...
 The munchkin also dressed up - like a pumpkin of course!
Then it was time for Papaw and Mimi to come visit
They played with they were with us - lots of games of Uno, Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders (not all of them played the traditional way because the monkey likes to make up his own rules)...Papaw and the monkey went on walks around town and to the parks as well. Papaw and Mimi left for a few days to do a trip to Ireland as well - I mean if you're coming over you might as well go on an adventure! When they came back we took them to Cambridge!
We took them punting on the River was a little chilly, but beautiful!
But the time eventually came - as it always does - for our visitors to return home...
One last evening of hugs, burps, and cuddles until next time!
A few days later Santa arrived! No, not at our house, but down the road from us - I bet you thought Santa hung out near you during Christmas time, but you'd be wrong - he's here!
That's right we gathered with other families to greet and welcome Santa to town (well to the garden center where he remained during the Christmas season)...
And yeah, someone was slightly excited that Santa was here! We didn't stop to see him that day though, because so many other people were - so we visited Santa a little later.
And in complete honesty, we didn't go see Santa at this location, instead we opted to go to see him when he was at the mall!
Fun fact: In the UK Santa hands out gifts to children when they visit him at Christmas!! Seriously, we went and paid to see Santa and not only did we get a picture but both kids got a gift from him!! And the one at the mall we went to had Santa completely closed off so when you went to see him it was just you and Santa - it wasn't open to the rest of the mall...and I think we spent around 5 minutes talking to him and then more time to get the picture - definitely was not rushed.

(I started this post on Dec 3rd and I'm just getting this post posted now! LOL)