Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Break, Day 5: The leg

This leg. Now it might look like a normal fully functioning leg to you, but it is the cause of SO many problems today. We think he is either sore from riding his bike yesterday or he pulled a muscle in his thigh, but we're not sure, all that is known for sure is: he CANNOT walk. Like he's pretty sure he broke it - which is his "go-to problem" when something hurts. He's now crawling around the house because he is unable to walk...unfortunately his aliment is starting to affect his sister - who has started to crawl around the house too. YAY SUMMER BREAK! 

What I haven't told you, which is vital information, is that this incapacity to walk is affecting all other aspects of his personality - he's basically got the "toddler man cold" - which means he's unable to do anything by himself, which includes treating people with respect and kindness... Because of this, by 9am he was in his room enjoying some quality time with himself, because honestly no one else volunteered to spend time with him (and by "no one else" I mean the Munchkin and/or I).

Also he did tell me we couldn't do anything fun today since he can't walk... I thought maybe we could watch a movie, but with the attitude and behavior he's pulling, I just can't seem to "reward" his behavior - even though I know he's not feeling great. But hitting people and screaming in their faces because you don't feel good is not acceptable behavior. So for now, he's in his room playing and the Munchkin and I are downstairs playing... But hey, on the "bright side", at least it's supposed to rain today so it's not like we're wasting a day inside when we should be out... Thanks to the Monkey we can now be miserable together inside, because did I tell you the Munchkin is teething so is super whiney as well. So again I say "YAY!! SUMMEE BREAK!" 

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