Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Yes, I'm writing about toilets because when you live in a castle (big house), with a plethora of toilets (5 - which is WAY too many, especially when you have to clean them) all of which were EXTREMELY filthy when you moved in 9 months ago (seriously they were disgusting, think pubic toilet) and you finally get your son's toilet clean to where his bathroom doesn't smell like a urinal when you walk in - it's a pretty ENORMOUS accomplishment! And no it didn't get that way through normal little boy use - this toilet had been caked with crud when we moved in and after 20 cleanings I finally broke through all the buildup and I got to the sparkling white toilet bowl beneath. Sure I might've been able to get through the crud faster than 9 months, but it wasn't just one toilet that needed this cleaning attention, plus everything else in normal everyday life with 2 kids, and it's not like his toilet didn't get cleaned - it did every 2 weeks like all the other toilets... It's just the buildup didn't budge much until today.

This folks is my life. I'm writing about getting toilets cleaned, because that is the highlight of my day! Oh the glamorous life I lead as a mom - toilet bowl cleaner! I also cleaned the bathrooms and I'm now ready for our guests to arrive on Saturday.

My next "glamorous" task is to clean the kitchen sink, and put Easter stuff away (we'll see if they get done today or tomorrow though)... I'm going to have my 5yr old wipe down the kitchen cabinets - because sitting on the kitchen floor playing, I realized my children have spilled things ALL over the cabinets and it's pretty gross and it's the perfect chore for him to do! (Especially since he helped dirty them.) Yes, my life in England is very glamorous and exotic! (And no, I'm not including pics of the clean toilets, although I probably should. Lol)

Yesterday the Monkey yelled to me from the bathroom "Mommy!! Mommy, I didn't realize you put flowers in the bathroom! I didn't realize it at all!" Because yes, I made flower arrangements yesterday and had an extra one and into the WC it went. I can only put flowers in certain areas because the Munchkin loves flowers - feeling them, squishing them, pulling on them, etc. I have some arrangements on her height that if they get destroyed it's ok, but others that I'd like to actually enjoy I put higher...and the WC won out against all the other rooms in the house to get the extra arrangement...and now it's also sparkling clean.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"Worst" Mommy in the World

According to my toddler, this morning I was pretty much the worst mommy in the world - or at least that's what her tantrum let me believe. We had a relatively smooth morning - daddy stayed home later than usual - so the kids were in great moods until he left...and then it seemed that whatever they could scream and cry about they did! Getting to school was a bit rough, but we got there and I don't think I've ever been more thankful that today was a school day - besides of course yesterday which was the 1st day back after a 2 wk break...but today after I dropped the Monkey off I was going to get my walk in! A much needed walk - it's not something I get when schools not in session...because this walk is just for me. Sure the Munchkin is with me being pushed in the stroller, but she's usually eating the entire time, sleeping, or just looking at dogs and birds and making the appropriate sounds for the animals she sees. But my walks are when I can just think or pray or day dream - really I can do whatever I want as long as I keep the food going for the Munchkin (or if a friend comes along I can have adult conversations!). So I was really excited to go on my walk...

But then it happened! We passed by a school and the playground of the school was right there in our line of sight and the Munchkin let out a "OOOOOOOOhh" and then made her excited noises (saying in her language "Mommy! A playground!! We have to stop and play right now! Wait, why aren't you stopping?!?!" and you can guess what happened next right? Yeah, Oh the humanity! I just committed one of the BIGGEST sins known to toddlers the world around! I didn't stop at the playground that was off limits but right in front of us. No amount of explanation would calm her! She didn't want explanations - because to a 1 1/2 yr old those are just excuses of why you're not doing what THEY want you to do! What was I suppose to do? Jump the fence with my toddler and let her play on the "off limits" playground?! Well, YES, YES I WAS. But the real question is: Did I? And the answer to that is: No, no I did not. And THAT was the problem.

So we continued on our walk through the quiet (HAHAHAHA) neighborhood (if you heard a screaming child outside your house this morning, that was us) and to a different playground...because we live near quite a few playgrounds. I continued on my walk talking to her and telling her what playground we were going to and how much fun we'd have there (just like we do every time we go) and how when we got close she could get out and run across the grass if she wanted (she wanted too) we finally got to the grassy section where she could just run (with the dogs) to the playground, and she excitedly got out of her stroller, took 5 steps, stopped and turned and immediately started whining to be carried. Nope, not gonna happen. I didn't quit my walk early to carry you and push an empty stroller across the grass to the playground, nope, not gonna happen! So she went back into the stroller where she screamed and cried the entire way to the playground. (Video is the tail end of the tantrums, I wasn't going to torture you making you listening to a screaming child...okay, I totally would've if I'd gotten it together and started recording sooner!)
As you can tell she did calm down enough to play on the playground for a bit
She had some fun on the seesaw, on the "merry-go-round" thing (can't remember what it's called), on the swings, climbing for a bit before this happened.
I still have NO clue what this tantrum was about. She just decided it had been about 30 minutes since she'd had a meltdown and she needed to demonstrate how well she can tantrum at a playground - that was really the wrong playground - it wasn't the one she really wanted to play at - and so she was done.
Because if that wasn't it I don't know what it was. It wasn't that she was exhausted and within 10 min of leaving the park she had fallen asleep with a smirk on her face, because she's only 1 1/2, why would she be smirking?! (Seriously - she fell asleep with a smirk on her face but I didn't stop to take a pic because it didn't stay on her face by the time I got my phone in front of her...but it was there.)

Thankfully she took about a 45 min nap and was in a much better mood when she woke up - although she did insist on driving my car.
Checking to make sure the vents were open
Turning without blinkers?

She's like a little old lady looking through the steering wheel!

Showing me what a dog does when in a car (she needed to stick her tongue out for it to be realistic though.

Speed racer!
We'll see how the rest of the day goes - I'm hoping we stay on this upward swing of fun though...but in about an hour we pick big brother up from school - we'll see if he's in a good mood or if it's a continuation from this morning and I suddenly find myself with 2 exhausted kids...fingers crossed. Of course if all else fails we'll just stay outside and have a water gun fight again today, after all the sun is shining! (We had one yesterday after school, and I'll just say I dominated. LOL)