Monday, October 17, 2016

The Munchkin's 1st Birthday!!

 Someone turned 1!! She celebrated big by practicing her walking skills (she's now a pro)...
She also stole one of my water bottles and claimed it as hers - she drank from it (spitting about 1/2 out because she'd get too much water at once), she showed me how to carry it as well...and she did carry it around with her for most of the day.
But the time did come to celebrate her birthday so we made her a cake and had some delicious frosting
And then it was time to make fire and put the fire out! Of course being only 1 she was a little more excited with the prospect of seeing the fire up close and wanting to touch it, and so we kept it at a slight distance as we sang...
"All I want to do it touch that beautiful light!!"
And we let the Monkey blow the candle out for her - he LOVES helping!
And then she was given the whole cake to do with what she wanted!
And what she wanted to do was dig for a little bit and then rub it all over her...chocolate and avocados are good for your complexion don't ya know?! She liked the first few nibbles of cake and frosting but then decided she didn't really like it...and that's okay because the cake didn't come out perfectly. I have the recipe nailed for cupcakes, but the full cake takes a lot longer than the recipe states it does and so it wasn't fully cooked in the biggie since there's nothing in the cake that needs to be cooked, but just the wrong consistency...oh well. (My cupcake tin is too big for our oven, but I didn't realize that until the day of her birthday when the batter was in the cupcake tins, oops.)
No matter - she had fun tearing the cake apart and really that's the important thing. But just like her big brother before her - she got tired of the cake and wanted something different, something not so sweet...
Cucumbers!! Seriously this is now an add for cucumber farmers around the country...okay, it's not, but it should be!
This girl loves her cucumbers! That's right cucumbers over a cake and chocolate frosting!
She also was able to Skype and FaceTime with the grandparents - so they got to see her tear her cake apart! And in all honesty it worked out that the cake wasn't the greatest because we were leaving on a trip to Scotland for a long weekend the very next day...and while we could've traveled with the cake it's not really a recommended road trip food with little kids. So it all worked out. And we now have a 1 yr old!!! Okay, really now that I'm posting this she's 13 1/2 months - and she is definitely getting around everywhere! She loves walking, has shoes that she is a pro walking in, is going up and down stairs like a pro (crawling not walking up and down on her own yet), is opening cabinets, wearing bracelets, and trying to unroll the toilet paper rolls. But don't worry she is still addicted to shoes - chewing on them that is.

Momma said there'd be days like this...

Ok, so my mom might never have said these words to me, but we'll just go with the thought that she did. My dad on the other hand did say his greatest wish was that I'd have a child just like me - maybe not in those exact words - but it was implied and then as he's watched my kids grow up and when I call or email and we talk about the kids he LAUGHS. So yeah, that pretty much implies what one of his greatest wishes was! But back to the phrase I was going to start this out with, and it's this (it was the 22nd of August 2016 - if you happen to have a Mary Engelbreit tear-off calendar):
The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.
Since the 22nd of August I have told myself this almost every day (well for about 2 wks) as I deal with "The Fource" (4 1/2 yr old) and the Toddler (almost 1 but she is a toddling!). And I must also say - this Anonymous person is super smart! I'm almost sad I didn't think to name one of my kids Anonymous just so they could say: "That's right, I said that." whenever anonymous quotes come up...but no, no 3rd child as much as I'd love to have a kid named that.
But back to whatever I was trying to convey before...oh yes, the struggle - it's a real thing. Parenting is not for the week, sometimes I don't think it's for the strong's not for the impatient, it's not always for the strong-willed, hardheaded individual either...and yet here I am (all 3 of those things) - a parent struggling every day to teach my kids lessons that will help them throughout their life...lessons - I might add - that they don't want to learn. And that my friends, is the struggle. Sure there are other struggles, but honestly it all comes back to that one basic thing - they don't want to learn what we're trying to teach them.
So we live our lives demonstrating to our kids how to behave and treat others along with a whole list of things - and we hope they pick some of it up by watching, through osmosis, from talks/discussions, from books, from playing, etc...but the things they pick up immediately are the things that we weren't really trying to teach them - because as kids (or sometimes how I refer to them "aliens from other planets" who wake up in our child's bed but then at bedtime they disappear to their native planet - where they forget everything they've previously learned and the process continues the next day) they like to show you they did listen and learn (don't we ask them that repeatedly - "are you even listening to me?!") unfortunately it's just not what you were hoping they listened to! 
And I'm just going to go ahead and post this because I have no clue what else I was going to say - and there must've been something since I didn't post it before! That and life happened and I haven't really had a chance to sit down and write anything until now. Ta-Da! Not writing anything new - just posting old posts. But it's something entertaining for you at least!