Tuesday, November 29, 2016


There are times when you have a LOT to do, but then your toddler finally gives in to the call of sleep and you find yourself sitting on the couch with 20 odd  lbs of toddler sleeping on top of you because she won't take a nap in her bed. And this my friends is my predicament right now.
I need to write a Christmas letter (and yes I could write that right now instead of this post about how I need to write it, but I'm not inspired at this moment).
I need to upload all my contacts so I can get labels made so I don't have to hand write all the address’ for all the Christmas letters because I send out WAY too many. (Last night I did finally get the picture portion of our Christmas greetings done and who knows that might be he only part I get gone!)
I also need to get new sheets on the guest bed so when my MIL comes to visit she will have nice clean sheets. Come to think of it I need to change sheets on all the beds.
I need to cook mushrooms for the munchkin (who's the one sleeping on top of me).
I need to do another load of laundry, and fold the clean clothes.
I need to vacuum the stairs (Oh! I didn't tell you – Rusty bought me a cordless vacuum for Christmas!! I know I'm once again excited about a vacuum – but seriously, if you haven't tried a cordless vacuum you SHOULD!! It's like being a ghostbuster and sucking up ghosts!! Owen loves it and wants to vacuum all the time too, maybe I should have him do the stairs! Oh and even if you don't have carpet you should get one – the stairs are the only carpeted thing in this house, but the vacuum works so well on tile, hardwood, and sucking up spiderwebs too…seriously you'll love it too – no cord!!) I need to make some sort of dessert (not for any occasion I just feel the need for chocolate or an apple crumble, so it's not a need per say, but it might be in a couple more hours).
I need to go shopping for stuff for a charity so I'll have it all together to drop it off tomorrow, but I now won't get it done till tomorrow morning.
I also need to get a Christmas gift for my mom, nephews, and niece so I can get them all in the mail and not worry about it (we've gone the route of drawing names for Christmas in my family, but the kids still get gifts from everyone).
I need to go through the toys and papers in the toy room – not every piece of paper with 1 little marking “is very important” requiring we save it…but I need to do this while a certain someone is at school.
I need to clean toilets – seriously I swear I JUST cleaned them, apparently that was a couple weeks ago.
I need to dust mop the whole house – or vacuum…but definitely need to do it.
I need to make calendars for the grandparents for Christmas - I've narrowed down the thousands of possible pics to hundreds so that's something.
I need to print off some pics so our picture frames aren't containing pics mostly of the monkey, I mean the munchkin is almost 15mo old, she should have more than 2 pics in frames! And these are just the things I am thinking about that I need to do, there are so many more that I'm not currently thinking about.

But it's now time to go get the monkey for school, which means I'll be waking a sleeping toddler. Have you ever had to do that?! It's bad, you really don't WANT to do that, trust me. Wish me luck!!