Friday, June 9, 2017

Buyer's remorse

At the age of 5, the Monkey has learned all about buyer's remorse! He had some money, and like half the people in the world he was in desperate need to spend the money in his pocket! The simple idea of "saving" his money was as foreign to him as discovering the intricacies of how a computer functions (or leaning a foreign language, or any other thing that you can't comprehend in the slightest). We worked with him on saving his money, and I will say, he did save it for about a month (which is like 5yrs to a 5yr old) but then the itch came back and he couldn't concentrate on anything except spending his money. He even knew EXACTLY what he wanted to buy - a remote control motorcycle like he had bought for a classmate for his birthday. (Because we all know, when you but a gift for someone else it's usually something that you really want... At least when you're a kid.)

So daddy and he made a special trip to the store to see if they still had the remote control motorcycle, or something else just as desirable. And guess what?! They had it!! So home they came with one super excited and happy 5yr old!
They got it out of the box, put batteries in, and then it was time to test that bad boy out! He loved it! He drove it around before he had to go to bed, and the next morning he woke up and drove it some more - before it was time for school. He even taught all of us - including his little sister - how to drive it around and gave us all turns!

He got home from school and was eager to play with it some more, and again gave us turns. The evening rolled around and bedtime came and it was a ROUGH night for him so unfortunately he lost his "prized possession" for 24hrs.
This morning, when he got his toy back though, it wasn't excitement that he was feeling as he started driving it around the house - it was remorse at spending his money on this toy that wasn't really a true motorcycle - because those only have 2 wheels and this one has 4. He was EXTREMELY upset that 1- he couldn't just return it to the store and get what he really wanted, and 2- he couldn't take it back to the store and get his money back.

He was so upset he did what some people do - he blamed someone else (daddy) for his own poor choice, saying that daddy wouldn't let him get the one he really wanted... He in fact daddy basically forced him to get this one. (Different wording but that was his meaning after all his rambling.) But personal responsibility? Nope! It wasn't HIS fault at all, and just to prove it, daddy should buy him the motorcycle that he really wanted. (Do you know how hard it was to finish taking my shower without laughing - because yes! All of this happened this morning as I showered and he sat outside the shower talking, whining, and crying about this horrible crime that had been committed against him.)

But this was serious business... It's pretty much the equivalent of buying a car from a slimy used car salesman - you know going in for a nice little 2 seater sports car and instead leaving with a used minivan that you overpaid for... That is pretty much the situation he found himself in this morning...and since that was the situation he found himself in you can only imagine what the situation was like that we found ourselves in!

Thankfully we were somehow able to move beyond the fact that he was 1- stuck with this wannabe motorcycle and that he could actually have fun with it if he chose to, 2-he didn't have to be stuck with it and he could give it away to a child who would absolutely love this wannabe motorcycle... Either way it was his choice... But we were in fact able to move beyond that and listen to Christmas music and forget all or troubles, at least for a little while.

Being 5 is TOUGH, y'all don't even understand! ;)

Who knows, maybe next time he gets money we can remind him of this and he'll be able to learn from his own experience... Then again maybe we'll go through this exact same scenario a few more times before he learns. Either way, I hope next time it's not something I have to fix while showering, only time will tell. Ah, the life of a parent!

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