Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Pink Bike Brings Drama

Yesterday GG noticed that the Munchkin was enjoying "walking" the Monkey's bike around and that she didn't have one of her own. (I will say this "walking of the bike" is something she just started to do 3 days ago which is why she didn't have a balance bike yet) being a grandma and wanting to make a grandchild happy she bought the Munchkin her very own balance bike. (And we do thank you.)
The bike arrived on our doorstep today and I honestly don't think it could be any pinker, unless of course they come out with pink tires! But until that moment comes I'd like to announce that my child had the pinkest bike in the whole world!
The person who decided that this was the perfect color for a bike had to have been addicted to Pepto Bismol and decided that it would be the perfect color for a bike. I think he (this British man) also decided that it would be an excellent indoor wall paint color (the first house we lived at in England had a wall painted this exact.same.color. Why the home owner used that color I have NO idea, but they did.) (And yes I think it was a man that decided this was a good color because if a bike needs to be pink - you know, so people know from a distance if it's a female bike rider or male bike rider - make it the brightest and most annoying pink color ever... Because apparently it's a very important thing to know - whether the person riding the bike is male or female.)
But a pink Pepto Bismol bike the munchkin received (and we are appreciative of the bike even though it's pink. Lol), and she was a little bit unsure of it at first - not because of the color (although​ that would've been amazing) but because the bar is situated a little higher than her brother's bike so it was a little harder to "walk" this bike (remember she's only been walking bikes for part of 3 days so it's all still new to her).
The fearless Munchkin gave it a go and she seemed to maneuver it around without too much trouble... Give her some time and she'll be flying around on it.
However I knew that there was going to be a big hurdle because even though I abhor the color pink there is one person in our family who loves pink - the Monkey (you might recall he has a pink CD player and a pink tent for his bed). And the issue comes into play because he has a red bike (his bike did not come in an option for pink, not that we would've gotten pink for him still, because it's just not a color I will ever choose no matter the sex of a child)... But back to the story - I let him know, on the walk home from school, about how GG and Lee Lee bought the Munchkin a bike (which he was happy about), and how it was pink (which he was not happy about), and how he could help teach Parker to balance on her bike (he was happy to help), and how she could share this bike with him - that he wasn't too heavy for it (which he was pretty darn excited about - I mean it's PINK!!! for goodness sakes!)...
But hearing about a pink bike and actually seeing your favorite shade of pink (he loved our bedroom with the Pepto Bismol wall) on your sister's bike are 2 different things. And so he complained about how it wasn't fair that she got a pink bike when he only has a red bike! And how pink is his favorite color and how the Munchkin doesn't even like pink because yellow is probably her favorite color! So because she doesn't like pink they should be able to switch bikes - she could have his red bike and he could have her pink bike - so everyone was happy!

Thankfully the afternoon didn't stay there long. Thankfully the Munchkin got on the red plasma car and started driving around and she let the Monkey ride her pink bike... So in the end everyone was happy. Here's hoping we don't have to buy another pink bike - so they have matching bikes... I don't need that much Pepto Bismol in my life!

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