Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Pink Bike Brings Drama

Yesterday GG noticed that the Munchkin was enjoying "walking" the Monkey's bike around and that she didn't have one of her own. (I will say this "walking of the bike" is something she just started to do 3 days ago which is why she didn't have a balance bike yet) being a grandma and wanting to make a grandchild happy she bought the Munchkin her very own balance bike. (And we do thank you.)
The bike arrived on our doorstep today and I honestly don't think it could be any pinker, unless of course they come out with pink tires! But until that moment comes I'd like to announce that my child had the pinkest bike in the whole world!
The person who decided that this was the perfect color for a bike had to have been addicted to Pepto Bismol and decided that it would be the perfect color for a bike. I think he (this British man) also decided that it would be an excellent indoor wall paint color (the first house we lived at in England had a wall painted this exact.same.color. Why the home owner used that color I have NO idea, but they did.) (And yes I think it was a man that decided this was a good color because if a bike needs to be pink - you know, so people know from a distance if it's a female bike rider or male bike rider - make it the brightest and most annoying pink color ever... Because apparently it's a very important thing to know - whether the person riding the bike is male or female.)
But a pink Pepto Bismol bike the munchkin received (and we are appreciative of the bike even though it's pink. Lol), and she was a little bit unsure of it at first - not because of the color (although​ that would've been amazing) but because the bar is situated a little higher than her brother's bike so it was a little harder to "walk" this bike (remember she's only been walking bikes for part of 3 days so it's all still new to her).
The fearless Munchkin gave it a go and she seemed to maneuver it around without too much trouble... Give her some time and she'll be flying around on it.
However I knew that there was going to be a big hurdle because even though I abhor the color pink there is one person in our family who loves pink - the Monkey (you might recall he has a pink CD player and a pink tent for his bed). And the issue comes into play because he has a red bike (his bike did not come in an option for pink, not that we would've gotten pink for him still, because it's just not a color I will ever choose no matter the sex of a child)... But back to the story - I let him know, on the walk home from school, about how GG and Lee Lee bought the Munchkin a bike (which he was happy about), and how it was pink (which he was not happy about), and how he could help teach Parker to balance on her bike (he was happy to help), and how she could share this bike with him - that he wasn't too heavy for it (which he was pretty darn excited about - I mean it's PINK!!! for goodness sakes!)...
But hearing about a pink bike and actually seeing your favorite shade of pink (he loved our bedroom with the Pepto Bismol wall) on your sister's bike are 2 different things. And so he complained about how it wasn't fair that she got a pink bike when he only has a red bike! And how pink is his favorite color and how the Munchkin doesn't even like pink because yellow is probably her favorite color! So because she doesn't like pink they should be able to switch bikes - she could have his red bike and he could have her pink bike - so everyone was happy!

Thankfully the afternoon didn't stay there long. Thankfully the Munchkin got on the red plasma car and started driving around and she let the Monkey ride her pink bike... So in the end everyone was happy. Here's hoping we don't have to buy another pink bike - so they have matching bikes... I don't need that much Pepto Bismol in my life!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Becoming my mom

The older I get the more I become my mom. It's a fact. There's absolutely nothing I can do about it except fight the genes, but really that's a very tiring thing to do and there's still NO guarantee that it will halt the inevitable. Don't get me wrong - it's nothing bad, it's nothing serious, it's just in my genes to do or say things and then think "oh my Lord, that's my mom!!"
Now don't get me wrong, it's not something surprising or even unexpected...and it's not even something that's just recently happened, nope this occurrence has been happening probably since the day of my birth. But since having kids and getting older it's been happening more and more - I now say things and think "Oh hello Ellen!" Or "Yeah, that's definitely something mom would say!" 
What do I mean by this? Well, the other day when I bumped into a friend in the grocery store and said we were talking about dinner and food in general I said something to the effect of "I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner, but I got flowers and that's the most important thing right?!" which isn't something I've necessarily heard my mom say, but if you know her then you could totally hear her saying something like that at some point. There are more examples, but like my mother I can't remember them right now!
But back to my flowers and my mom, and really the whole reason for this post, tonight as I sat looking at my flowers (in different rooms) I thought "These flowers make me happy!"and then the very next thought - that had me laughing was - "and there's my mini Ellen!" 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


There are some days where you wake up and you think "YES! We've turned a corner and we're going to have a GREAT day!" And then there are days that you wake up and think "Why in the world did I get out of bed for this?! And you seriously expect me to be a mom to these two today?!" Today amazingly enough, I thought the first thought! I thought that because the Monkey woke up and was in a good mood - not melting down about every.little.thing...he was listening and responding rather than reacting...he was playing with the Munchkin rather than tormenting her...and the Munchkin was in a happy mood as well.
A Mom, with high hopes for a good day!
Yes, I thought today was going to be so much better than the previous two days. But then we had school drop-off in the rain...which wasn't mood altering really, but to a toddler who wanted to sit in her stroller without the rain cover- yet being forced to have the rain cover over her - it was the straw that broke the camels back...even though there hadn't been any other straws affecting the camel or anyone else!
Not sure I should read this book to my kids anymore, I think it gives them ideas!
Suddenly the day that I thought was going to be a good day - albeit rainy day - turned into a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! But really I know you're wanting to know how this came about and so I will tell you!
"What monster listens to music on the TV?!?!"
We got home and decided we wanted to listen to music (or so I thought because she was dancing around the living room) - so being the mom that I am - we turned on music (in the living room)...okay really, we turned on Pandora on the TV. Of course this little girl saw that the TV was getting switched on and she thought we were doing something else (most likely cutting nails since that's the only time she gets to watch TV usually)...and so she got quite upset when Pandora came on instead of the theme songs to her favorite TV shows (which she only likes the theme songs to the TV shows, she doesn't actually watch the show.) the tantrums started...
"Woman, why are you torturing me?!"
And it didn't matter what station I switched it to, because it wasn't what she thought she was going to get when I picked up the controllers. So we went through 6 different stations - with wide varieties of music - but none of them would placate her because she wasn't listening to Doc McStuffins, The Hive (BuzzBee), or Tayo (the little bus) (her 3 favorite TV show theme songs)...
In order for the chaos of this tantrum to stop (it was going on 10 minutes) - because Lord knows I tried to console her - I decided to turn on a show so she could see the intro and hear the song...and it was INSTANTANEOUSLY that the tantrum stopped and the tears dried up! She watched the intro 4 times (remember she doesn't actually like watching the show) and then I decided I needed my coffee - so got up to get some and guess who followed me?! Well since she followed me, and didn't head back into the living room after I poured a giant mug, I figured she was done and I returned to the living room to turn the TV off...  "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" That's right that one little thing started the 2nd longest tantrum of the day (so far) - which ended up being a total of 15 minutes! Thankfully she finally settled down on her own - because nothing I attempted helped, although I didn't attempt too much because at this point in my morning I thought "Why do I have to be a mom right now - I just want to enjoy a mug of coffee!"...but she did calm down and started playing and I did what any sane parent (who eats bacon) would do - I cooked bacon (while drinking my morning coffee)!
Okay, so bacon may not make everything better, but it tastes good, it makes your house (and hair) smell good (if you like the smell of bacon), and if your kids have been around you in the kitchen then they have learned that the oven is HOT so if you stand close to the oven the entire time the bacon is cooking you are left alone a little bit more than if you are sitting on a chair, couch, floor, or doing something completely different (which your child deems "child friendly") because let me tell you after multiple tantrums (and those were just the biggest 2) you need a bit of space - and as all parents know - it's hard to find "space" from a toddler when you're the only one home with them! They are like Liam Neeson's character in Taken: "I will find you..." Thankfully they don't usually threaten to kill you, but they will do whatever they need to to annoy you! Because let's be honest - if you're looking for space from your toddler - whatever they do when they find you will be annoying to some degree...and if you don't find it annoying then you are definitely a more patient parent than I am!

I ended up putting the Munchkin down for her nap and as she screamed when I left her room - because she wouldn't calm down, because she didn't want to take a nap - I thought "Cry kid cry." Which isn't a loving, motherly thing to think at all, but after all the crying I'd heard so far, what's another 5 minutes? And after our "nap time ritual" power play she ended up calming down and falling asleep (for those who aren't fans of CIO - don't worry I did go back in her room)...and then there were 2 hours of peace in the house!